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Dark Shadows Recap

Betty prepares a light breakfast, carefully weighing her cheese portion.

In the elevator heading up to the office, Pete announces that the New York Times wants to interview him for a story about “hip agencies.”

Don assembles a work portfolio and notes that “Peggy really got buried with Heinz.” Joan suggests he include “the letter.”

Cooper asks Roger to secretly woo Manischewitz, stressing the importance of Roger’s finesse and his “Semitic wife.”

At the Draper residence, Megan teaches Sally how to cry on cue. Sally reminds Don to buy colored pencils for a family tree assignment.

At the office that night, Don laughs while flipping through a folder of Sno Ball taglines on Ginsberg’s desk. He sits down to read more.

Sally lets Betty into Don’s apartment and fetches her brothers. Betty is studying Don’s living room when she accidentally glimpses Megan dressing in the bedroom. Afterward, they exchange awkward pleasantries.

Meanwhile, Don riffs Sno Ball taglines alone in his office.

Back at home, Betty sprays whipped cream into her mouth then spits it out in the sink and sighs.

The creative team brainstorms Sno Ball taglines in Don’s office. Ginsberg suggests, “Hit me in the face with a Sno Ball.” Don proposes a devil eating a Sno Ball with the tagline, “Yes, even me.” “That’s actually good,” Ginsberg blurts out. Don approves both ideas.

At a Weight Watchers meeting, Betty says she lost half a pound despite a “trying” experience during the week.

Megan reads script lines with her struggling actress friend Julia, who’s preparing for an audition. Megan criticizes the script, offending Julia. “It’s just so easy for you from your throne on 73rd and Park,” Julia says.

Roger asks Ginsberg to come up with ideas for Manischewitz wine aimed at non-Jewish consumers. Ginsberg is reluctant until Roger offers a wad of cash.

Betty finds Henry frying steak at midnight. He worries that his job is a dead-end and he “jumped ship for nothing.” Betty reassures him that it’s just a setback.

On the phone, Roger asks Jane to pretend they’re still together for a client dinner. She agrees on the condition that he gets her a new apartment.

Pete daydreams that Beth comes to the office and seduces him after reading the Times article.

While organizing Bobby’s homework, Betty finds a loving note from Don to Megan. She stares at the note then tells Sally to include Don’s first wife, Anna, “deceased,” on the family tree. “Who is she?” Sally asks. Betty tells her to ask Megan.

Don presents the two Sno Ball concepts to the SCDP team and both receive praise. “Thank you,” Don and Ginsberg say simultaneously.

The next day, Sally confronts Megan about Anna. Caught off guard, Megan explains that Don and Anna married “to help each other out.” Sally blames Megan for withholding information.

At Weight Watchers, Betty listens to advice about managing weight over Thanksgiving.

Megan tells Don about Sally and he angrily starts to call Betty. Megan stops him, saying it’s what Betty wants: “The thrill of having poisoned us from fifty miles away.” Sally overhears the exchange.

Ginsberg tells Peggy that Roger enlisted him for extra work. Peggy says she doesn’t care.

Pete calls Don early Sunday morning, complaining that the Times made no mention of him or SCDP in the article. “Don’t wake me up and throw your failures in my face,” Don chastises.

Don tells Sally his marriage to Anna was not romantic and that Betty is trying to hurt him and Megan. Sally asks if Anna is the woman whose house they went to in California. Don says yes, and Sally agrees to apologize to Megan.

In the elevator, Peggy confronts Roger about picking Ginsberg instead of her. “You are not loyal,” she says. “You only think about yourself.”

In a taxi, Ken preps Don and Harry for the Sno Ball presentation. Don intentionally leaves Ginsberg’s boards in the cab.

Betty tells Sally she got an A+ on her family tree and asks if Sally spoke to Megan about Anna. Sally says Don and Megan “spoke very fondly of her.” Betty sends Sally to watch TV then knocks a box off the table in frustration.

Over dinner, Roger impresses the Manischewitz executive Max Rosenberg with an ad concept. Roger notices Max’s son flirt with Jane.

At the office, Harry reports that Don’s devil concept was a hit. Ginsberg storms off when Harry says they didn’t pitch his idea.

After dinner, Roger asks to see Jane’s new apartment. Once inside, he kisses her.

On the train the next morning, Howard brags to Pete about his lover. “Why don’t you spend Thanksgiving with her and I’ll go to your house and screw your wife,” Pete snaps. Howard laughs.

In the elevator, Ginsberg confronts Don who says it’s weak to present two ideas. “I feel bad for you,” Ginsberg says. “I don’t think about you at all,” Don responds.

Jane tells Roger he ruined her new apartment by sleeping with her in it. Roger apologizes.

Megan sets the table for Thanksgiving and tells Don that Julia got the role.

At the Francis Thanksgiving dinner, Bobby suggests everyone share what they’re thankful for. “I’m thankful that I have everything I want,” Betty says, “and that no one else has anything better.” As they eat, Betty savors her small portion of stuffing.


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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