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Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover Recap

Bob visits with the Bolens and tries to get some background information on Danny and their life before moving to Wisteria Lane but Nick and Angie are extremely vague and do not understand why he needs to know about their past. Danny gets mad and reveals in front of Bob that their family has "deep dark secrets" that they cannot discuss with anyone. Nick suggests they change their names again and move but Angie does not want to put Danny through that again.

Susan is upset that Danny got released and is determined to prove he attacked Julie. Mike thinks it will be easier if the police had proof so Susan tries to get the proof she needs. One night, Lynette sees Susan hiding in her car with a camera. Lynette reminds her that everyone thought Porter was the one who set the club fire but Susan knows she is right about Danny. While Danny is fixing a friend's car, Susan confronts him and starts to lower the car down on top of Danny so Angie threatens to kill her if she goes near Danny again. Susan angrily tells her that she cannot protect her son forever and will pay for what he did to Julie. Mike found out from Bob that the police have evidence that clears Danny because security footage shows Danny sitting in the liquor store's parking lot drinking beer for over an hour.

Lynette and Tom break the news that she is pregnant to the kids, but their reactions are not what they expected. Porter reminds them that they just ruined their future because once the baby is born Tom will not have time for college and Lynette will have to quit her job. Parker is disgusted they are still having sex and Penny threatens to leave if they turn out to be boys. Lynette is just about to tell Carlos about her pregnancy but after receiving a promotion, Lynette keeps it a secret.

While eating out, the Solis family discovers John owns the restaurant and Gaby finds out that John is now divorced. Later, John visits Carlos at work to see if it was alright if Ana worked as a hostess at his restaurant. Gaby refuses to let Ana work there but Carlos knows she is still hung up and revealed that he said Ana could work there to test Gaby. Gaby reminds Carlos that she stood by him all these years and does not need to be worried about her.

Bree and Karl are in the middle of a mid-day tryst when Karl suggests the two of them go off to Las Vegas for the weekend. Bree tells Karl that this thing between them is just sex, and if they go off for weekends together it will start looking like a relationship- in which feelings and demands are put upon both of them. Karl is upset by her words but chooses to go along with Bree's wishes. Bree and Orson go to a dinner dance and run into Karl with a date. Orson knows Karl's date as she was a patient of his when he was a dentist. Orson suggests they share the same table and when he wants to dance, Bree tells him to dance with Candace. Karl reminds Bree that he is just a diversion and they are not a couple which upsets Bree. While Orson and Candace are dancing, Bree splashes oil on the floor causing them both to slip. Candace believes she broke her nose so she has Karl take her to the emergency room, ruining their plans. The next day, Orson knows Bree was jealous of Candace but believes its because she is still in love with him. Bree is finally ready to go on that weekend trip to Las Vegas.

Due to Susan's deliberate accusations against Danny Bolen to the town's most resourceful gossip, the Bolen's front yard is seen trashed and graffitied. Now that Susan knows Danny wasn't responsible for hurting Julie, she feels terrible that her actions caused the Bolen family any harm. Susan goes over to the Bolen's with a trashbag and helps Angie pick up the garbage; Angie gives a quiet nod to Susan, signifying the end of their malice towards each other.

Written by IngridPatriota on Oct 24, 2017

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