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In Care Of Recap

Stan greets Don in the SC&P lobby and volunteers for the Sunkist account in California. Don says, it’s a demotion, but Stan wants to turn the satellite office “into a little agency.”

Roger denies financial backing to his daughter, Margaret, and her husband. Margaret tells Roger not to come to Thanksgiving.

Ken tells Don, “Hershey’s Chocolate sent an RFP out to the top thirty agencies,” and SC&P is on the list. Jim assigns the pitch to Don.

Bob and Pete return from Detroit. Bob gives Joan a toy car for Kevin.

At home, Megan hands Don a summons for Sally to testify about the burglar.

The next day, Roger warns Bob against “playing with Mrs. Harris’ feelings.”

Don calls Sally at Miss Porter’s. He tells her about the summons. Sally says, “Why don’t you just tell them what I saw?” She hangs up.

Jim tells Ted that Sheraton is in the lobby and Don is missing.

Don sits at a bar where a minister tells him, Jesus can offer freedom from pain. Don mentions Vietnam and the year’s assassinations. The minister says, none of them were believers.

In a flashback, a young Dick Whitman watches Mack throw a preacher out of the rooming house. The preacher tells Dick, “The only unpardonable sin is to believe God cannot forgive you.”

In the present, Don wakes up in a jail cell and learns he punched the minister.

At SC&P, Peggy watches Ted leave with Nan and the kids.

Pete receives a telegram: His mother, Dot, is lost at sea after presumably falling off a cruise ship.

The next day, Megan watches Don pour bottles of liquor down the kitchen sink. “I’ve gotten out of control,” he says. Don says he wants to move to California. He will work on Sunkist, and Megan can continue pursuing her career. Megan cries and accepts.

In the SC&P conference room, Don announces his California plans. “Every decision made in this place is subject to ten opinions, unless it’s him,” Ted says.

Stan confronts Don about stealing his Sunkist idea.

Pete and Bob leave for a flight to Detroit. Pete says, Manolo kidnapped Dot, married her, and threw her overboard. He tells Bob, “You’re an accessory to murder.”

Peggy, wearing a revealing dress, enters the conference room. She tells Ted, Jim and Harry, she’s leaving early because she has plans.

In the Detroit Chevy lobby, Bob suggests Pete test-drive a stick-shift Camaro. Pete crashes into the GM sign.

Peggy arrives home after her date. Ted is waiting for her. Ted says he loves her and he’s going to leave his wife. They kiss.

Betty calls Don at home. She says, Sally has been suspended for buying beer with a fake ID. Betty asks Don to get Sally.

In bed, Ted suggests going to Hawaii for Christmas. Peggy tells him to go home: “I don’t want a scandal. I can wait.”

Ted arrives home. He gets into bed with Nan.

The next day, Pete returns to SC&P. He tells Clara, “I’m done in Detroit.”

In the SC&P kitchen, Caroline tells Joan she’s worried about Roger: “He’s forlorn.”

Ted tells Don, he wants to go to California instead: “I’m the one who needs to start over.” Don says, it’s too late. Ted suggests Don have a drink before the Hershey meeting: “You can’t stop cold like that.”

In the conference room, Don pitches a campaign the Hershey’s reps love. Don looks at Ted, then interrupts, revealing that he was an orphan raised in a whorehouse. Hershey’s “was the only sweet thing in my life.” The reps leave. Don tells Ted to go to California.

After the meeting, Roger tells Don, “You know you s--- the bed in there.” Don says, “I don’t care.”

In his office, Pete and his brother Bud discuss hiring a P.I. to find Manolo.

In Peggy’s office, Ted says he’s going to California: “I love you that deeply. I can’t be around you.” She kicks him out.

At home, Don tells Megan they’re not going to California. Megan says, she used to feel pity for the kids, “but now I realize we’re all in the same boat.” Megan leaves.

Pete drops his mother’s furniture off with Trudy: “I’m not dragging everything to California.” Trudy says, Pete’s free now. “It’s not the way I wanted it,” he says.

Don arrives at SC&P for a meeting ostensibly about California. Jim, Roger, Cooper and Joan confront Don about his “questionable behavior.” Roger says, “We think it’s best for you and the firm if you take some time off and regroup.” They refuse to give Don a return date.

As Don leaves, Duck Phillips and Lou Avery from Dancer Fitzgerald enter the office.

Roger arrives at Joan’s apartment for Thanksgiving. Bob is carving the turkey. “I’m inviting you into Kevin’s life. Not mine,” Joan tells Roger.

Stan finds Peggy working in Don’s office. “It’s where everything is,” she says.

Sally, Bobby and Gene get out of Don’s car in front of the dilapidated remains of the rooming house. Don says, “This is where I grew up.”


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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