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Signal 30 Recap

At Drivers Ed class, Pete laughs at Signal 30, an instructional film, thereby catching the attention of his teenage classmate, Jenny.

Later that night, Pete lies awake next to Trudy, listening to the drip of the kitchen faucet. He gets up, gets the toolbox and stops the leak.

Rebecca pressures Lane into going to a pub to watch soccer with her friends. Once there, Lane cheers for England (who wins the World Cup) then later dines with the Bakers, another English couple. Edwin Baker, a Jaguar Cars executive, says he’s interested in doing business with SCDP.

Peggy runs into Ken at a diner with an unidentified man he declines to introduce.

At an SCDP meeting, Lane tells the partners that Jaguar is breaking into the U.S. market and looking for an agency. Lane wants to pursue the account himself.

Pete hands Don directions to his house for dinner on Saturday night. Don tries to beg off and tells Megan to cancel. Megan tells him to call Trudy himself.

In Peggy’s office, Ken confides that the man at the diner was from Farrar Straus and they were talking about a possible book. Ken reveals that he has authored more than twenty scifi/fantasy stories under the pen name Ben Hargrove.

Roger stops by Lane’s office and offers pointers for the upcoming dinner with Baker.

Don calls Trudy to cancel but Trudy won’t have it.

Jenny chats with Pete at Drivers Ed. He suggests they visit the Bronx Botanical Gardens some time.

At the Draper home, Don starts drinking in preparation for dinner with the Campbells.

At the Campbell house, Pete shows off his stereo to Ken and imagines a “tiny orchestra” playing inside. Don and Megan arrive; the women proceed to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, at a restaurant, Lane tries out Roger’s strategic suggestions for bonding with the client but has difficulty finding an opportunity.

At the Campbells’, talk turns to living outside the city. Ken’s wife Cynthia, who works in publishing, brings up his writing career. After dinner, the kitchen faucet bursts. Pete fetches the toolbox while Don takes off his shirt then fixes the faucet. Everyone claps. Don smiles at Trudy, who’s holding baby Tammy.

On the way home, Don tells Megan he wants to “make a baby.” She pulls over and admits watching Don fix the faucet was a turn-on. They make love in the car.

At the office, Roger asks Lane how the dinner went. Lane says the strategy failed, but that he scheduled another dinner. Pete suggests that Roger, Don and himself take Baker out instead. Lane can seal the deal as a “pure friend.”

Pete flirts with Jenny at Drivers Ed. A teenage boy walks into class and mistakes Pete for the instructor. Jenny recognizes the boy, Hanson, from high school and they catch up, leaving Pete out of the conversation.

Over dinner, Baker tells Don, Pete and Roger that he wants some fun. Roger knows of a “party” nearby. There, they partner off with escorts, except for Don who remains at the bar, after declining the house madam’s offers.

Afterwards, Baker tells Don and Pete that he’s pleased. Pete confronts Don about feeling judged in the cab ride home. “Like I’m riding with a nun,” he says. Don tells Pete not to throw away his marriage.

At home, Pete watches Trudy sleep then goes to shower.

Roger calls Ken into his office and suggests he drop the scifi writing, since it distracts him from work.

In the conference room, Lane tells the partners that they lost the Jaguar account because Baker’s wife found out about the prostitute. Pete says Baker didn’t bring the idea up with Lane because he thought Lane was a “homo.” Pete goes on to say that Lane’s value dropped shortly after he fired them from Sterling Cooper. Lane challenges Pete to a fistfight and knocks him to the ground.

Joan brings ice to Lane’s office. “What do I do here?” he asks. “Something essential,” she replies. He kisses her. She gets up and opens the door, but stays. He apologizes. She deflects, saying, “About what? Everyone in this office has wanted to do that to Pete Campbell.”

Peggy tells Ken that Lane “kicked the crap out of Pete.” Ken says Lane beat him to it – Pete told Roger about his writing career, and he’s decided to give it up.

Pete leaves the office, joining Don in the elevator. “I have nothing,” he says, choking back tears.

In bed, Ken scribbles a story on his notepad called “The Man With the Miniature Orchestra” using a new pen name, Dave Algonquin.

At Drivers Ed, Pete watches Hanson slowly slide his hand up Jenny’s skirt as they watch another instructional film.


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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