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Cassie Recap

Cassie reads from Margaret Atwood. She reads to Chris and what we are seeing is supposed to be from his point of view in bed in his room. Scenes show the gang coming and going. Jal is often shown waiting at the door. It clear that quite a bit of time passes. When Chris wakes up, Cassie is there. Jal's not there because she has gone back to the university for callbacks. Chris smokes while Cassie wonders if he's allowed to even do so. Cassie changes a bandage located on his groin (this drains the cerebral fluid that causes swelling in the brain). Some of the pills he took to suppress his condition previously were blood pressure pills, he just never told anyone that this condition could flare up. Of course, he's also taken lots of other pills. Cassie heads over to her bedroom where Sid is sleeping. Cassie gets ready for her exam and leaves Sid to watch over Chris.

Cassie takes her exam but she appears to be the only one in the room. The principal notices that 45 minutes into the exam Cassie hasn't written anything. It's a rescheduled exam. Cassie notes that when she didn't eat, everyone had to do as she said – she had control, she had some power. The principal tries to help Cassie with her emotional problems with some philosophical verse. Then the principal turns on some music in order to clear Cassie's mind. After the song, Cassie will continue the exam. Cassie ends up turning in pages full of writing for the exam. She heads home, but she stops at a store and steals a shirt and a scarf – sounding the alarm as she leaves. When she gets home, Sid is making food. Michelle is also there, to Cassie's disappointment. Tony arrives minutes later to see Michelle. Cassie asks Michelle about getting back together with Tony, being sarcastic. Tony's first choice is Cardiff (a university) while Michelle's is York.

Cassie asks what the point is if they are going to split up for school anyway. Michelle apologizes again, but Cassie continues to hold a grudge.

Sid and Cassie talk but after a bit she says their relationship will be finished in two weeks because that's when they get their grades back and head to university. Cassie doesn't like this fact (doesn't like changes) so she's upset about it. Sid says he loves her. They start making out which leads to sex. The next morning, Chris has finally found out about Jal's pregnancy when Cassie comes to say hi. Jal has decided to get an abortion and Chris is dealing with the tough decision. Cassie later returns to the apartment but a woman asks about Chris outside. It's Chris's mom and while Cassie wants her to come see him, the mother leaves again before Chris can see her. Inside the apartment, Chris is sobbing over the abortion. Later, she says that Chris can try to change Jal's mind. But Chris decides against it. The shirt she stole is actually for Chris.

After smoking some pot, Chris doesn't feel so good. He heads to the bed but starts having convulsions. He starts bleeding from his nose and mouth, and then has trouble breathing, and then just stops. Cassie leaves before the ambulance shows up. She decides to go somewhere "nice" as she puts it. Scenes of New York are then shown. At a nearby restaurant, she meets someone nice who gives her the meal for free. Then he offers her a place to stay. The guy appears to be a photographer in his spare time. There are pictures all around. Cassie sleeps on the bed and when she wakes up two days have passed. The guy's name is Adam. Cassie says she doesn't want to sleep with him. Instead they go dancing at a club. Cassie has trouble letting go because of the death of Chris. A bit later she get upset and runs out of the club while Adam races after her. After a bit they head back to his apartment.

The next morning, she finds a note from Adam saying that he's gone away for a while and that she can stay in the apartment (how convenient!). Cassie cries - men just keep deserting her. She runs again, out on the streets of New York. This time we don't know where she goes.

Written by IngridPatriota on Sep 17, 2017

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