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We All Deserve to Die Recap

In the beginning of the episode, it is shown in the morning paper that a young local teenager has gone missing. Her family was quoted as saying that she vanished on her way to work and her friends were quoted as saying that she was not the type to run away from home; the police said that they had very little evidence to go on.

Mike's truck is repossessed because he's behind on payments. "Enough with the macho pride," Susan tells him, but he won't take any money from her. Susan comes up with a scheme: she pays her friends to clog up their plumbing. Mike catches on, especially as he finds Susan's earring in Gaby's drain. He insists he doesn't want her help. "If you can't let me help you, maybe there's something wrong with our marriage," Susan says. Mike confesses his real money woes that he's totally broke to Carlos, who asks him, chequebook in hand, "How much do you need?"

Andrew's been digging into Sam's past, including his supposed MBA degree. "Turns out golden child here never got his degree," he tells Sam in front of Bree. Sam explains that he's a "few classes short" because he left school to care for his dying mother. Sam then shows Bree that Andrew charged some items to clients, then used them for himself. Andrew tells Bree that Sam is manipulating her, so she fires Andrew. Sam is alarmed to hear that she plans to eventually take Andrew back in. Shortly afterwards, the food is sabotaged at a dinner Bree is giving while trying to pitch an idea for her new cookbook. Bree sets the sprinklers off to avoid the embarrassment of people eating the food and rejecting the cookbook. Bree believes Sam when he says that it must be Andrew as he hadn't returned his keys; however, Orson points out that this kind of smart, subtle sabotage is more in Sam's style.

Patrick Logan shows up at the coffee shop where Danny works and strikes up a conversation. He tells him he's writing a book. "It started out as a love story but now it's getting kind of dark." He asks Danny for advice on what to do next with the story, which is about a woman who vanished with the main character's son. "Seems to me like the guy would kill her," Danny suggests. Patrick responds, "That was my first instinct too." Later, Angie arrives home, where she is unsettled by a noise. As she investigates, the phone rings and she calms down and asks Nick to hurry home. Behind her, we see Patrick through the French doors. The next day, he goes back to the cafe to tell Danny that it would be "too easy" to kill the woman and instead, he's going to have his main character take the son.

Gaby overhears Bob and Lee fighting as their egg donor has backed out. Gaby suggests that they take hers. Carlos tells her he doesn't want her "handing out your eggs like party favors to every childless gay couple that wanders by." Gaby won't listen to him, until Bob and Lee make it clear they don't want her to have an active part in raising the child. Gaby has Carlos tell Bob and Lee that the arrangement is off. When she goes to see how they're taking the news, she's shocked to hear that Lee has left Bob as he can't take the rejection and unhappiness of trying to have a child over and over again.

Lynette takes Irina gown shopping and the Russian saleswoman translates a call Irina takes from an angry man, "Go ahead and call the police, you'll never find me." Lynette tells Tom that Irina is hiding something and she will find out what it is. She goes to immigration and convinces a woman there to investigate Irina's past. Lynette learns that Irina's already married, to the man named Alexei who she took the call off in the bridal shop. She also has a record of cleaning out another man's bank account in Italy. Irina tells Lynette, "Give Preston your file. I will explain it all away. He will believe me, he always does." But Preston's overheard the whole thing and calls off the wedding. Afterward Lynette apologizes and says she understand if Preston hates her but she loves him enough to let him rather than see him make a huge mistake. She kisses his head and leaves the room saying "Please don't take too long though as I miss you already."

At the end of the episode, Irina, banished from the Scavos' home, is found walking on the street out of town to find a motel. Eddie (Danny's friend) comes along and picks her up. While driving, Eddie offers Irina a relationship with him. Irina rudely turns him down, saying she is out of his league and didn't come to America to be with a greasy-haired little boy. Eddie's demeanor suddenly changes to something maniacal, and visibly angry, he pulls off the road and stops. Irina is then heard screaming. As she is lying dead on the ground, the newly revealed strangler digs a hole in which to bury her.

Written by IngridPatriota on Nov 2, 2017

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