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Man with a Plan Recap

When the apartment elevator doors open on the 16th floor, Don holds them open to listen to Sylvia yelling at Arnold, then quickly hits the door-close button before they see him.

Peggy and Ted arrive at SCDP. In the hallway, Joan assigns offices to the CGC employees. While showing Peggy to Harry’s old office, Joan grabs her side in pain.

Don enters the conference room. Cooper is reading a message about the merger and congratulating CGC for their recent Clio Award. Pete arrives, but there are no chairs left. Roger announces new business with Fleischmann’s Margarine. Ted plans to fly Don and Pete up to meet Mohawk Airlines. Pete receives an urgent call.

In his office, Pete answers the call from his mother, who is at his apartment. Confused, she questions the whereabouts of Pete’s dead father.

Sylvia calls Don from home. They plan to meet at a hotel.

Roger fires Burt Peterson. On his way out, Burt tells Bob Benson, “As a first order of business, I recommend you stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.”

Don arrives at the hotel room. He carries Sylvia to the bed. She repeats, “I need you. And nothing else will do.”

At SCDP, the creatives have a brainstorming session for Fleischmann’s Margarine without Don.

At the hotel, Sylvia complains about Arnold as she prepares to leave. Don instructs her to undress and get back into bed. He leaves, saying, “Don’t go anywhere.”

Ted ends the brainstorming session when Don arrives. In the hall, Ted chastises Don for being 40 minutes late.

Don calls Sylvia at the hotel and instructs her to wait there and not answer the phone. He calls back. Sylvia doesn’t pick up.

In Ted’s office, Don pours drinks and suggests they discuss margarine by themselves.

Pete’s brother, Bud, drops their mother off at Pete’s apartment then refuses to take her back to his home. Bud complains about Pete letting another financial firm handle SCDP’s public offering.

Don and Ted drink more and continue to discuss margarine.

Sylvia opens her hotel room door to find a Saks Fifth Avenue gift box with a red dress inside.

Bob Benson finds Joan in pain and discreetly helps her out of the office.

Drunk, Ted enters the creative lounge where he lays his head on the table. The creatives disperse.

Bob waits with Joan in the emergency room. He lies to the nurse to get Joan admitted, saying Joan drank furniture polish.

Don walks into the hotel room. Sylvia, in the red dress, asks where they’re going. “We’re not going anywhere,” Don says. “You exist in this room for my pleasure.”

Ted visits his CGC partner Frank Gleason in the hospital. Frank advises Ted to give Don “the early rounds. He’ll tire himself out.”

Pete’s mother asks, “Is Trudy finished with you?” He leaves her in the apartment, and assures her, “I’ll be back at dinner time.”

Peggy waits in Don’s office. She says, she hoped Ted “would rub off on you. Not the other way around.” Don responds, “He’s a grown man.” Peggy says, “So are you. Move forward.”

Pete is notified of another urgent call. He tells Clara to reschedule the Mohawk meeting.

On the hotel room floor, Don tells Sylvia to be ready when he gets back from the flight upstate. He takes her book.

Clara informs Ted that Pete has asked to reschedule the Mohawk meeting but Ted and Don go see Mohawk without him.

Don reads Sylvia’s book in the seat next to Ted who’s piloting their plane upstate.

Bob stops by Joan’s apartment to check on her and give a football to her baby Kevin. After Bob leaves, Joan tells Gail she just had an ovarian cyst and that Bob is not interested in a relationship. He’s only worried about his job.

Pete returns to SCDP. Clara tells Pete that Don and Ted met with Mohawk without him.

Don returns to the hotel. Sylvia says, “This is over.” Don pleads with her, but she walks out. He follows.

In the conference room, Joan, Pete, Roger and Jim discuss personnel cuts. Jim suggests firing Bob, but Joan mentions Bob’s involvement in Chevy.

In the apartment elevator, Don and Sylvia ride up in silence.

At home, Megan tells Don she wants to go on vacation, but Don zones out as she talks.

Pete’s mother wakes him, saying, “They’ve shot that poor Kennedy boy,” then tells him he’ll be late for school.

Megan watches news coverage of Bobby Kennedy’s assassination. Don sits on his side of the bed as Megan faces the TV and cries.


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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