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Sorry Grateful Recap

As an apology, Keith's mother comes to Bree's home with flowers, wherein Bree discovers how rocky her marriage has been since her husband returned from the military. Bree encourages her to tell him how he feels. This culminates in her Thanksgiving dinner, which ends up with Keith's mother shouting, "I want a divorce!" This discourages Keith from proposing to Bree, but is re-encouraged by Bree and his father.

Susan and Lynette disagree on how to treat baby Paige. Lynette wants Paige to self-soothe herself, but Susan insists on rocking baby Paige to sleep. It is revealed that Susan is surrounded by crying in her home from M.J. and herself, and thus cannot stand any more crying. Lynette ends up comforting her.

Renee reminds Tom about their past and hits on him. It is never revealed what happened, except that it happened in one weekend, twenty years ago.

The Solises host Grace's family to Thanksgiving dinner as well. After an altercation with the police, the Solises find out that Hector and Carmen are undocumented Mexican immigrants and Gaby fears that they will have to be deported and that she'll be separated from Grace. However, Carmen announces to Gaby that Grace is American and at the end of the episode, Gaby insinuates that Grace might be able to stay and live with the Solises.

Beth tries to learn more about Paul's past misdeeds on instructions from her mother, Felicia Tillman. However, Beth merely falls more in love with Paul, and is thinking that maybe her mother might be crazy after all. Felicia finds out that Beth is falling in love with Paul, causing her to scream at her through the Plexiglass, with the police attempting to calm her down.

Written by IngridPatriota on Feb 20, 2018

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