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Being Alive Recap

Angie and Nick start questioning Danny on where he went after the wedding and he tells them he went out drinking. Lynette is keeping her pregnancy secret from the kids. Katherine tells Orson that Mike and Susan's marriage will not last because Mike only feels sorry for Susan, and that he will come back to her. Bree and Karl have sex.

Mrs. McCluskey has acquired a boyfriend, Roy. One day they are strolling on the sidewalk and she tells him she loves him. Just as he is about to respond, he sees Julie Mayer lying in a bunch of bushes.

Everyone tries to figure out who would attack Julie. Karen and Carlos both turn to look at Danny, who is watching from his door step. Carlos thinks it is odd that the Bolens are not outside like the rest of them, Orson then says that they were outside but only for a minute. Carlos reveals that he saw Danny and Julie coming out of a movie theater so they think it is best to get to know them better. Angie and Nick confront Danny about where he was when Julie was strangled, Danny says he has nothing to do with that and he likes Julie. He said he maybe was in the park, he doesn't really remember because he drank a lot and it was very fuzzy, Nick tells Danny that he couldn't have been there because he drove by the park and he didn't see him there. Angie decides that they need to start making friends with the neighbors. Karen is debating on whether she should tell the police that she saw Julie and Danny fighting. Tom, Orson, and Carlos tell Nick they are going to start up a neighborhood watch then question him on Danny's relationship with Julie.

Meanwhile, at the hospital it is made clear that Julie will not die, but she will be unconscious for some weeks. The doctor is about to give her an X-ray, and Lynette says he can't because she's pregnant. The other day Lynette and Julie had a talk and Julie thinks she's pregnant, but isn't sure. Susan is mad at Lynette for not telling her. Later, they have a talk in which Lynette tells Susan that Julie confided in her as she saw Lynette crying about her impending pregnancy. Susan is happy that Lynette is pregnant, but wonders why she was crying. Lynette tells Susan that she doesn't want this pregnancy, with her working and Tom in school, and reveals she's been considering abortion, but Susan talks her out of it, telling Lynette that children are a gift, and that she has been so lucky after nearly losing her children (MJ in the car crash and Julie at the hands of a strangler). It is enough to change Lynette's mind about aborting her pregnancy.

When Bree and Karl start to kiss, they are surprised to see Julie staring at them. Bree asks the doctor if Julie will remember what she saw when she was briefly awake and he tells her she most likely will. Susan tells Bree that if a friend knew about what Karl did to her and still slept with him then she would never speak to her again. Karl decides that he does not want to spend the night alone and wants her to join him in the motel room so she takes the room key as she does not want to be alone either.

Detectives question Ana about her whereabouts at the time Julie was attacked and she reveals that she sneaked out to go drinking with Danny. Gaby wants Reggie to take down the trellis, but he tells her it is impossible that Ana climbed down it as it is really beaten up so Gaby decides to see if Ana is lying by climbing it snaps and she falls off backwards. Gabby calls the police and tells Ana she is going to tell the truth. Later that night, Gaby tells Angie that Ana is taking back her story of being with Danny at the time of the attack and it is revealed that Angie had Danny ask Ana for a cover story. All the neighbors watch as the police take Danny into custody.

Written by IngridPatriota on Oct 24, 2017

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