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New Business Recap

At the Francis house, Don makes a milkshake for Bobby and Gene. Betty and Henry arrive after having dinner with the dean of Fairfield University. Betty says she’s planning to enroll for a master’s degree in Psychology. “People love to talk to me,” she says. Henry enters and greets Don. He invites him to stay, but Don declines. Don watches his family together then leaves.

Don arrives home. Megan calls from California to make plans to move her belongings out of his apartment. Megan asks Don for $500 for the movers. When he scoffs at the price, Megan insists they “just sign the papers and be done with this” -- she’s tired of asking for an allowance.

The next day, Caroline enlists Shirley to help her with Roger. Roger isn’t thrilled about having two secretaries.

Harry tells Don he received a call from Megan, who is looking for help finding a new agent. Harry wants the OK from Don, but Don says Megan isn’t his wife anymore. Don receives a call from a man named Nicholas Constantinopolis.

Don looks at a menu at a steak house, where Diana is his waitress. He says he tracked her down and wants to have dinner with her “even if it’s five minutes at a time.” She declines, but he gives her his number.

Peggy, Ed and Stan discuss Samantha “Pima” Ryan – a renowned artistic photographer who Peggy wants to hire for the Cinzano account. Stan scoffs at the idea.

That night, in bed, Don receives a call from Diana. She asks how Don found her. Don says “Nick from the diner” – the man who Don received a call from earlier – told him. During their conversation, Diana mentions her divorce. Don says he’s “in the same boat” then invites her over.

At his apartment, Don welcomes Diana. She admires his home, admitting “it’s what I pictured.” Don offers her a drink, but Diana says she’s already drunk. “It’s three in the morning,” Don says. “You know why you’re here.” They kiss passionately.

In bed, Diana asks if Don is really divorced, remarking that he’s "got a lot of coats in that closet.” Don assures her that Megan doesn’t need the coats in California and offers her one. Diana and Don talk about their divorces and her past.

The next morning, Don discovers Diana in Sally’s bedroom. Upset, Diana admits she lied to him. She says she left home because “I had a little girl,” but lost her to the flu. Don comforts her.

Peggy, on set for Cinzano, introduces Stan to Pima. Stan derides Pima’s work and walks off. Peggy apologizes for his behavior, but Pima says, “Men like him don’t bother me.”

Don arrives late for work. In Don’s office, Roger announces a potential opportunity with Derby Foods and says Don and Petewill be taking them golfing. A messenger arrives with an envelope for Don from his attorney. “It’s almost over,” Don tells Roger. Roger warns him not to settle, but Don says, “Megan is not Jane.”

Pima enters Stan’s office and requests the negatives of her Cinzano photos. Stan refuses. Pima charms him and asks to see examples of his photography. Stan hesitates, but then agrees to bring in some examples of his work to show her.

That night, Megan arrives at a hotel in New York City to meet her mother and sister, who are helping her with her move.

Don and Diana enter the elevator of his apartment building. Arnold and Sylvia Rosen walk on. Don, uncomfortable, greets them. Referring to Diana, a drunken Arnold makes fun of Don for bringing “the whole restaurant home.” After they leave, Diana asks how many women Don has had in the elevator. “That’s not what that was,” Don says.

At his apartment, Stan lies in bed and smokes a joint with his girlfriend Elaine. He worries about showing his work to Pima. Elaine suggests that Stan take photos of her. He obliges.

Back at Don’s, Diana and Don kiss. Diana says she’s nervous being with him.

The next morning, Don receives a call from Meredith. Don tells Diana they have to leave because Megan is coming. He assures her “it’s almost over.” They make plans to see each other at Diana’s place.

Don arrives at SC&P to find Pete waiting for their golf game with Derby Foods. Pete insists that Don should go home and change. Don convinces Pete the clients will love him playing in a suit. “They probably will,” Pete grudgingly concedes.

At Don’s apartment, Megan's mother, Marie, criticizes Megan for letting Don off so easy. Megan’s sister suggests an annulment, insisting that divorce is “failure.” They argue and Marie-France storms out. Now late for her lunch with Harry, Megan asks her mother to stay and deal with the movers.

Pete and Don drive to golf. They discuss their divorces.

Marie and a mover stand in Don’s now-empty apartment – she’s filled the whole moving truck with Don’s furniture. Marie calls Roger at SC&P, begging for cash to pay the mover for all the extra furniture.

Pima walks in on Stan in the dark room and peruses Stan’s photos of Elaine. “She’s not worthy of you,” she says. She kisses him and they begin to undress each other.

Roger arrives at Don’s apartment and pays the mover. Marie kisses Roger. He pulls back, but Marie tells him to “take advantage of me.”

Harry and Megan meet for lunch to discuss her acting career. Harry calls Megan “every man’s fantasy” then invites her to his room. Megan rebuffs him. Harry says the reason she can’t get ahead in her career is “because of how you’re reacting to this.” Megan walks off.

Megan arrives at Don’s apartment, shocked to discover it empty. She discovers Roger, who has just slept with her mother. Megan scolds them both and leaves.

In Don’s office, Harry tells Don that Megan “said a lot of crazy things” at lunch. “She really wants a job,” he says suggestively. Don says it’s not his business.

In Peggy’s office, Peggy and Pima discuss photos from the Cinzano shoot. Pima comes on to Peggy and offers to take her photo. Peggy declines.

Don and Megan meet in the attorney’s office. Megan accuses him of ruining her life and calls him “an aging, sloppy, selfish liar.” Don writes her a check for a million dollars. “I want you to have the life you deserve,” he says. She takes the check and gives Don her wedding ring.

In Peggy’s office, Stan lets on that he slept with Pima. Peggy suggests Pima likes women and reminds him about Elaine. Stan says Peggy is just jealous.

Megan arrives back at the hotel room where Marie-France is crying. She tells Megan that Marie is leaving their father. Megan tells her sister that she doesn’t care.

In bed, Stan tells Elaine that Pima loved his photos of her.

Don arrives at Diana’s shabby apartment. He tells her he took care of everything with Megan. Diana insists that she can’t see him anymore. She admits to having two children – one daughter died and the other she left behind with her father. In tears, Diana says she forgot about her while with Don and that she never wants to do that. Don leaves.

Later, Don arrives home. He stops in the middle of his empty living room, realizing everything is gone.


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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