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There's Always a Woman Recap

While giving Mrs. Virginia Hildebrand a massage, Carlos accidentally gives her an orgasm. When Virginia wants to hire Carlos as her personal masseur to Europe for two months and pay him a hundred thousand, Gabrielle immediately agrees, but she doesn't understand Carlos's reluctance. But when she talks to a friend of Carlos's, she learns of the problem. Gaby tracks Carlos down at Virginia's house; she has a private conversation with the woman, who describes herself as lonely. She suggested to take Gabrielle as her personal shopper in Europe and asked to bring the kids as well. At first Gaby declines, but when Virginia promises Gabrielle dresses, she agrees.

Lynette's suspicious of Tom talking to a woman until she learns Anne Schilling, who is a real estate agent, has arranged for Tom and his band to practice in a warehouse. But when she learns that Anne has been at the warehouse with Tom again, she's fearful he's having an affair. She goes to the warehouse, where she finds Tom playing a video game. He calms her down and hides a condom before his wife can see it. Later, Anne meets at the warehouse with her lover who is actually Porter. She has to flee before Tom catches them together. However, Lynette sees Anne fleeing and believes she's Tom's lover.

Susan's new painter thinks she should talk to Jackson about their problems. She goes to Jackson's apartment to make up with him; as she goes to surprise him in the shower, she's surprised to find a woman is in his bathroom. In her panic, Susan accidentally knocks out the woman. Later, when Jackson arrives, Susan storms out, not wanting to talk to Jackson after he hooked up with another woman so soon after the break-up. But still later, when he talks to her, he tells her that he's never had a girlfriend til now. She wonders if they could start over, and to do so, he walks out of her house, then calls and pretends to be someone she's only just met. The two arrange their "first" date.

Orson's arranged for Bree to cater something for his old friend Peter; Katherine's told she can take the rest of the day off, but she feels left out because Orson's such a great employee. She confides in Bree that she's thinking about moving to be with Dylan as she's not needed in Fairview any longer, and she hasn't had sex in two years. When Orson's friend Peter arrives at Bree's office, she begins making plans for his event, but also makes plans to set him up with Katherine. Katherine balks at the idea of a blind date til she sees him on Bree's cell phone. But when Orson tells his wife's done, she freaks out, as Peter's not a friend from college, but from prison. Bree calls Katherine to tell her the truth about Peter having trafficked organs, but it's too late, as Katherine's slept with him! When Bree tells Katherine the truth, Katherine decides to move to be with family, leading Bree to say she thinks of Katherine as her sister. Katherine's grateful for this. As she heads home, she runs into Mike, who has his own bad date story as well. They decide to have some lemonade together.

At the hospital, Mrs. McCluskey tells Edie that she had a bad reaction to her new medication and now she'll be staying with her sister for a while. McCluskey calls her sister Roberta and tells her to come over. She talks to Roberta about investigating Dave, and as Roberta works for the phone company, they can begin their investigations there. Later, Roberta informs her sister she found out that Dave's hiding something about who he's been calling. Dave talks to Mike about the band doing more practices, but he won't explain why he wants to be so involved in the band. At home, when Dave casually mentions his brother Steve, Edie asks her husband about him. Dave talks about how Steve was caught up in drugs, went to prison, and was killed by another inmate who claimed self-defense.

Written by IngridPatriota on Sep 19, 2017

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