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The Runaways Recap

At SC&P, Stan finds a folder of cartoons entitled "Scout's Honor," created by Lou, on the Xerox machine.

In the elevator, Peggy tells Don she's spoken to Lou about Don's request to join the Handi-Wrap account.

Standing in front of the computer observation window, Ginsberg yells at the computer to stop humming. "That machine came for us," he tells Peggy.

Stan shows Lou's cartoons to Shirley. Shirley says Lou would "prefer you hadn't seen this."

In his office, Don gets a collect call from Stephanie, Anna Draper's niece, who's pregnant and "running out of bread" in L.A. Don tells her to stay with Megan until he arrives that night.

Don phones Megan about Stephanie. Megan offers to cancel the party she's throwing, but Don says they'll stay out of the way. He adds, "I'd rather keep this a family matter."

Stan shows Lou's cartoons to Don. Ed and Mathis make "Scout's Honor" jokes.

At the Francis home, Betty prepares for a round-robin dinner party.

Megan welcomes Stephanie and offers her food and a bath.

In the bathroom, Lou overhears Stan and Mathis joke about his cartoon.

At the creative meeting in his office, Lou angrily defends his cartoon, calling the creatives "a bunch of flag-burning snots." Lou dismisses them and says he wants finished work that night.

At the dinner party, Betty voices her opinion on Vietnam. Henry contradicts her and says he's "always supported the president." Betty walks off.

Don hands his work to Lou and suggests letting the creatives go home. Lou refuses.

Don calls Megan to let her know he's delayed and will see her in the morning.

Stephanie tells Megan how she ended up pregnant and alone. Megan says she won't tell Don, but Stephanie says, "I don't care. I know all of his secrets." Megan bristles and says Don wouldn't stand for "how disorganized this all is." Megan writes a check for a thousand dollars and says, "I really think it's better this way." Stephanie takes the check and prepares to leave.

After the dinner party, Henry angrily tells Betty to "keep your conversation to how much you hate getting toast crumbs in the butter." Bobby listens outside the door.

Later that night, Lou walks by Don's office on his way out and says he decided he could see the work on Monday.

Don arrives at Megan's the following morning and discovers Stephanie has already left. Don says Megan should have called him, or at least let him talk to Stephanie.

At SC&P, Ginsberg stuffs his ears with Kleenex. Going to get coffee, he sees Lou and Cutler talking in the computer room.

Henry brings Sally home with a bandaged nose after "sword fighting with golf clubs." Betty scolds Sally for endangering her face. Sally retorts, "It's a nose job, not an abortion." Betty sends Sally to her room.

Ginsberg stops by Peggy's apartment to tell her about Lou and Cutler's "secret meeting." Ginsberg says the computer is turning them into "homos." Ginsberg asks Peggy if he can work at her apartment.

At Megan's party, Don watches Megan dance with another man. Harry arrives unexpectedly, and Don invites him out for a drink.

Bobby crawls into bed with Sally and asks if Betty and Henry will divorce. Sally assures him they won't.

Ginsberg tells Peggy the hum of the computer is getting to him. He says he and Peggy must reproduce to thwart the computer's plan. He forcefully kisses her. She kicks him out.

At a bar, Harry says Don should be in L.A. because "Ted Chaough is useless." He reveals that Lou and Cutler are pursuing Commander cigarettes: "They're pretty sure they can land it and you'll have to go."

Don arrives back at Megan's and heads into the bedroom. Amy joins him and says, "I'm supposed to tuck you in." Megan tells Don to kiss Amy. Don kisses Megan then Amy. Megan and Amy kiss. Megan climbs on top of Don and slides his hand up Amy's skirt.

The next morning, Don wakes up in bed with Megan and Amy. Megan joins Don in the kitchen. Stephanie calls from Oakland. Don tells Stephanie he wants to take care of her and the baby.

Don tells Megan he has to fly back because, "Harry told me some things I shouldn't have been told."

Henry apologizes for embarrassing Betty, but Betty says she's "tired of everyone telling me to shut up."

Ginsberg enters Peggy's office with a gift box. Ginsberg says he realized, "The waves of data, they were filling me up," so "I removed the pressure." Peggy opens the box and screams. "It's my nipple. It's the valve," Ginsberg explains. Peggy walks out and makes a call.

Don enters a private dining room where Lou and Cutler are meeting with Phillip Morris executives. The executives say they have a problem "working with the man who cut our throat in The New York Times." Don says, he wrote that letter to save his business, and he is now the only cigarette man who has experience with the opposition: "They shared their strategy with me, and I know how to beat it." Don suggests Philip Morris "force" him into their service.

Ginsberg is escorted out on a stretcher in restraints as the office watches.

After the meeting, Lou tells Don, "You're incredible." Don thanks him, and hails a cab.


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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