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A Spark. To Pierce the Dark. Recap

Dave sets in motion his plan for revenge on Mike, by killing Katherine during their camping trip together. Edie learns that Dave's first wife and daughter were killed in an auto accident involving Mike and Susan. Karl enrolls his young son Evan at the school where Susan works. Susan is disturbed by some of Evan's drawings. When she raises the problem with Karl, they quarrel. Karl is forced to reveal that his second wife has abandoned him and their son.

Bree and Orson's marital problems intensify. He tries to force her to sell off her business to save the marriage, but Andrew convinces her to refuse. Orson warns he may resume his petty thefts in retaliation.

Gaby visits Carlos at work, bringing their daughters. Lynette encouragess the children to play in the office of a workplace rival, Lucy, who does not recognize them and explodes in anger. Irate at her treatment of his daughters, Carlos fires Lucy.

At the campgrounds, Dave encourages Mike and Katherine to hike without him, setting up his ambush. He is thwarted when a message from Edie, telling him what she has learned, arrives, disconcerting him so much his gunshot is off target. Dave returns home, where Edie confronts him. When she attempts to warn Mike, Dave attempts to strangle her. She escapes, and tries to drive away. Meanwhile, Orson is robbing an elderly neighbor's home, when she hits him with a baseball bat and chases him out. Orson runs into the street as Edie's car approaches; swerving to avoid him, Edie crashes into a utility pole and is killed by a severed electrical wire.

Written by IngridPatriota on Oct 9, 2017

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