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The Doorway (1) Recap

A scream is heard as a man performs CPR. "Oh my God," a woman yells.

Don reads Dante's Inferno on the the beach in Waikiki with Megan beside him. Later, back in their suite at The Royal Hawaiian, Megan offers Don a joint with the enticement, "You haven't had sex high. Makes it so much more intense." Afterward, they attend a luau where Megan is recognized as the character Corinne from the TV show To Have and To Hold.

Unable to sleep, Don sits at the bar where drunken PFC Dinkins asks Don to give away the bride at his wedding the next day. Megan rolls over to an empty bed the next morning. Stepping outside, she spots the marriage ceremony and snaps a photo.

Betty is ticketed for reckless driving as she, Pauline, Sally, and Sally's friend Sandy drive home from The Nutcracker. At home, Sandy gives an impromptu violin concert for the Francis family. Later, Betty says Henry is infatuated with Sandy.

Returning from Hawaii, Don and Megan greet their doorman Jonesy who, in a flashback, is revealed collapsing then being administered CPR by their neighbor, Dr. Arnold Rosen. Back in the present, Megan glances over her newest TV script. "I shouldn't have gone on vacation," she says, noting that she's only got one scene.

Betty joins Sandy in the kitchen where they talk about losing their mothers prematurely. Sandy admits that she's been rejected by Julliard and wants to move to New York City.

In her apartment, Peggy gets a midnight call from Burt Peterson informing her that a comedian on The Tonight Show has inadvertently undermined their Koss headphones ad.

In the apartment elevator, Arnold asks Don about his trip to Hawaii. Don invites Arnold to visit SCDP.

"The experiences are nothing," Roger tells his therapist. "You're just going in a straight line to you know where."

At CGC, Burt informs Peggy that The Tonight Show jokes referenced soldiers cutting off prisoners' ears in Vietnam. The "Lend me your ears" Super Bowl spot must be revised.

"I smell creativity," Don announces as he strolls into the SCDP offices, and Stan puts out a joint. When asked about his trip, Don replies: "I had an experience. I don't know how to put it into words." Don then walks in on a staff photo shoot where Peteasks about an upcoming Sheraton meeting.

At CGC, Peggy tells the Koss rep that the controversy is in his imagination. The Koss rep demands a new approach. Peggy assures him she'll have one soon.

Looking at boards for Dow oven cleaner, Don asks the creatives, "Why do they all have 'love' in them? It's a big word." As Arnold enters, Don lectures his team on "wearing out" the word "love": "We want that electric jolt to the body," Don says. "What's the difference between a husband knocking on a door and a sailor getting off a ship? About 10,000 volts."

Secretary Caroline weepily informs Roger that his mother has passed away. "For 20 years, she's been saying this is her last Christmas," Roger replies. When Caroline leaves his office, Roger raises his glass in a toast.

In her office, Peggy attempts to contact Ted Chaough, who is away on vacation, but fails.

Getting ready to have his portrait taken in his rearranged office, Don lights his cigarette and realizes he's using PFC Dinkins' lighter.

At home, Megan wakes Don to say that she can't attend the funeral for Roger's mother because of a job conflict. Don tosses Dinkins' lighter in the trash.

At Roger's mother's funeral, a drunk Don vomits into an umbrella holder just as condolences are being publicly offered to Roger. "This is my funeral!" Roger yells before kicking everyone out. Mona follows him, consoles him and encourages him to spend more time with their daughter Margaret.

Ken and Pete escort Don home. In the lobby, Don asks Jonesy, "What did you see when you died?" Jonesy replies, "I guess there was a light." Don persists, "Was it like hot, tropical sunshine?" and "Did you hear the ocean?"

Betty searches for Sandy in Manhattan after Sally mentions that Sandy left early for Julliard. Betty finds Sandy's violin in a grungy building where a young squatter tells her that Sandy pawned it to get to California.

Roger and Margaret talk after the funeral. He offers her baptismal water from the River Jordan; she asks for financial backing on a business opportunity that she and her husband want to pursue.

Back from work, Megan hands Dinkins' lighter, retrieved by the cleaning lady, back to Don. At SCDP the next day, Don asks Dawn to track Dinkins down then mail the lighter to him.

At CGC, Peggy shoots down the creatives' new Koss ideas.

Roger talks of his mother's death to his therapist.

At SCDP, Ken confronts Bob Benson about his efforts to ingratiate himself with the executives.

Don pitches the tagline, "Hawaii. The jumping off point," but the Sheraton reps are turned off because the concept recalls the suicide in A Star Is Born.

Betty walks into her kitchen with her hair dyed black. "Elizabeth Taylor," Henry says. "What have you done with my wife?"

Roger receives news of another death -- Giorgio the shoeshine man -- then breaks down and sobs.

Ted Chaough shows up at Peggy's office and praises her new concept for Koss. On the phone, Stan overhears the conversation then teases Peggy.

At a New Year's Eve celebration at the Draper apartment, the Drapers, the Rosens, and another couple view slides of Hawaii. Arnold gets called into work. Don escorts him out, saying that he needs to get cigarettes, then secretly returns to Sylvia Rosen now in the Rosen apartment downstairs. The two lie in bed where Sylvia asks what he wants for the new year. "I want to stop doing this," Don replies.

Don returns to his own apartment and joins Megan in bed. She wishes him a happy new year then kisses him.


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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