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The Flood Recap

Peggy and Abe meet with a real estate agent at an Upper East Side apartment.

Bobby rips off a piece of wallpaper in his bedroom, then pushes his bed over to hide the damage.

Don and Megan see Arnold and Sylvia waiting for a cab in the apartment lobby. Arnold says, he and Sylvia are headed to D.C. Don says, Megan is up for an advertising award.

Ginsberg’s father Morris sets him up on a surprise date with Beverly, the daughter of one of Morris’ friends.

Don and Megan arrive at the ANDY awards ceremony. Megan approaches Peggy. The two discuss business. Peggy points out that SCDP’s only nominees -- herself and Megan -- no longer work there.

At a diner, Ginsberg and Beverly make small talk. Beverly admits she’s only on the date as a favor to her parents.

At the awards ceremony, Paul Newman’s speech is interrupted by a man shouting that Martin Luther King is dead. The ceremony announces a ten-minute break.

Ginsberg and Beverly hear news of King’s death on the radio in the diner.

Betty, Sally and Bobby listen to the radio as Henry leaves to help the mayor.

Abe goes uptown to cover the MLK story for the New York Times. “Don’t do anything stupid,” Peggy says. “It’s too late,” Abe replies, “I’m going to Harlem in a tuxedo.” Pete leaves to go home, but Peggy, Megan and Don return to the ceremony. “What else are we gonna do?” says Don.

Betty catches Bobby picking at the wallpaper. “Why are you destroying this house?” she asks.

Pete calls Trudy and offers to come over so that she and Tammy are not alone. Trudy declines.

At home, Don watches news of the D.C. riots. After talking on the phone with her father, Megan complains to Don that, “My father just hides behind his intellect. He doesn’t want to feel any emotions.”

At SCDP the next day, Don unsuccessfully tries to contact Arnold Rosen.

Peggy enters her office and hugs her secretary, Phyllis. Peggy sends Phyllis home.

At home, Betty and Henry discuss Mayor Lindsay’s efforts to calm the riots. “It was terrifying,” Henry says. “Walking into that crazy, angry crowd, and Lindsay smiling like he was going to a pancake breakfast.”

Harry complains about the news interrupting the primetime schedule. Pete yells at Harry for being selfish and racist. AtCooper’s urging, Harry shakes hands with Pete, who says, “I’m sure you can make your money back on some Movie of the Week next Fall about the death of a great man.”

Dawn arrives at SCDP and stays despite Don telling her to go home.

Peggy’s real estate agent urges Peggy to lower her bid on the apartment.

In Don’s office, Roger’s friend discusses an idea for a property insurance ad: “Our name and a Molotov cocktail being lit with a match. And then a coupon at the bottom.”

Betty calls Don at home to remind him to pick up the kids.

Morris tells Ginsberg to find a woman: “In the flood, the animals went two by two. You gonna get on the ark with your father?”

Megan takes Sally and Gene to a vigil. Bobby says he doesn’t feel well and stays behind with Don. Bobby says that Betty forbade him from watching TV for a week.

Don takes Bobby to see The Planet of the Apes. Bobby tells Don he’s being punished “because the wallpaper didn’t line up.” When the movie is over, Bobby asks to watch it again.

Peggy’s real estate agent phones to say someone else got the apartment. Abe admits he doesn’t want to live on the Upper East Side: “I saw us raising our kids in a place with more different kinds of people.” Abe suggests the West 80s instead.

While waiting for the next movie screening, Bobby tells an usher, “Everybody likes to go to the movies when they’re sad.”

Henry tells Betty he’s been offered a seat in the State Senate and is considering running. “This is what I’ve wanted for you,” she says. They kiss.

At home, Megan chastises Don for ignoring his children. “You want to love them, but you don’t,” Don admits of himself before adding, “Then one day they get older, and you see them do something. And you feel that feeling that you were pretending to have. And it feels like your heart is going to explode.”

Betty holds one of her old dresses in front of her in the mirror.

Don sees Bobby awake and joins him in bed. Bobby admits he’s scared of someone shooting Henry. “Henry’s not that important,” Don says.

Don smokes a cigarette on the balcony.


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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