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At the Codfish Ball Recap

Sally calls Glen on the phone and complains about Pauline, referring to her as “Bluto.” In the hallway, Pauline trips on the telephone cord and falls to the floor. Sally orders Bobby to get Pauline water while she calls for help.

Don hauls luggage for Emile and Marie, Megan’s parents, into the Draper apartment. Emile and Marie quibble in French until Megan asks them to speak English. Don takes an urgent phone call from Sally.

Roger and Mona meet for drinks and Roger talks about his “life-altering” experience with LSD. He asks Mona to help arrange meetings with prospective clients at an upcoming American Cancer Society dinner, which is honoring Don for his anti-smoking letter.

During dinner at the Draper home, Megan defends Don against Emile’s critiques. Don arrives with Sally and Bobby, reporting that Pauline broke her ankle. Sally explains that Pauline tripped over one of Gene’s toys, and Don praises Sally for handling the situation well. Marie excuses herself from dinner and Megan follows shortly after. She finds Marie asleep in bed, a burning cigarette still in hand.

Eating Chinese food at the office, Ginsberg and Stan challenge Peggy’s opinion on a Playtex campaign. “It’s not fair that just because you’re a boob-carrying consumer that your opinion means more,” says Stan. Abe, who has joined them for dinner, stands and kisses Peggy good night.

In bed, Don tells Megan that even the ACS award won’t persuade Emile to like him. Megan notes that her mother -- competitive for Emile’s affections -- touched Don six times in one hour.

The next day, Megan comes to Don with an idea for the Heinz campaign: A mother serves her child beans in various historical contexts, from caveman times through to the future. When Don suggests “Kids want beans, and they have forever” as the tag, Megan says she was actually thinking of, “Heinz beans, some things never change.” Don excitedly tells Stan and Ginsberg about the idea.

Abe calls Peggy and insists they meet for dinner at Minetta Tavern. Stan and Ginsberg, meanwhile, complain about the last-minute change to the Heinz campaign.

Peggy tells Joan she thinks Abe is breaking up with her, but Joan thinks he’s proposing. “Men don’t take the time to end things,” she says. “They ignore you until you insist on a declaration of hate.”

Meanwhile, Roger asks Don to charm potential clients at the ACS dinner, explaining that “we’re being lowered on a bucket into a goldmine.”

Peggy arrives at Minetta Tavern dressed up. Abe proposes they move in together. She pauses, and then agrees.

At a dinner with Heinz, Megan learns that Raymond is planning to fire SCDP. She whispers the news to Don and prompts him to pitch the new concept at the table. Raymond is won over.

Megan and Don kiss in a cab as Don lavishes Megan with praise. Since the family is at their apartment, she suggests they go back to the office to have sex.

The next morning, Peggy tells Joan that she and Abe are moving in together. She worries that Joan is disappointed in her, but Joan calls it romantic.

In the conference room, Ken recounts the Heinz dinner to the crowd. Don credits Megan, who dismisses it as beginner’s luck. Peggy congratulates Megan and asks why she isn’t more celebratory. “I should be jealous, but I look at you and I feel like I’m getting to experience my first time again,” Peggy says. “This is as good as this job gets.”

The next day, Megan, Marie and Sally return home from a shopping trip and Sally asks Don if she can go to the awards dinner. Emile and Marie quarrel. Megan tells Don that Emile, an academic, had an unsuccessful business meeting and then cried to one of his grad students. “He should be crying to my mother,” Megan says.

Peggy and Abe prepare dinner at her apartment. Katherine Olson, Peggy’s mother, arrives with a cake.

Roger arrives at the Draper residence and Marie helps him with his bowtie. Sally shows off her dress. “One day your little girl will spread her legs and fly away,” Emile says. “Wings, daddy,” Megan corrects. Don tells Sally to remove her makeup and boots before they leave.

At the ACS dinner, Pete introduces Don and Megan to Ed Baxter, Ken’s father-in-law. Ed compliments Don’s talent as well as Megan’s contribution to the Heinz campaign.

Roger tells Sally who’s who at the event and Pete explains his job to Emile. Meanwhile, Marie watches Roger across the room.

Peggy tells her mother that she and Abe are moving in together. Katherine opposes their “living in sin” and says she’d rather Peggy just lie about it. She tells Peggy that Abe is just using her as practice for marriage.

At the ACS event bar, Marie tells Roger, “You should get everything you want.” Meanwhile, Emile tells Megan that she’s changed. “Don’t let your love for this man stop you from doing what you wanted to do,” he says. Later, Sally wanders into a room and sees Marie performing fellatio on Roger.

Ed tells Don that clients like Don’s work but don’t like Don, on account of the letter he wrote against Lucky Strike. “How could they trust you after the way you bit the hand?” Ed explains.

Later that night, Sally calls Glen from Don’s apartment. “How’s the city?” he asks. “Dirty,” she says.


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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