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The Quality of Mercy Recap

At the Drapers', Megan wakes up alone. She finds Don curled up in Sally's bed after a late night out and says, "I don’t know what’s going on, but you have to pull back on the throttle a little."

In the kitchen, Don covertly pours vodka into his glass of orange juice. Megan tells him to stay home and "sleep it off." She leaves.

Ken hunts with two Chevy executives. One executive aims for a bird but shoots Ken.

At home, Don watches TV. He changes the channel when To Have and To Hold comes on. Betty phones, saying Sally doesn’t want to visit Don anymore. Betty says Sally wants to attend Miss Porter’s boarding school. Don offers to pay.

At SC&P, the creatives sample juices. Ted and Peggy giggle over impressions of the Ocean Spray rep. "Cranprune sounds like a glass of diarrhea," Ginsberg says, and suggests a break. Ted agrees and leaves with Peggy. "I just wanted to see if I could get him to respond to an idea that wasn't hers," Ginsberg says.

Megan returns home. Harry calls from California and tells Don about success with Sunkist. Don says, Ocean Spray is a conflict and Harry should have withdrawn.

Megan takes Don to see Rosemary's Baby. They run into Ted and Peggy in the theater. Ted says they’re researching for a St. Joseph’s spot based on the movie.

At home, Megan speculates about Ted and Peggy. Don makes a call to California.

In Ken’s office the next day, he tells Pete, "Chevy is killing me." Ken tears up. Pete offers to take over the account.

In Ted's office, Roger says Sunkist wants a television campaign worth $8 million. Noting that they're “a month into Ocean Spray," Ted fumes, “How does it look? The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing." The partners agree to adopt a "more coherent approach to new business."

In Cooper’s office, Ken says he will work on Chevy from NY while Pete takes over in Detroit. Pete recommends assembling his own team, but the partners insist Bob stay on the account.

Pete tells Bob he doesn't want to work with him. "This is not about my own interests," Bob says. "You should watch what you say to people."

Driving Sally to her boarding school interview, Betty asks, "Is this about getting away from boys?" Sally answers, "I want to be a grown-up, but I know how important my education is."

At SC&P, Pete calls Duck Phillips for leads to present to Bob "when I push him out the door."

Bob makes a call from his office, speaking in Spanish: "I don't care how nice she is. He's a snotty bastard and he's screwing with my future."

Ted, Peggy and Joan act out the "Rosemary's Baby" St. Joseph's spot for Don. Joan warns Don that they're over budget.

Dot Campbell visits SC&P looking for her passport. She says Manolo is upset about how Pete is treating Bob.

In a dorm room, Sally meets Millicent and Mandy, current students. Mandy chastises Sally for not bringing cigarettes or liquor. Sally says, "I'll get you anything you want."

At SC&P, Ted tells Don, St. Joseph's halted casting when Don sent the new budget. Ted says, Peggy has her heart set on the ad: "She can smell the Clio."

Glen Bishop climbs through the boarding school dorm window. He hands the girls a pint of liquor. Glen's friend, Rolo, brings marijuana.

On the phone, Duck tells Pete that Bob lied about his education and employment history: "It might as well be written in steam." Duck says, "I'd offer to return the money, but I would file this under valuable information."

Mandy invites Glen into her bedroom. Rolo tries to kiss Sally, but she rebuffs him. Sally calls for Glen and says Rolo "tried to force me." Glen lunges for Rolo. They fight. Sally smiles.

The next day, Ted tries to convince Byron, a St. Joseph's rep, to accept the new budget, but he refuses. Don says the ad is personal to Ted. After a long pause, Don says the spot was Frank Gleason’s last idea. Byron agrees to increase the budget slightly.

After the meeting, Don says Ted's judgment is impaired because of his feelings for Peggy: "I know your little girl has beautiful eyes but that doesn’t mean you give her everything."

Pete confronts Bob about his identity fraud: "You're going to get the benefit of the fact that I've been here before.” Pete says, "I have learned not to tangle with your kind of animal." Pete says he'll keep quiet, but warns: "I'm off-limits."

Driving home from the boarding school, Betty offers Sally a cigarette, saying, "I'm sure your father's given you a beer." Sally responds, "My father's never given me anything."

Peggy enters Don's office. "You killed him. You killed the ad, you killed everything," she says. "You're a monster." Peggy leaves. Don curls up on his couch.


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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