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My Two Young Men Recap

M.J. and Juanita's class are selling candy bars for a fundraiser and the student who sells the most gets a prize. Susan wants to help M.J. since he does not feel that he will win as he does not win at anything. Meanwhile, Gaby is doing her hardest to make sure Juanita wins so she can start making new friends. A rivalry soon develops between Gaby and Susan when neither will let the other win so they go to great lengths to sell the chocolate bars. They even start selling to the neighbors at Karen's surviving cancer party. After spotting Gaby selling to construction workers, Susan decides to play dirty by having M.J. pretend to be handicapped in order to sell more bars. On the last day of selling, it escalates to Susan giving Juanita detention in order to keep her from leaving early to sell more candy bars and Gaby taking revenge by bribing M.J. to get in her car with a soda and lets Susan know that she has M.J.. After talking to Juanita, Susan learns that Juanita wants to win so she can make her mom proud by having friends so Susan has M.J. let Juanita win because it is the right thing to do.

Andrew learns that Sam is his half-brother and does not take it very well. Bree has decided to have a family dinner and surprises Orson by telling him that Danielle was just as shocked as Andrew was to hear the news so she plans on coming to the dinner. Bree tells Orson that she feels guilty but he reminds her that she has nothing to feel guilty about. He does not quite understand why she is doing all this considering she has no blood connection to Sam. At dinner, Andrew's jealousy increases to the point where he grows furious that Bree would give Rex's old guitar to Sam so after playing a horrible version of Jingle Bells, Andrew smashes the guitar on the fireplace so Sam could not have it. Bree is visibly upset and disappointed in Andrew so instead of Sam leaving, Andrew decides to storm out. Later, Bree confides in Sam that she has enjoyed talking about Rex again because it makes her realize how much she misses him and he tells her she can talk about Rex to him any time. Andrew and Orson both believe Sam is up to something so they decide to team up in order to protect Bree and expose Sam's true intentions. Orson talks to Bree about Sam and while Bree talks about trying to make Sam feel like part of the family, Sam eavesdrops from around the corner and makes a smirk that indicates a hidden agenda.

Katherine is having a great time with Robin but is not ready to announce her relationship with Robin to anyone yet and Robin wants to know what their relationship is but Katherine does not know yet. At Karen's surviving cancer party, Robin gets mad at Katherine for flirting with a man right in front of her so she wants Katherine to make up her mind on if she is gay or straight but when Katherine shouts that enjoying sex with Robin does not make her a lesbian, they turn to the window to find that everyone has heard their conversation. Katherine is beyond embarrassed but after Karen tells her that she needs to stop listening to what everyone else is saying and just do what she wants. Katherine decides that Robin needs to leave and wants to go with her. They decide to go to Paris in order to see what is going on between them.

Lynette is furious when she finds Preston sleeping in the same room as Irina. Later, Preston and Irina announce that they are going to find an apartment so they can do whatever they want, Lynette is all for it because she is hoping they find a small apartment that will eventually lead them to break up like what almost happened to her and Tom. Her hopes are destroyed when Preston announces that they find a large 3 bedroom apartment and when she asks how he is going to pay for it, he tells them he is putting off college and getting a job. Tom reminds him that he needs an education to get a good job but states that he is making good money by being a gutter at a meat locker. Lynette refuses to let this happen and insists that Preston is making a mistake marrying Irina. Lynette tells Irina that she is going to fight her until she dies and tells Irina that she is Preston's mother and he will always choose her, but Irina says that will change soon because they have decided to move the wedding to next week instead so Preston will choose his wife over her.

Angie tells Nick that he is Danny's father and not Patrick because he was the one who helped raise Danny, Angie tells Nick that they cannot let Danny find out the truth about Patrick Logan being his real father. Later, Danny is fixing an old bicycle since his friend Eddie helped him get a job at the coffee shop and Nick tells Danny he cannot believe how fast he has grown up. Nick is torn on whether he should tell Danny the truth about his real father and Danny can tell Nick wants to tell him something but after thinking about it, Nick decides to keep it a secret and insists that it is nothing. Back in New York, Rose's neighbor calls Patrick Logan again to meet with her and to bring the money. After giving Patrick the information on Angie's location, she wants to make sure he is not going to harm her because she really likes Rose and would hate to see something happen to her daughter. Patrick insists that he is only trying to get something Angie took from him. He then scares the old lady by telling her that someone could break in and proceeds to open a window and smashes the window next to it and in order to keep her silent he takes his scarf and in a threatening manner he walks toward her implying that he is going to kill her. The episode ends with Patrick sitting in a car watching the Bolens' house as Danny walks out of the house to take out the trash.

Written by IngridPatriota on Oct 30, 2017

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