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Lost Horizon Recap

Don greets Beverly in the McCann-Erickson elevator.

In the hallway, Meredith tells Don his new apartment is almost ready.

In his new office, Meredith hands Don an envelope that she says she didn’t want to leave with the movers. It contains a stack of cash, Don’s social security card and Megan’s diamond ring. Meredith also announces dinner arrangements for Don and Sally before Sally returns to school. Don hears the wind blowing against the window in his office. When he walks over and presses on the glass, the noise stops.

At SC&P, Harry watches the movers pack. Roger asks if he’s keeping the computer, but Harry says McCann has “five men and ten women just handling data.” Shirley approaches and informs Roger she took another job. She assures him it’s not personal: “Advertising is not a very comfortable place for everyone.”

In Joan’s new office at McCann, copywriters Karen and Libby introduce themselves to Joan. They express interest in the Topaz, Butler and Avon accounts, making it clear they’d “love to share the crumbs.” Afterwards, they invite Joan out to the Oyster Bar to join what they call their “informal ladies club.”

Peggy waits at SC&P while her office is prepared at McCann. Ed, still in the building, says he’s not going to McCann. Peggy instructs him to finish up work for Dow, since SC&P still owes them work.

Don enters Jim Hobart’s office. Jim informs him that they’ve lined up Nabisco, National Cash Register “and your old friend Conrad Hilton.” Jim flatters Don, telling him that McCann got Miller Beer for him. “You’re my white whale,” Jim says of finally getting Don at McCann, and he’s expecting Don to “bring things up a notch around here.”

On a call, Joan reassures Barry of Avon that his creative will still be handled by SC&P’s personnel, despite the union with McCann. Dennis interrupts her to offer his own counsel, then invites Barry out for golf. After the call, a stunned Joan reminds Dennis that Barry is in a wheelchair and then berates him for not caring about SC&P’s accounts. Dennis tells Joan she doesn’t have the authority to tell him what to do, and he walks out.

That night, Marsha drops by Peggy’s apartment with flowers for her that “all the new secretaries” got from McCann. Marsha promises to take care of the mistake, and then informs her that she doesn’t have an office yet. “I’m a copy supervisor,” Peggy asserts. “I’m not setting foot in there until I have an office.” Peggy makes plans to work from SC&P in the meantime.

In the elevator the next morning, Joan tells Don she’s homesick. They plan to make a date for lunch.

Don enters his office and finds torn-out magazine pages featuring decorated rooms. Meredith says she learned about décor from being an Army brat. “New base every year,” she explains. Don offers to pay her to be his decorator, but Meredith agrees to do it for free.

Joan approaches Ferg about Dennis and Avon. Ferg immediately promises to rectify the situation.

At SC&P, Ed hands Peggy a board for Dow with the tagline “Cleans Up Quagmire.” Peggy reprimands him for not taking the work seriously and reminds him that he could end up working for Dow again. Ed quits, but asks Peggy to keep him in mind once she’s settled at McCann. She smiles and says she will.

Don walks into the conference room, full of other creative directors, for a meeting with Miller Beer. Bob of McCann asks Tedif he’s here to “bring us up a notch, too?” to which Ted replies, “So they tell me.” Don registers the exchange. Bill Phillips, Senior Director of Conley Research, begins the meeting and explains the idea behind Miller’s new diet beer. Don watches the other creative directors, stares at a jet flying outside the window, and then gets up and leaves the conference room. Ted watches Don walk out and smiles.

Ferg enters Joan’s office to discuss Dennis and says it looks “like some junior account man came in and started swinging her elbows.” Joan reminds him that she’s not Dennis’s junior, but Ferg says Dennis won’t work for a girl. He agrees that Joan should keep her status on her accounts and says she’ll “get the respect you desire now that it’s just you and me.” He suggests the two take a trip to Atlanta to smooth things over with Barry. Joan hesitates, but Ferg says he’s “not expecting anything more than a good time.”

At the Francis home, Don arrives to take Sally back to school, but she’s already left. Don notices Betty’s copy of Freud’s Dora. “I’ve always wanted to do this,” Betty says. “Knock ‘em dead, Birdie,” he tells her.

That night, Peggy spills coffee in the SC&P kitchen. She turns to clean it up, but then leaves it on the floor.

Don drives towards Pennsylvania.

Joan lies in her bed with Richard. Upset about work, Joan tells him she “asked the wrong person for help and I don’t think I can get out of it.” Richard offers her support and advice.

Don drives through Cleveland and hears Cooper’s voice. He turns and sees Cooper sitting next to him. “You’ve been driving for seven hours in the wrong direction. Where are you going?” Cooper asks. Don replies that he’s going to Racine, Wisconsin. Cooper asks if he’s going to see “some waitress who doesn’t care about you?”

The next morning, Marsha calls Peggy at SC&P to invite her to her new office at McCann. In the hallway, Peggy finds Roger playing an electric organ.

Joan finds a box of chocolates on her desk with a note from Ferg. She crumples the note.

Jim enters Don’s office, looking for him. Meredith assures Jim that Don is taking Sally back to school.

Don continues his drive.

Peggy and Roger drink vermouth in his office. Roger hands her one of Cooper’s old paintings for her new office. It depicts an octopus pleasuring a woman. Peggy refuses to accept it: “I need to make men feel at ease.” Roger laments the move to McCann. Peggy reminds him that he’s the one that sold the agency. “You were supposed to watch out for us,” she says. “You should know better than to get attached to some walls,” he tells her. Roger raises a glass to SC&P.

Don arrives at Diana’s house in Racine. A woman answers the door, and Don pretends to be Bill Phillips from Conley Research. He announces that “Mrs. Bauer” has won a new refrigerator full of Miller beer. The woman says that she is Laura Bauer. When Don clarifies that he is looking for Diana Bauer, the woman informs him that Diana is her husband’s ex-wife. Don insists that he needs to locate Diana in order to give her the prize. Laura invites him inside to wait for her husband to get home. In the living room, a young girl asks Don if he’s looking for her mother.

Joan and Jim meet in his office. Joan mentions her status as a partner at SC&P and says she’d rather not work with Ferg on her accounts. Jim says he doesn’t care about her former partnership and her status has changed. “Your little stake doesn’t mean anything here,” he tells her. Joan says she’s happy to take the $500,000 she’s owed and leave McCann, but Jim insists she either play by McCann’s rules or deal with their lawyers. Joan rebuts that she’d love to talk to lawyers about McCann’s Equal Employment Opportunity issue. Jim offers “fifty cents on the dollar to never see your face again.” When Joan refuses to settle for anything less than what she’s owed, Jim kicks her out of his office.

Laura’s husband, Cliff, arrives home. He immediately realizes that Don is not who he says he is and threatens to call the police. Don then says he’s a collections agent and needs to find Diana. “She’s a tornado,” Cliff says. “Just leaving a trail of broken bodies behind her.” Don comes clean and admits he wanted to find Diana because he is worried about her. Cliff says he lost his daughter to God and lost Diana to the devil. “You can’t save her,” he says.

Roger, drunk, plays the organ at SC&P, while Peggy roller skates through the halls.

Don drives.

In Jim’s office, Jim complains to Roger about Don and Joan.

Peggy, wearing sunglasses, strolls through the halls of McCann carrying her belongings and Cooper’s painting.

In Joan’s office, Roger urges Joan to take Jim’s deal. Joan picks up a picture of Kevin and her Rolodex, then consents to the deal and walks out.

Don spots a hippie on the side of the road who’s heading to St. Paul. He picks him up and drives off.


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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