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In a World Where the Kings Are Employers Recap

When M.J. gets sick Susan is forced to have Mike watch him because it is her first day on the job so Mike has to cancel his plumbing job. Susan goes to pick M.J. but finds a note from Katherine that he is at her house because Mike had a plumbing emergency. Susan begins to get jealous at the fact that M.J. is starting to enjoy spending time with Katherine.

Alex invites Bree and Orson over for dinner and Orson learns from Alex that Bree has given Andrew a raise. When Orson asks Bree how much Andrew is making she refuses to discuss his salary but tells him she simply gave Andrew a cost of living increase. Orson attempts to retrieve the information from the bank account but is unable to do so without the password.

Carlos's boss and his wife take them out for dinner and tells them the company is forgoing bonuses which makes Gaby very upset because Carlos has put in a lot of over time. When Gaby witnesses Carlos's boss cheating on his wife, he gives Carlos a 30 grand bonus.

Lynette tells Tom they are about a week away from going bankrupt because people are eating out less, Porter's legal bills, and paying Bree back. She insists they sell the restaurant and get whatever money they can but Tom refuses to be a failure.

Edie wants to go away for the weekend, but Dave is hesitant until Edie hears a buzzing sound which makes Dave agree to a weekend at a hotel so Edie goes to call the travel agent and Dave goes to the closet and takes Dr. Heller's cell phone out of his briefcase and listens to a message from his secretary that there is a staff meeting on the 15th and if he is not there, she will have to tell people she doesn't know where he is. Dave then invites Mike and Katherine on a camping trip.

Lynette tells the kids that Tom is going to be selling the restaurant and they need to support him but when Tom lets them know he let all the employees go, he is making the kids his new wait staff and they will work after school and on the weekends. Lynette agrees after Tom says he will not walk away until he has done everything he can think of to save the restaurant.

When Maria drops by Gaby tries to talk her into staying in marriage counseling which prompts Gaby into telling Carlos why he received the bonus, Carlos wants to tell the wife but Gaby believes it will only make things worse. Bradley and his wife drop by to tell them they are having a baby and are planning on naming Gaby and Carlos as the godparents.

After tricking Bree into giving him the password, Orson is furious that Andrew is making double what he is making. Bree tells him that Andrew deserves what he is making and Orson is worth less.

When a bunch of kids from the twin's school arrive at the restaurant, Porter and Preston refuse to wait on the table because they are afraid to get made fun of at school. Tom becomes enraged and violently shakes Porter while yelling that he has put everything he has into the restaurant. Later, Tom finally decides to sell the restaurant.

When Dave tells Edie about the camping trip, she refuses to go, but Dave insists she not tell Katherine because Mike really wants her there and she won't go if Edie doesn't so she agrees not to tell Katherine. Dave then texts Dr. Heller's secretary that he will be back on the 15th. Dave packs a gun with his camping gear.

Susan is furious when M.J. goes over to Katherine's for a panini and tells Katherine from now on, M.J. will only be going to Mike's or Susan's and is no longer allowed at Katherine's. Katherine tells Susan that Mike is moving in with her so M.J. will be spending a lot of time at her house whether she likes it or not.

Written by IngridPatriota on Sep 26, 2017

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