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The Better Half Recap

In the agency’s conference room, Don and Ted argue over whose strategy works for Fleischmann’s margarine. Peggy says both ideas have merit. Afterwards, Harry tells Pete he’s met with a headhunter, but has no plans to leave: “When things settle down, I’m going to be a partner.”

Megan plays Colette (Corinne’s twin sister) on the set of To Have and To Hold. The director criticizes Megan’s performance. Arlene consoles her.

In Peggy’s office, Don reprimands Peggy for not voicing her opinion earlier: “I’m not paying you to be a diplomat.” Peggy replies, Don’s only interested in his own ideas.

At a party, Betty waits for Henry near the phone booths. A man named Stewart flirts with her. Betty, slim again, flirts back. Henry returns and leaves with Betty.

Peggy arrives home to find a police officer sitting with Abe, who’s been stabbed in the hand. Abe insists he can’t remember details of the attack. Peggy yells at Abe for “protecting criminals.” Abe says, he’s writing a story about the experience.

Over dinner, Megan tells Don about her work frustrations then adds she’s packed his bag for Bobby’s camp.

Betty and Henry ride home in a limo. He makes Betty repeat what Stewart said, “word for word.” They kiss passionately.

Roger’s daughter, Margaret, drops her son Ellery off at the office for a day with his grandfather.

Pete and Duck Phillips, now a headhunter, have lunch at Pete’s apartment. Duck questions Pete’s role at the new agency. “There’s still a lot of chiefs and only a couple of Indians,” Duck says before suggesting an opportunity in Phoenix.

Don runs into Betty asking for directions at a gas station. She follows him to Bobby’s camp.

In his office, Ted reprimands Peggy for accidentally touching his hand during a presentation. Ted admits he has feelings for Peggy, but “I don’t want to. That’s the point.”

At camp, Don eats with Betty and Bobby. Bobby teaches Don a song. The three sing.

At the office, Pete confides to Joan that his mother has exhausted every nursing agency.

Arlene visits the Draper apartment and tells Megan she’s worried about her.

Don joins Betty sitting in front of her room at the lodge. They reminisce. Betty admits, when she saw Don earlier, “I forgot how mad I was at you.” Betty enters her room, leaving the door open. Don follows and turns off the lights. They kiss, and move to the bed. “You’re as beautiful as the day I met you,” Don says.

At the Drapers’, Megan says Don is distant and she feels lonely. Arlene kisses her. Megan pulls away. Arlene calls her a tease and leaves.

In bed, Don tells Betty he’s missed her. Betty says of Megan, “That poor girl. She doesn’t know that loving you is the worst way to get to you.”

Abe hammers a board over the broken bedroom window. Peggy says she’s scared in the apartment. Abe relents, saying they can put it on the market: “Maybe we’re not cut out to be pioneers.”

Margaret calls Roger at home. She yells at him for taking Ellery to see Planet of the Apes: “You can keep up your fantasy of acting like a father, but your grandfather days are done.”

The next day, Don greets Betty and Henry at breakfast before sitting at a table alone.

At Joan’s apartment, Bob Benson helps her get ready for the beach. Joan tells Bob that Pete’s mother needs a nurse. Roger stops by under the pretense of a work question.

Peggy awakens to screaming outside. She grabs a broom handle with a knife taped to the end. Abe startles Peggy as she peeks out the window, and she stabs him in the stomach.

In the ambulance, Abe lies on a gurney. Struggling to speak, he breaks up with Peggy: “Your activities are offensive to my every waking moment. You’ll always be the enemy.”

Don returns home and joins Megan on the terrace. “I don’t know when I started pretending like everything was sunny,” she says tearfully. Don admits, “I haven’t been here.” They kiss.

Roger enters Joan’s office with a gift for Kevin. Roger says, he wants to be part of Kevin’s life. Joan says, she’d prefer Kevin think Greg is his father -- and a hero. She can’t count on Roger being around.

Bob approaches Pete with the name of a nurse. “Is he Spanish from Spain? Because otherwise, Mother will refuse,” Pete says.

Peggy walks into Ted’s office and tells him about Abe. Ted says, she’ll find someone else.

Don yells across the hallway, asking Ted about Fleischmann’s. “Full speed ahead,” Ted says.


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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