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Jal Recap

Jal is preparing for the final of the Young Musician of the Year Competition in London. She is called into the college director's office and told she is to tell the BBC how the college helped her due to her disadvantaged background. Jal feels this is racist to assume she has a disadvantaged background because she is black.

At home, Jal attempts to practice the clarinet for the finals, but is unable on account of her brother's loud grime music. She complains to her dad that she needs to practise, but Ronny Fazer, a successful grime singer himself, is uninterested. He tells her that her brothers and their wigger friend, Donny, need to practise also.

As she had plans to go shopping for a dress to wear to the competition with Michelle, Jal goes to Tony's and sits in the living room with Sid and Tony's little sister, Effy while Tony and Michelle have sex. Fed up of waiting for Michelle, Jal takes Sid with her instead. She tells Sid that she knows he loves Michelle, that it is obvious. Jal buys a brown dress for her competition, but seems convinced it is green. Later that night, she argues with her dad after she hears him rapping alone in his studio. During this, it is revealed that another major reason that Ronny resents Jal is her uncanny likeliness to her mother, who divorced him and left him heartbroken.

That night, Jal and Michelle watch Jal's interview and joke over Jal's angsty lack of co-operation. As the group have plans to go to Jal's dad's club that night, Michelle helps Jal dress up as Michelle has a keen fashion sense. At the club, all of the boys, including Maxxie are stunned by Jal's dress which shows off her impressive bust. Sid and Michelle talk at the bar, while Tony flirts with Abigail. Michelle tells Sid she loves him like a brother, but not like a Welsh brother. Depressed by the news, Sid goes to the couch to sulk. While Michelle is distracted dancing to one of Fazer's songs, Tony snogs Abigail. Jal witnesses Tony's act of betrayal to Michelle, and distraught, sits and broods with Sid. The two agree to go out drinking with a bloke who had been chatting Jal up. However, he turns out to be an associate of Mad's, and leads them to a narrow alleyway where Mad steals Sid's credit cards and wallet and smashes Jal's expensive clarinet.

Jal's brothers, Ace and Lynton chase after Mad, along with Donny, but Mad gets the better of them and they end up hospitalised. Enraged with what Mad did to his daughter, Ronny and his guys place a hit on Mad. He also buys Jal a new clarinet identical to the one she lost, symbolizing his support for her type of music and a promise to stop resenting her for her resemblance to his ex-wife. The final scene shows Jal at her competition in London.

Written by IngridPatriota on Sep 10, 2017

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