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For Immediate Release Recap

Pete, Joan and Cooper meet with an underwriter at SCDP to discuss plans for taking the company public. The underwriter presents a preliminary offer of $9 per share but Cooper urges further research. Joan expresses concern about Don’s reaction.

In a hotel bed, Roger reminds airline lounge attendant Daisy to keep “an ear to the ground.”

At the Campbell home, Pete joins Trudy in bed and kisses her. She rebuffs him. Pete says, “You’ve given up on me at exactly the wrong time. I have big things coming.”

Arnold stops by the Drapers’ for wrapping paper then flirts with Megan’s mother, Marie.

Abe works on renovations for Peggy’s new apartment. Peggy complains about the neighbors.

At SCDP, Pete tells Don that Herb Rennet has canceled dinner. In Don’s office, Roger tells Don that the dinner is actually on, but Pete isn’t invited.

The CGC partners meet to discuss an astronaut campaign for Chevrolet. Partner Frank Gleason reveals he has cancer.

Daisy calls Roger about a lead on a businessman at the airport. Roger grabs a flight bag and runs out of the office.

In the apartment elevator, Marie watches Megan sign an autograph for two teenage girls.

At the airport lounge, Roger introduces himself to the businessman, Mikey. Roger buys Mikey a drink and asks Daisy to get him on Mikey’s flight.

Preparing for the dinner with Herb, Megan tells Marie that Don is acting distant. Marie advises Megan to not dress like his wife: “The only thought he should have at this meal is how quickly he can get between your legs.”

Don, Megan and Marie talk with Herb and his wife, Peaches, while waiting for Roger at a restaurant.

Cooper tells Pete that SCDP will go public at $11 a share.

At dinner, Marie complains in French about Peaches. When the women leave the table, Herb suggests letting “a kid who’s been writing flyers for me” look at Don’s work. Don hands Herb a business card with “the name of the guy who’s gonna be handling your account from now on,” and snaps, “I want you to buy me one last meal. I’m tired of taking it out of your account.”

At home, Don and Megan make love. When Roger phones for Don, Marie answers and castigates Roger for missing dinner, telling him to “forget my name.”

At a “party house,” Pete exits a bedroom and sees his father-in-law, Tom Vogel.

The next day, Pete tells Ken about the incident. Ken assures him that the Vicks account is safe because Tom can’t say anything. Ken receives an urgent call from Jaguar.

Pete falls down the SCDP stairs, yelling at Don for firing Jaguar and ruining the public offering underway. Joan brings them into the conference room. Roger walks in and announces SCDP will be giving a presentation on Friday for “Chevy’s top secret new car.” Don tells Pete going public will now be better. “Don’t act like you had a plan,” Pete snaps. Upset by the loss of Jaguar, Joan tells Don, “I went through all of that for nothing.”

The creatives meet in Don’s office and discuss plans for Chevy. Roger says CGC is also in the running.

In Ted’s office, Peggy tells Ted that he’s strong. He kisses her, then apologizes.

In the apartment elevator, Arnold tells Don that he quit his job: “Fate hasn’t chosen me.” Don replies, “I don’t believe in fate. You make your own opportunities.”

Megan awakens and tells Don, “I want to do whatever I can to make sure you do not fail. Then you can jump from the balcony and fly to work like Superman.” She pushes him onto the bed and unbuckles his pants.

Don and Roger sit in the airport lounge. An employee from another agency approaches and teases them about losing Vicks.

Pete tries to reach Tom Vogel. Joan tells him that Roger called to ask about Vicks. Pete storms out, saying “I’m gonna fix it.”

Roger tells Don that the Vicks comment was a joke.

In Tom’s office, Pete unsuccessfully tries to get Vicks to take SCDP back. Pete says, “You just pressed the button, Tom. You just blew everything up.”

At home, Peggy complains to Abe about the neighborhood. “I don’t like change,” she says. “I want everything back the way it was.” She kisses Abe but imagines he’s Ted.

Late at night, Ted joins Don at the Detroit hotel bar. Ted convinces Don that their small agencies don’t stand a chance against the big ones. Don proposes combining SCDP and CGC.

At the Campbell home, Pete tells Trudy about losing Vicks and catching her father “with a 200 pound negro prostitute.” Trudy kicks Pete out.

In Ted’s office, Don tells Peggy that SCDP and CGC have won Chevy together. “They wanted our ideas and a big agency, so we gave them both,” Ted says.

Peggy writes a press release announcing the merger of the two firms.


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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