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Epiphany Recap

The Fairview strangler is revealed as Danny's friend, Eddie. He has been living among the women of Wisteria Lane since childhood: He once caught Gaby and Carlos during an intimate moment as a child after spending time with her as they were both lonely; Bree offered him a job and some dating advice when he was younger, until she found out that he had a crush on her daughter, Danielle; Susan encouraged his passion for art, and eventually pays for an art seminar for him; and Lynette will show him some kindness and generosity.

Eddie is shown at the beginning of the episode offering to buy his alcoholic mother (Diane Farr) more alcohol when he goes out; making a point of telling her to stay out of his room. Once he leaves, she goes against his wishes and kicks in his door. Instead of finding the alcohol she believes hidden in his room, she finds the scrapbook he keeps of his victims under his mattress.

We flashback to when Eddie was just four, and his father (Kevin Sizemore) left his mother—after loudly proclaiming that he'd never wanted any of this, including Eddie. Mary Alice tries to befriend her, but Barbara isn't interested. Mary Alice stops by one day to give Eddie a teddy bear and finds him home alone while his mom is out drinking. She lectures Barbara about not putting her needs ahead of her son, but the lesson clearly doesn't take. She hugs Eddie and tells him that "It's not your fault you ruined my life."

Gaby first meets Eddie when she moves to Wisteria Lane and finds a lonely Eddie inside her empty house—he'd been sneaking in to play there since the previous owners moved out. He ends up coming over every day because Barbara has a new boyfriend. When he surprises Carlos and Gaby in the tub, Carlos orders Gaby to "cut him loose" and start making friends with other women, not nine-year-old boys. Gaby wants to go talk to Barbara, but Carlos advises her, "We don't want to be known as the nosy neighbors." After Gaby tells him they can't be friends anymore, Eddie grabs a BB gun and shoots a bird.

We next see teenage Eddie doing chores for Bree. He tells her "girls never notice me" and she gives him dating advice and extra money to buy gifts for the girl he likes. Bree goes to talk to Barbara when Eddie's object of affection ends up being Danielle. She returns the necklace Eddie left for Danielle and asks Barbara to "let Eddie down easy." Instead, Barbara tells him that he needs to stop "stalking" Danielle. She goes on to say, "The only girl I ever thought he'd end up with would be blind, deaf or inflatable." Bree tells him Danielle and he can still be friends. Eddie tells Bree, "I don't want a friend. I want somebody to love me." Next, we see Eddie with a prostitute (Jamie Sorrentini). When she laughs at the flowers he has brought her, he strangles her.

Susan meets Eddie at the coffee shop just after Mike starts dating Katherine. She praises Eddie's drawing and pays for him to take art classes. So Eddie is crushed to hear that she and Mike are back together—and getting married! "Don't marry Mike. You could marry me," he offers. Not realizing he's serious she thanks him for the "good laugh." Eddie tears up the drawings he made of her. That night, we see Eddie prowling outside her house and when he sees a woman come out, he attacks her, only then seeing that it's Julie, not Susan. He runs off.

Eddie is playing charades with the Scavos when his mother comes over, demanding to know where he hid her booze. "I don't think you should talk to your son like that," she tells Barbara. Lynette tells Tom, "We know something bad is happening, but we do nothing. I'm tired of being one of the people who does nothing," she says. Tom suggests Eddie's old enough to strike out on his own, but Lynette thinks he's "too damaged."

Meanwhile, Barbara is confronting Eddie about his scrapbook. "Did you have anything to do with hurting those girls?" He nods and she sobs, "I didn't raise you to be like this." "Didn't you?" he asks. "The worst mistake I ever made in my life was having you," she spits out and he hits her with a bottle, then chokes her to death. Just then, Lynette shows up to ask him to move in with them. "You've got to get out of here, Eddie," she tells him. "This isn't a healthy situation." She sees his mother on the floor and assumes she's just passed out. Eddie accepts Lynette's invitation, then disposes of his mother's body.

Mary Alice then concludes in her voice over that "Monsters are often created by other monsters." referring to Barbara's abusive nature.

Written by IngridPatriota on Nov 2, 2017

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