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The Phantom Recap

At home, Don soothes an aching tooth with a cotton ball soaked with whiskey. He declines Megan’s offer to schedule a dentist appointment. Marie, who is visiting, consoles Megan when she receives a rejected screen test reel.

Howard and Beth join Pete on the train. Howard explains that Beth will be staying with her sister for a while. Beth quickly excuses herself and Howard follows.

Harry joins Joan on the elevator and notes that she pressed the 38th-floor button. Joan calls it an accident, deflecting Harry’s questions about the agency moving to another floor.

As he heads in to work, Don passes an elevator whose doors are closing. Inside he sees a man who looks like his dead brother, Adam.

Ginsberg argues with Topaz executives who object to use of the word “cheap” in his tagline. “You should get a girl’s opinion,” an executive says. “I used to take that as a given here.”

Beth calls Pete at his office, asking him to meet her at the Hotel Pennsylvania. “I hope you like waiting. That’s what I did,” Pete says, slamming the phone down.

At CGC, Ted Chaough tosses Peggy a pack of Phillip Morris’ “top secret ladies’ cigarette” and tells her to “Smoke it, name it, sell it.”

At a partners meeting, Joan announces revenue is up 34% from last year, making it their best-ever quarter. She has plans to meet with the building manager about new office space, but cautions against overextending and suggests postponing a final decision until June. The partners agree.

Pete arrives at Beth’s hotel room. Beth reveals she is starting electroshock therapy the next day. She’s “been very blue,” and it’s the only thing that will help, but it might erase her memory of him.

At the Draper home, Megan and her friend Emily lament the difficulty of finding acting work. The phone rings and Megan answers, but no one responds. Emily asks if Don can get her an audition for Butler shoes’ “Beauty and the Beast” commercial. Megan reluctantly agrees.

In bed, Pete urges Beth to forgo treatment and stay with him. She declines, explaining that electroshock does work.

At home, Megan gives Don a copy of her screen test and asks him to recommend her for the Butler commercial. He refuses, explaining, “You want to be somebody’s discovery, not somebody’s wife.” Megan agrees but later cries in the bathroom.

Roger calls the Draper home pretending to be Emile and asks for Marie. Roger admits he “hung up on your daughter about a dozen times today” and invites Marie to his “apartment” -- a room at the Stanhope -- for a rendezvous.

Entering the office the next day, Don passes an employee who looks like Adam.

Joan informs Don that SCDP will receive a $175,000 insurance payout from Lane’s death -- a profit rendering a “cautious voice” unnecessary. Don tells Joan to repay Lane’s wife the $50,000 Lane gave the company after Lucky Strike left. As Joan leaves, Don ices his tooth.

Marie wakes Megan at noon and tells her to stop feeling sorry for herself. “Not every little girl gets to do what they want,” she says. “The world could not support that many ballerinas.” When Megan retorts, “Is that what you tell yourself?” Marie calls her an “ungrateful little bitch” and walks out.

Don visits Rebecca and hands her a $50,000 check. Producing the photo of Dolores, Rebecca accuses the agency of corrupting Lane. “Don’t leave here thinking that you’ve done anything for anyone but yourself,” she says.

Trudy shows Pete plans for a backyard pool, but he says it’s “awfully permanent” and warns that Tammy could drown. Trudy chastises him, saying she’s tired of “this doom and gloom.”

Roger and Marie burst into his hotel room, kissing passionately. Roger asks her to take LSD with him. She declines, saying, “Please don’t ask me to take care of you.”

Don arrives home to find Megan drunk and escorts her to bed. She throws herself at him, saying, “It’s what you want, isn’t it? For me to be waiting for you. That’s why you won’t give me a chance.”

Marie enters the apartment and Don berates her for leaving Megan alone. Marie advises Don to “nurse her though this defeat and you shall have the life you desire.” Don grimaces, holding his cheek.

Don visits the dentist for an extraction and, while anesthetized, sees Adam’s ghost. “You’re in bad shape, Dick,” Adam says. “It’s not your tooth that’s rotten.”

Pete visits Beth at the hospital. When she doesn’t recognize him, he tells her he’s visiting a friend who became heartbroken after an affair, realizing that “his life with his family was itself some temporary bandage on a permanent wound.”

Don enters a movie theater and sees Peggy. He joins her and they exchange pleasantries. He tells her he’s proud of her success, but “I just didn’t know it would be without me.”

Howard wakes Pete on the train. Pete fumes, “You just couldn’t wait to get her in the hospital and erase her brain.” Howard realizes Pete slept with Beth and they brawl. Pete is kicked off the train. At home, Pete tells Trudy he fell asleep at the wheel and drove into a ditch. Concerned about his welfare, Trudy relents and agrees he should have an apartment in the city.

Alone at the office, Don watches Megan’s screen test and smiles.

Joan shows the partners around the prospective new office space and Pete remarks that he’ll have the same view as Don. They stand in front of the window and look out.

Dressed as “Beauty,” Megan kisses Don on the set of Butler’s commercial. “You know I love you,” she says. Don watches her, then walks off. He sits down at a bar and orders an Old Fashioned.

In a dingy Richmond hotel, Peggy gets into bed with a glass of wine and smiles.

At home, Pete sits in the dark with headphones on and eyes closed.

Roger stands naked on a chair facing the window, arms outstretched.

A woman approaches Don at the bar. “Are you alone?” she asks. Don turns and looks at her, expressionless.


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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