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Truly Content Recap

After visiting the doctor, Tom is prescribed marijuana as a cure for his depression, since all of Lynette's attempts to make him cheerful don't work. She disposes his marijuana, and instead puts oregano in the bottle. To Lynette's surprise, Tom does not feel the difference and acts like he is "high". Later, after seeing Carlos unhappy, Tom offers him the drug he is prescribed, and Carlos tells him that it is oregano. Tom is furious at Lynette, but she convinces him that he doesn't need the drugs to feel happy again.

Bree, Susan and Lynette invite Paul's wife, Beth to their weekly poker game. Paul tells her to make up a story about what is going on between them. During the game, all of the housewives want to discover as much as possible about Paul, and Beth tells them that he is changed, but does not hide that they met each other during Paul's prison term. Beth is having doubts that they didn't tell her something about her husband, so she asks Karen, and she tells her that Paul is the number one suspect for the murder of Martha Huber. Later, Beth tells Paul about that, and he denies it. She tells him that no matter if he is innocent or not, she would still love him.

Gabby and Carlos sign the documents that say that the two can not sue the hospital, and the hospital won't do any actions to find their biological daughter. Gabby, however, can't get the thought out of her head that her real daughter is out there. While shopping with Susan, Gabby looks at all the little girls in the mall, and panics. She talks to Bob, and they agree that Bob would hire a private detective to find her real daughter but doesn't tell him that Carlos would not support that idea. Later, after Bob has talked to the family that has Carlos and Gabby's daughter, Carlos finds out about it, and furiously threatens her with a divorce if something happens.

Just as Bree is about to invite Keith for a dinner, his girlfriend shows up and Bree is devastated that he has a girlfriend. She accepts Renee's previous offer of a night out in a club. At the club they see Keith and Renee doesn't wait a minute - she goes to flirt with him even though Bree told her he is already taken. Seconds later the waiter tells Bree that he and his girlfriend broke up that afternoon. Wanting to get what she wants, Bree makes herself look sexy in the bathroom, just to find out that Keith is taking Renee home. Anxious to know what is going on in Renee's home, Bree rips off her sprinklers and calls Keith to repair them during which they agree on a date in few days. The next day, Renee is angry at Bree for taking over Keith and tells her that it's not over yet. Bree smiles and does not care about the competition.

Susan gets better and better at her internet work, and she gets the bonus check that a girl named Stacy who lives in the same building, used to receive. Stacy accuses Susan of stealing one of her "moves", and as a revenge she steals one of Susan's "moves". Susan then rips off her vacuum cleaner and watches how Stacy is now all covered with the dust. The two of them get into a fight until Maxine breaks up the fight and tells Stacy to apologize to Susan or she will be fired. Stacy apologizes, and tells Susan that after 6 years of working for Maxine, she still can't move back home. Susan is worried after hearing what Stacy had to say, and cancels the dinner with Mike for their anniversary at a fancy restaurant saying that she wants to save the money and not spend it on unnecessary things.

Written by IngridPatriota on Feb 20, 2018

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