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In Buddy's Eyes Recap

Orson is asked to pay a visit to Mike at the rehabilitation center. Orson is worried that the hit-and-run incident is found out by Mike. However, Mike asks Orson for forgiveness as he had asked Orson to prescribe drugs to him without thinking about the consequences. Orson sighs in relief, yet he still feels guilty. Later at night, he is found naked in the kitchen by Susan. Bree and Orson brush it off, when Susan brings it up the next morning, as her "naughty dream". Susan again finds him naked the next night on her front lawn, and discovers that he is sleepwalking. In the end, when Julie comes home from the ball, she hears him say in his sleep that he ran over Mike.

Gaby struggles with the reality of Carlos's blindness. She meets Lynette at the supermarket one day and notices a lot of empty parking spaces, which are meant for people with disabilities. When Lynette tells Gaby that she can apply for the disabled parking permit, Gaby immediately sees this as an advantage to get to park at parking spaces for people with disabilities. She even gets into a fight with a man in a wheelchair. Later, she convinces Carlos to go on an outing, but it turns out that she was only exploiting him for parking space while she ran her errands. When Carlos confronts her about her actions, she finally breaks down that it is hard to take care of him as she has to remember to do menial chores for the convenience of Carlos and constantly worrying about him, and she wants something to make her life easier.

Lynette is surprised when Rick returns to see her and announces that he is opening a new restaurant near Scavo's pizzeria. Later, the police come to Lynette's house to investigate the vandalism of Rick's restaurant. Tom lies to the police that he did not see anything, but later admits that he did it out of jealousy, and their children overhear Tom and Lynette arguing. During the ball, Lynette had received a call from Andrew, informing her about a fire that took place in Rick's restaurant. Tom appeared at the ball moments after she received the bad news, leaving her suspicious whether Tom started the arson.

Bree and Katherine join forces to plan the Founders Day Ball, despite the rest of the housewives' concerns about their rivalry. As the planning takes place, Katherine starts to take over all the decision making. Bree feels threatened that Katherine tries to overrule any decisions Bree makes, even taking over the role of presenting the award. Katherine also insists that no food will be sent out without her tasting it. Bree then discovers a spoiled dip and wants to throw it away, but is quickly prevented by Katherine for food tasting. The dip makes Katherine sick, and yet she insists on playing her role as the presenter. Surprisingly, Bree is the one who is receiving the award. Katherine confronts Bree when the ball concludes, and tells Bree that she genuinely wanted to be her friend. Bree explains that everyone in her circle of friends has a certain niche, and she doesn't know how to make friends with Katherine. Katherine said that she is almost the same as Bree and understands her better than anyone else, and that should not prevent them from being best friends.

The episode ends with a mysterious man circling Dylan's photo in the newspaper.

Written by IngridPatriota on Aug 31, 2017

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