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Secrets That I Never Want to Know Recap

Carlos and the women bury Alejandro's body in the nearby woods and, at Bree and Gabrielle's urging, make a pact to keep his death a secret. One month later, Carlos's guilt has left him irritable and depressed. He confesses to having committed an unspecified crime to Father Dugan (Sam McMurray), who tells him that he will only be forgiven if he turns himself in; however, Carlos decides not to follow his advice in order to protect the other people involved in the cover-up.

Meanwhile, Susan's guilt over the cover-up causes her to withdraw from her friends and family. Her husband, Mike Delfino, suspects that she is unhappy in their marriage. Susan wants to tell Mike about the cover-up, but Bree and Gabrielle discourage her, warning her that Mike could be implicated if they are ever caught.

Lynette and Tom have decided not to tell their children about their separation. After Lynette has a nightmare about Alejandro, she seeks Tom's company and they sleep together. The next morning, Tom assumes that they are getting back together, but Lynette tells him she still wants to separate. Meanwhile, Renee Perry attempts to seduce new neighbor Ben Faulkner (Charles Mesure), but he rejects her.

Elsewhere, Bree struggles with dating a detective and covering up Alejandro's death. While trying to dispose of Alejandro's car, Bree and Gabrielle inadvertently attract Chuck's attention and have to create a series of elaborate lies to avoid him finding out the truth. Later, Bree receives a note reading, "I know what you did. It makes me sick. I'm going to tell." This is the same as the letter Mary Alice received before killing herself.

Written by IngridPatriota on Feb 24, 2018

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