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A Day's Work Recap

Don awakens to his alarm at 7:30AM, but goes back to sleep. He gets out of bed after noon and watches television in his bathrobe. He draws a line on a half-empty liquor bottle. A cockroach crawls across the floor.

That evening, Don – now in a suit and tie – tidies up as Dawn knocks on the apartment door. She updates Don on his office calls and creative business at SC&P.

At Miss Porter’s, Sally and her roommates discuss their roommate’s mother’s death. “I’d stay here ‘til 1975 if I could getBetty in the ground,” Sally says. The girls make plans to leave the funeral early to go shopping.

On Pete’s desk at SC&P West, Bonnie Whiteside kisses Pete and unbuckles his pants. Ted walks in, congratulates Pete on new business with the Southern California Chevrolet Dealers Association, then walks out.

At SC&P, Peggy tries to assign last-minute work and Stan realizes she has no Valentine’s Day plans that evening. “She has plans,” Ginsberg says. “Look at her calendar. February fourteenth: ‘Masturbate gloomily.’”

Peggy admires a bouquet of roses on Shirley’s desk. “Look at you -- every inch a girl,” Stan teases. Peggy takes the flowers into her office. They have no card, and Peggy assumes they were a gift from Ted. Irritated, Peggy calls the L.A. office and leaves a message for Ted: “They don’t want to hear any more pitches. The business is gone.”

Lou tells Roger that Ogilvy signed Hershey.

While waiting on the train back to Miss Porter's after the funeral, Sally realizes she’s lost her purse and leaves. She tells her friends, she'll take the next train.

Shirley complains to Dawn about Peggy mistakenly taking the flowers, which were from Shirley's fiancé. Dawn advises Shirley to not tell Peggy the truth, mentioning that Don hasn't told Megan he's on leave. “Keep pretending. That’s your job,” Dawn says.

Don has lunch with Dave Wooster from Wells Rich Greene. Dave mentions rumors about Don's status at SC&P. Later, Jim Hobart from McCann Erickson approaches and asks about Don’s intentions with Dave. Don evades the question. Jim tells Don, McCann Erickson would "love a chance to tell you how handsome you are."

Sally goes to SC&P and looks for Don in his old office, which now belongs to Lou Avery. Lou says, Don is probably home. Sally goes to see Joan, but Joan's door is locked.

Peggy brings the roses to Shirley. “It smells like an Italian funeral in there,” Peggy says.

During a conference call, Pete informs the NY partners about the new Dealers Association business. Jim suggests flying Bob Benson in from Detroit for the signing, and asking Chevy's blessing. Roger disagrees. The speaker malfunctions, and the L.A. office listens as the NY partners bicker over how to proceed.

Don arrives home to find Sally in his apartment. She asks where he was. He tells her he left the office early and offers to drive her back to school.

Lou reprimands Dawn for being away when Sally came. Dawn phones Don to warn him that Sally spoke to Lou.

Lou calls Dawn and Joan into his office. Lou requests his own secretary, saying, Don’s mess is not his problem.

Roger calls Pete and says business with the Dealers Association will be run by Detroit first, and involve Bob. Roger hangs up as Pete continues to argue against it.

Pete storms into Ted’s office. “No one feels my existence,” Pete complains, then asks why Ted is even there: "All you do is answer the phone and mope around."

The receptionist, Meredith, and Dawn switch desks.

In the car, Don reprimands Sally for letting him lie to her, comparing Sally to Betty. Sally responds, "It's more embarrassing for me to catch you in a lie than it is for you to be lying." Sally says, she could have run into "that woman" in the elevator. Don apologizes.

Ted calls Peggy, but Peggy doesn’t take the call. Peggy asks Shirley to throw the flowers out. When Shirley says they're actually hers, Peggy admonishes Shirley for embarrassing her.

Cooper tells Joan to remove Dawn from reception. "People can see her from the elevator,” he says.

Pete stops by Bonnie’s open house to surprise her with Valentine’s Day plans, but Bonnie insists on finishing work first.

At a roadside diner, Don confesses he was put on leave for telling the truth about himself, and he lied about it because he was ashamed. Sally asks if Don still loves Megan. Don says yes.

Peggy asks Joan for a new secretary. After Peggy leaves, Jim enters and offers Joan an office upstairs -- but "it's for an account man, not the head of personnel."

Don says, he doesn’t like Sally going to funerals. Sally says, she only went so she could go shopping. She adds, "I'm so many people."

Joan moves into her new office. Dawn passes Lou and Shirley in the hall as she moves into Joan’s old office.

Roger tells Jim, he set Pete straight. Jim says, he's glad to hear it. Jim adds, he’d hate to think of Roger as an adversary.

Don drops Sally off at her dorm. Sally wishes Don a Happy Valentine’s Day and tells him she loves him.


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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