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Everyone Recap

The mailman delivers mail to all the gang. Their grades are in and this will decide where they head for university. Sid ended up spending the night at Tony's house. Tony says to forget about Cassie. Sid says he already has forgotten about her. Then get out of bed. Sid heads home where his mom has been worrying about him. His mom passes him the A level results and a NY postcard from Cassie. When he looks at the back of it, it's totally blank. Cassie hasn't written anything on it. Someone comes by to talk to Sid about Chris. His name is Graham Miles, Chris' dad who's apparently trying to get to know his son's friends better. His father mentions the funeral and tells Sid not to come (all the friends in general) because he thinks they're all junkies.

Sid talks to Tony about this. Tony decides that they should steal Chris's funeral. Anwar is worried about opening his envelope but he says the group made a pact to open the letters after the funeral. Anwar's mother says that if the grades are not good, he can work with his dad. Anwar decides to take a quick peak at his grades and he's surprised at what he sees. Jal wakes up with Michelle by her side. They get ready for the funeral as well. Jal says she had the abortion. Michelle takes Jal out to the zoo to get out for a bit. Michelle says that the zoo was the first place where she met Chris when they were seven. Meanwhile, while Chris's dad is busy inside, Tony and Sid grab the coffin from a hearse parked outside the house and take it with Sid's dad's red car. Chris's dad notices just as Tony and Sid are leaving. As they drive, Chris's dad eventually catches up to him and a chase ensues. Tony takes the car right down some stairs to lose the hearse. Maxxie and his boyfriend also arrive to say goodbye to Chris one last time. Jal and Michelle then arrive and see the coffin and are upset. Jal is upset and says to give it back. And so this idea has become a bad one.

Faster than Chris's dad can call the police, the coffin is right back into the hearse as his dad sees it from inside the house. Meanwhile, Anwar heads over to Sketch's house where he sulks about his horrible grades. Sketch asks Anwar where he sees himself in 5 years. But he doesn't have a clue. He leaves to head over to the funeral. The group watches from afar. Jal tells the story about one of Chris's heroes. Chris said yes to everything. The group lets off fireworks as the priest finishes the ceremony for Chris. Later that night, the group gathers around a campfire. They all put their A level results in a bag and each one picks out an envelope. Tony is set for Cardiff. The rest do less stellar, except Michelle who manages to score the same grades as Tony. Michelle is set for York. Anwar's envelope comes up but they notice that it's already been opened. Anwar has already left before anyone can read his grades out loud.

Anwar heads back to his house and Sketch's is there. Anwar is disappointed but Sketch thinks it's fine and tries to get Anwar to go out with her. Meanwhile, Chris's dad sees Jal at the grave. Jal says that his dad sounds just like Chris. Anwar is also upset about Maxxie leaving that night, so he goes to the bus station to say that he will miss him. Maxxie invites Anwar to come with him to London. Anwar decides why not and heads onto the bus with Maxxie and his boyfriend. But Sketch watches him leave and is left alone. Meanwhile, in New York, Cassie buys something and we see she still has the lucky token that Sid once gave her. Back in the UK, Tony, Michelle, and Sid are heading somewhere. Sid asks where they are going. Tony gives Sid a ticket to New York and hands him his passport. Sid doesn't know how he will find her there, but Tony says Sid will. Before Sid leaves Tony hugs him one last time. Tony is tearful as Sid leaves.

Back in the car with Michelle, Tony says he might not be ready for "all of this" as in the relationship with Michelle. They decide that their relationship was better than good. As Sid heads out from New York's Grand Central Station, he starts looking for Cassie. No luck in Times Square so he starts asking random strangers on the streets. A bit later they pass each other on the street of New York but they don't see each other.

Written by IngridPatriota on Sep 17, 2017

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