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Where Do I Belong? Recap

While in the hospital, Susan receives a visit from Julie who tells Susan her mother, Sophie, is coming to visit her the following day. Susan becomes annoyed at this news because Sophie is known for attention seeking antics and for making every situation about her. Sophie and Susan's Aunt Claire visit and Susan is shocked at her mother's apparent selfishness when she tells Mike she can't give Susan a kidney because she's going away on a three-month cruise. Susan becomes frustrated with Sophie for not even finding out if she's a match. Julie offers her kidney, but is sad to discover she's not a match for her mother. Susan remains angry at Sophie until Claire visits her and announces that Sophie has cancer and that's why she can't give her a kidney. Claire makes Susan promise not to tell Sophie she knows about her illness as she's trying to make up for all of the years where everything had to revolve around her. Susan and Sophie reconcile and make plans to spend time together after Sophie's "cruise".

Lynette begins to play revenge pranks on Tom for sleeping with Renee twenty years ago. Despite her promising Lynette that she won't tell Tom the fling is out in the open Renee does so in order to get Tom to talk to his wife. Lynette discovers Tom knows the truth, he attempts to defend himself saying that it was twenty years ago and was during a time they had split up for a week. Tom realizes how hurt Lynette is when she tells him while she was at her mother's house thinking of nothing but him and realizing she didn't want to live without him he was sleeping with her best friend. Later that night Tom tells Lynette he never found the right time to tell her what happened because they have always had such a happy married life together and didn't want to spoil a single second of it, he also pleads with Lynette not to let a mistake that happened two decades ago ruin their happy marriage. The following morning as Lynette watches their children bicker playfully and tease each other, she sees what Tom was talking about manages to forgive him.

Gabrielle and Carlos have Bob and Lee over for lunch and discover they plan to adopt a little girl called Liza Hunter-McDermott, which upsets Gabrielle as it reminds her of her biological daughter Grace. Bob and Lee notice her pain and apologize for bringing it up, but Carlos tells them it's fine but they don't talk about Grace anymore because it's too painful. Gabrielle excuses herself from the table and holds her adopted china doll Princess Valerie which she is using as a replacement for her lost daughter. Gabrielle becomes horrified when Juanita and Celia break the doll and scolds them for playing with it. She goes back to the shop to get the doll fixed and asks the owner, Miss Charlotte, if it's strange that she has an attachment to the doll. Miss Charlotte tells her it's natural, but other people won't understand it. She tells Gabrielle about her own doll that she keeps which is her sister that has died. She also asks Gabrielle about the story of Princess Valerie. Gabrielle tells a fictionalized fantasy version of her story of losing Grace. Once the doll has been fixed Gabrielle places her in a box so that nobody can take her away.

A reluctant Bree is asked by Reverend Sykes to help out a woman in need, Beth Young. Bree invites Beth to a get together with the other housewives and Beth accepts the offer. As Beth arrives a man drops off flowers to her door and she assumes they're from Keith. The get together doesn't go well as Gabrielle, Renee, Lynette and Susan all hate Beth for standing by Paul despite everything he did to the neighbors. Bree calls the other housewives out of the room and manages to convince them not to hate Beth for the sins that Paul committed. When they arrive back in the room Beth finds a gun under her cushion, the same type of gun that somebody used to shoot Paul with. Beth wrongly accuses them all of attempting to frame her. Bree becomes insulted that she would accuse her of such a thing when she reached out to her when she was in need. Beth leaves after telling them she is calling the police.

The situation with Beth continues to bother Bree, but Keith tries to distract her. Bree then thanks Keith for the flowers he sent her, but he admits he didn't send any, causing Bree to ask who did. At the same time we see the man who delivered the flowers arrive in a motel room and remove a disguise from his face, it turns out to be Zach Young, Paul and Mary Alice's son. Is he behind the shooting of his father?

Written by IngridPatriota on Feb 20, 2018

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