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I Guess This Is Goodbye Recap

The show opens with Mary Alice narrating over the hostage scene at Eddie's house: while Eddie panics, all Lynette can think about is her children. Lynette offers to give evidence for Eddie, and tell the police what a horrible woman his mother was, but Eddie confesses that his mother was not the only person he has killed. He wants to drop Lynette off in the middle of nowhere so that by the time she is able to tell somebody what he has done, he will be long gone. Lynette tells him that she is unable to go along with this plan, as she has just gone into labor. She pleads with him to take her to a hospital as she is already having contractions, but Eddie refuses, too scared that she will tell somebody what he has done. Outside, Tom pulls up after spotting Lynette's car and knocks on the door. Eddie covers Lynette's mouth to keep her quiet and she is unable to answer, so Tom leaves, thinking she is giving him the silent treatment for getting drunk the night before. By this point it is too late to go to the hospital, Lynette tells Eddie the baby is on its way, and he is forced to deliver the baby. Eddie is faced with the difficult task of saving the baby's life when she is born with the umbilical cord around her neck. Eddie leaves soon after the birth, despite Lynette telling him he will never be free from his pain as long as he runs away. He soon comes back, and Lynette allows him to hold the baby while she calls the police.

A former nurse from the maternity ward at Fairview hospital, named Teresa Pruitt, is admitted as a patient. In flashback scenes she is shown working during the births of Susan, Gabrielle and Lynette's children (although it is not known which children she cared for). Terresa admits to a visiting priest that she didn't retire from the hospital; she quit because of guilt. He offers to take her confession, but she tells him that she does not want what she is about to say to remain private, as it must be put right. The priest then proceeds to a hospital directors office. Teresa has died, but not before telling him her secret. The director calls in lawyers, one of whom states that he knows the family affected by the secret, they live on Wisteria Lane. He then worries how he will be able to tell the family that the child they have been raising isn't their own.

Bree tells Orson and Andrew that she is being blackmailed by Sam, as he has found out about Andrew running over Carlos's mother 11 years ago. Bree reveals that she intends to hand over her company in order to silence him. Andrew wants to let Sam go to the police, and states that maybe it is time he owned up to what happened. Orson does not want Bree to give in, either. However, Bree asks him to leave, as it is between her and Andrew. Bree signs over her company to Sam, and he asks her not to hate him. Bree tells Sam that she doesn't hate him, she pities him and the lonely life he leads. Meanwhile, Orson resents Bree for sending him to prison because of running over Mike, yet giving up her company in order to save Andrew from the same fate. He admits he respected Bree for holding him to her high standards, yet now the respect is gone because she dropped her standards to protect Andrew. Bree insists she had no choice but to protect Andrew, and Orson tells her there is always a choice, and his choice is to no longer be her husband. Andrew finds Bree in Orson's empty room, and she asks for his permission to do something she should have done a long time ago. After saying goodbye to Susan, Bree tells Gabrielle that she has something to tell her that may destroy their friendship.

Gabrielle arrives at the hospital to tell Nick about the note Angie had written, although the nurse on duty will not allow her to his room until the next morning. Gabrielle then waits for another nurse to come to the front desk, and impersonates Angie by mimiking her distinctive New York City accent to intimidate the nurse into taking her to Nick's room. Gabrielle tells Nick that Angie and Danny are being held hostage in the house, Nick refuses to call the police, so Gabrielle agrees to drive him back to Wisteria Lane. Meanwhile, Angie has completed the bomb for Patrick, and expects for her and Danny to now be set free. However Patrick reveals that she will have to go to Oregon with him while Danny remains hostage at the house, so that he can be sure the bomb works. If it doesn't, he will kill them both. Patrick gives Angie time to say goodbye to Danny whilst he goes to put the bomb in the car. However, when the door is closed, he hides the bomb in a cupboard. Gabrielle and Nick pull up on the street, and plan to distract Patrick whilst Nick slips into the house. However, Gabrielle is forced to act alone when Nick, still under the influence of his medication, passes out. Gabrielle takes Susan over to Angie's house, in order for Susan to distract Patrick, which doesn't work. Gabrielle sneaks in the back to free Danny as Angie and Patrick stop in the car just down the street. Patrick reveals that he came back to punish Angie, and presses the detonator of the bomb, telling Angie she has 30 seconds to save her son. Gabrielle struggles to free Danny, as Angie runs to the house, and stops outside. She turns to face the car, and with a smirk on her face reveals the bomb is actually in the detonator. The car explodes, and Patrick is killed inside. Gabrielle then helps Angie and Nick again by giving them enough money to leave Wisteria Lane. Angie and Nick leave for Atlanta, and they send Danny to New York so he can start a new life without his parents' past chasing him.

Susan holds a garage sale before she moves from her house on Wisteria Lane to an "apartment behind a gas station". While she sits counting the money in her empty house, M.J. tells Mike and Susan that he didn't know there was a 'sell pile' for the garage sale. It turns out his favorite toy dinosaur has been sold to Roy, who in turn has given it to his deaf grandson. Susan having to tell M.J. that he can't have the dinosaur back because life isn't fair leads to her telling Mike that she resents him for messing up and causing them to move from the house where she raised her children. Mike tells her they will one day move back to the house on Wisteria Lane, and breaks off the piece of wood on which Susan had recorded her children's heights so she can take it with her to carry on marking M.J.'s height. As Susan and Mike leave Wisteria Lane, the new occupant of their house pulls into the driveway in a Lincoln Towncar, and is revealed to be none other than Martha Huber's killer, Paul Young.

Written by IngridPatriota on Nov 2, 2017

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