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Field Trip Recap

Don sits in a half-empty theater, watching a movie.

Later, Don phones Dawn from his apartment for an update on his work calls. Dawn relays a message from Megan's agent, Alan Silver, but is too busy with SC&P business to phone Alan back for Don.

Don calls Alan directly. Alan says, Megan has lost her confidence and needs Don to help her relax. Alan recounts an anecdote about Megan, in tears, interrupting a director's lunch with Rod Serling to demand another audition.

At SC&P, Peggy, Stan and Ginsberg discuss the upcoming Clio awards. Ginsberg is nominated for Playtex.

Don flies to Los Angeles.

Peggy snaps at Lou as the SC&P creatives discuss Chevalier Noir. Ginsberg says, Peggy is upset that her Rosemary's Baby spot wasn't nominated for a Clio. Lou says, the spot wasn't submitted -- St. Joseph's was still unhappy about going over budget, and Ted's already won several awards for them.

Betty and Francine meet at a café. Betty says, Henry hopes to be considered by Nelson Rockefeller for Attorney General. Francine, now a travel agent, tells Betty her freedom to work in an office is a reward for raising the kids. Betty says, her kids are the reward.

In the SC&P conference room, a Koss rep asks Cutler and Harry to explain a New York Times article about Grey Advertising's computer. Harry assures Koss, it's a PR move for the ad agency. Harry says, SC&P's computer will soon be able to "integrate local and national markets into one report."

Don surprises Megan at her house in Los Angeles.

At the Francis home, Betty tells Bobby, she'll chaperone his upcoming field trip to a farm.

Megan tells Don, "It's sunny here for everyone but me." Don admits, Alan told him about her breakdown. Don tells Megan to "stop acting like a lunatic." "I'm so stupid for thinking you could possibly miss me," Megan says, adding, "I'm sorry I had to interrupt your love affairs with the disaster of my career." Don says, there's no one else. Don admits he was put on leave at SC&P last year. Megan says, "So with a clear head you got up every day and decided that you didn't want to be with me." She tells him to go: "This is the way it ends."

Harry receives a call from the Wall Street Journal about SC&P's computer, arranged by Cutler who "felt badly about diminishing your contributions" earlier. Harry tells Cutler, SC&P doesn't own a computer: "I ask for one every Christmas and no one even bothers to say no." Cutler says, Harry is the most dishonest man he's ever worked with.

Don calls Dave Wooster and sets up a dinner meeting where the Wells Rich Greene agency presents Don with an envelope.

Don visits Roger and says, Wells Rich Greene made him an offer. Roger says, Don can come back to SC&P.

Don phones Megan and apologizes for lying. Don says, he's going back to SC&P. Megan reminds Don, he promised to get a job in California. Don offers to visit, but Megan says, it's not a good idea.

Betty rides with Bobby on a school bus to the farm.

Don arrives at SC&P Monday morning, following Roger's instructions. He greets Lou then looks for Roger, who hasn't arrived yet.

The creatives see Don and ask him for work advice. Dawn says, no one told her about Don's return. Other employees are equally surprised to see Don at the office.

Joan tells Cooper, Don is downstairs waiting for Roger. Cooper says, Don shouldn't be at the office.

Lou orders the creatives into his office, leaving Don alone in the lounge.

Betty tries fresh milk at the farm. Bobby smiles proudly.

Roger arrives at SC&P after noon. Don asks him to call a meeting.

Lou asks Cutler what Don is doing in the office. Cutler says, "We're going to ask him to leave."

At lunch, Bobby trades away Betty's sandwich for candy. Betty makes him eat the candy.

The partners meet in Cooper's office and argue over what to do about Don. Cutler says, the money they pay Don should be used to buy a computer. Roger reminds them that, as a partner, Don must be bought out. Firing Don would not only cost them a significant amount of money, it would forfeit Don's non-compete agreement.

Bobby, still upset after the field trip, tells Henry, "I wish it was yesterday."

Peggy asks Don if he's coming back. "I can't say that we miss you," she adds.

Betty tells Henry that Bobby ruined "a perfect day." She asks Henry why their kids don't love her.

The partners officially invite Don back to work – under certain stipulations: Don is not allowed to be alone with clients or drink on the job, must "stick to the script" in meetings, and will report to Lou. Don agrees.


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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