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Women and Death Recap

After the murder of Mike, the residents of Wisteria Lane get ready to attend his funeral and reflect on how he had helped change their lives. Lynette looks back on a conversation she had with Mike while Tom moved out some of his belongings from their home, realizing that she must fight to win him back and save her marriage. Gabrielle remembers how Mike shared Carlos' insecurities with her while he was in rehab, which leads to her telling Carlos that he can quit his job to help people.

After Orson's letter to the police detailing the murder of Alejandro Perez and Chuck Vance, Bree is taken to the police station for questioning. She denies any involvement in his murder and states that she never met him. She is then allowed to leave after questioning to attend Mike's funeral. However, she is unaware that the detectives have her finger prints from a cup of coffee that she was drinking. They later match Bree's prints to some that were found on Alejandro's body. They decide to wait before arresting her to see what else they can uncover.

Susan struggles with making decisions regarding Mike's funeral and tells the Reverend that nothing will ever be the same again. As the service comes to an end Susan decides to speak at the funeral after looking back on a day where Susan, Mike and M.J. had dinner together in their favourite restaurant and how Mike described what heaven would be for him. Susan then tells everyone what Mike is doing in heaven, and that because he's there she has to say goodbye to him for now. She says one final goodbye before walking to the coffin and whispering back the only poem Mike knew: "I love you once. I love you twice. I love you more than beans and rice". Renee then sings 'Amazing Grace' as Mike's coffin is carried out of the church and lowered into the ground as Mike's tearful family and friends watch on.

While enjoying Mike's favorite hamburgers at Bree's house Susan recalls to her three friends how much she is going to struggle now that Mike is no longer around. Bree, Lynette and Gabrielle all promise Susan that they will help her through this difficult time.

Written by IngridPatriota on Mar 9, 2018

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