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The Strategy Recap

Peggy and Mathis pay a mother to answer questions for their Burger Chef research.

On a flight to New York, Pete declines Bonnie's request to meet his daughter, Tammy, to avoid confusing her. Bonnie says Tammy is "more confused that her parents aren't actually divorced."

Joan leaves for work as her mother, Gail, eats breakfast with Kevin.

At SC&P, Pete requests Don's presence at the Burger Chef meeting. Peggy explains her strategy, which "absolves the mom" from guilt over not cooking dinner. Pete asks for Don's opinion. Don says, "It's exactly what they wanted."

In a steam room, Jim Hobart from McCann Erickson asks Roger how Burger Chef work is going. Roger thanks Jim for "failing and giving us a shot at it." Jim says, "You've got your little car – it's not Buick, but it's cute," and suggests SC&P wants to be like McCann. Jim questions how SC&P plans to pursue Phillip Morris "with Don Draper haunting your halls."

In Lou's office, Pete suggests Don deliver the Burger Chef presentation with Peggy speaking as the mother: "Don will give authority, you will give emotion." Peggy counters that she has authority and Don has emotion, but Pete says, "I prefer you as an expert witness." Over speakerphone, Ted says it's Peggy's decision.

Bob Benson arrives at SC&P with Chevy reps. He makes weekend plans with Joan.

Peggy tells Don she's decided he should give the Burger Chef presentation. As Peggy turns to leave, Don says he was "noodling around with the idea" of changing from a mother's perspective to a kid's perspective. Peggy says they already have a strategy.

Peggy runs into Megan in the office hallway. They chat until Don comes over. Don asks Peggy for permission to leave early.

Cutler tells Roger he'd appreciate help courting Phillip Morris and asks Roger to "stop thinking about Don and start thinking about the company."

In the middle of the night, Bob gets a phone call. Later, he posts bail for Chevy rep Bill Hartley, who's been arrested for trying to "fellate an undercover officer."

In a cab, Bill tells Bob that Chevy is dropping SC&P: "Your agency had a successful try-out, but the plan was always to take the XP in-house." He says Bob will get a job offer from Buick.

Peggy lies in bed, restless. She throws a folder of papers to the floor.

Pete arrives at Trudy's house to pick Tammy up. The nanny says Trudy is at the hairdresser.

Don watches Megan set breakfast on their apartment balcony and smiles. He hugs her and says, "Tell me you didn't miss this."

Peggy calls Stan from the office and says she doesn't like the Burger Chef strategy.

Pete brings Tammy home after spending the day out. Trudy still isn't home. Pete phones Bonnie at the hotel to cancel their evening plans. Later, when Trudy returns, Pete accuses her of deliberately choosing that night for a date because she still cares for him. Trudy says they're divorcing: "You're not part of this family anymore."

Peggy calls Don at home, says his "kid's point of view" idea is "a loser," then accuses him of undermining her and poisoning her strategy. Don hangs up.

Megan looks through Don's apartment for things to take back to L.A.

At the hotel, Bonnie complains that Pete hasn't spent time with her: "I don't like you in New York."

Don finds Peggy in Lou's office. Peggy asks how she's supposed to know when an idea is good. Don says the job is "living in the not knowing." He adds, "You can't tell people what they want. It has to be what you want."

At Joan's apartment, Bob presents Joan with an engagement ring. She pushes it away and says Bob "shouldn't be with a woman." Bob reveals the Chevy news and says he's moving on to Buick: "GM expects a certain kind of executive." Bob says Joan is "near forty in a two-room apartment with a mother and a little boy," and he's offering her "more than anyone else ever will." Joan says she wants love, not "some arrangement."

Don and Peggy discuss Burger Chef. Peggy reveals she just turned thirty and asks, "What did I do wrong?" Don says, "I worry about a lot of things, but I don't worry about you." He worries "that I never did anything, and that I don't have anyone." Peggy comes up with a new strategy that focuses on family. Don hears Frank Sinatra's My Way on the radio and takes Peggy's hand. They dance slowly as the song plays.

Bonnie and Megan return to L.A.

The partners meet about losing Chevy. Cutler proposes "getting ahead of this" with a New York Times article announcing SC&P's new computer -- and making Harry a partner. Roger and Joan abstain, and the motion passes.

Joan tells Roger about her conversation with Bob. Roger says McCann is afraid SC&P will steal Buick.

Don, Pete and Peggy meet at a Burger Chef restaurant. Peggy reveals her "family" strategy. Pete initially objects, but Don backs Peggy: "You want it right or not?" Peggy smiles.


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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