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The Coffee Cup Recap

Susan is sentenced to pick up trash for community service as a result of shooting Katherine. While she is picking up trash, Katherine drives by and gloats about winning then as she leaves she throws her drink on the ground. Susan tells the supervisor that Katherine just littered and he tells her that she would have been in trouble if he got her license plate number so Susan gives him her home address, which results in Katherine joining Susan in picking up trash. Later, Katherine has a breakdown and admits defeat by telling Susan that the man she loved chose her. Susan tries to comfort Katherine but when she accidentally reveals that she and Mike once had sex five times in one day, Susan is shocked as she has never done that so Katherine rubs it in her face and decides she did not lose after all. Susan wants to beat Katherine so she tries to have sex with Mike five times in one day too but he tells her he can't. Susan is upset until she learns that he and Katherine only did that because they were snowed in and had nothing else in common except for having sex but with Susan they have everything.

At the local coffee shop, Julie spots Angie in line and tries to make small talk but Angie tells her she knows about the affair. Julie tries to apologize but Angie tells her not to talk to her and to avert her gaze the next time they run into each other. When the waitress brings Angie's coffee, Angie tells the waitress that Julie will be paying for it as she owes her. That night, Angie spots the waitress brushing crumbs off Nick's shirt so she tells him that from now on she will always be questioning him when he talks to a woman. Angie wants Nick to be the person he used to be as in the one who saved her life. The next night, Nick is alone at the coffee shop and while Emily, the waitress goes to the back room Nick makes a strange phone call on a new cell phone but as he is finishing up the phone call he sees Emily wiping the counter off behind him. He asks if she was eavesdropping but she says that she just got there but wants to close up then at the same time someone is watching Emily and Nick from outside. After Nick leaves, Emily closes up but just as she is about to leave someone comes in and she asks if they forgot something which suggest she knows the person but the stranger turns the lights off and strangles Emily then leaves her for dead.

Now that her clothes are too tight, Lynette is forced to wear Tom's clothes to work. Lynette tells Tom that she and Terrence are about to close the biggest deal in the company's history. She believes that after Carlos sees how well Terrence is at his job then he can take over for her while she is on maternity leave. In order to get Juanita into Catholic school, Gaby tries to bribe Father Crowley as he is the head of admissions and there is a two-year waiting list. He lets her know that if a student withdraws he could put her at the top of the waiting list but reminds her that she has not been to Mass very much so she takes that as meaning he could take her money if it comes in offering. Later, Gaby visits Carlos at work and finds out that Terrence has a child in second grade so she tells Carlos to send him to Florida to start up the new branch in Florida. When Lynette finds out, she and Tom have Terrence and his wife over for dinner so they can tell them all the negative things about moving to Florida. Thinking that Terrence and his family are moving, Gaby gives Father Crowley a check for a large amount of money but he informs her that the Hendersons' changed their mind and are not moving. Gaby confronts Lynette and accidentally discovers Lynette's pregnancy, she is extremely upset and storms out. The next day, in order to avoid a lawsuit Carlos tells Lynette he wants her to run the branch in Florida and informs her that she either takes job in Florida or she quits.

Bree and Karl are trying to see if they could have a lasting relationship outside of sex, and they go to an opera. Karl flirts with Bree at the parking lot but Bree pushes Karl to wait. When Bree returns home, Orson tells her he has been listening to exactly the same opera that she and Karl were just at. The next day, Angie goes to see Bree but she is not home so Orson tells her that Bree is always gone and believes she is having an affair. Angie thinks that is ridiculous and defends Bree but Orson is not so sure so while he is away for the weekend he wants Angie to spy on Bree. Later, Karl shows up and Angie sees him standing on the front porch. Karl tells Bree he found a way to get her free from Orson and all they need to do is get an ex-con in a room with Orson, take a couple pictures, and he cannot touch Bree because if he does then the parole officer gets the pictures and Orson is sent back to jail. Karl reassures Bree to have sex with him as Orson is at a golf trip. Angie sneaks over to the top of the test kitchen and sees Bree and Karl getting undressed. Orson arrives home early to check up on Bree so Angie calls Bree to warn her. Orson sees two wine glasses and is sure there is a man in the house but Angie covers for Bree by telling Orson she has been there the whole time. When Bree thanks her, Angie tells her she did it for Orson then tells Bree she needs to just pick one or the other but Bree cannot decide which to choose.

Written by IngridPatriota on Oct 30, 2017

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