Whoever's Strongest Wins Recap

Broccos prepares to fight Yuno but Ragus insists on fighting instead. Yuno's wind arrows, made more powerful by Bell's magic, destroy Ragus' lightning arrows. Yagos encases himself in a giant snail made of mucus and begins draining magic from injured mages. The Golden Dawn's vice-captain Langris Vaude, Finral's younger brother who also uses portal magic, teleports away part of Yagos' snail along with his right arm. Vangeance uses his magic to grow tree roots over the entire area. Lotus realises the roots drain the magic of whoever touches them and tries to warn the Generals but Broccos and Ragus are too busy arguing. Vangeance activates his World Tree Magic, Great Mistilteinn Tree, which grows over the whole area and ensnares the Diamond Kingdom mages. Yami and the Bulls arrive in Kiten. Yami orders Charmy, Asta and Finral to help the citizens while he finds Vangeance. Ragus and Yuno begin duelling but Yuno is far superior in skill and power and impales Ragus with a wind trident, defeating him. Yuno meets with Asta and surprises Finral by greeting Asta warmly, something Finral cannot understand as his rivalry with his brother was far from friendly. Mimosa offers to heal Asta's broken arms but Asta insists she help everyone else first. Broccos attempts to kill Vangeance but is defeated instantly. Lotus attempts to sneak up on Vangeance hidden inside his smoke but is prevented from attacking by Yami. Rather than fight Lotus retrieves Broccos and retreats. Yami confronts Vangeance and asks him to remove his mask.

Written by JuanArango on Feb 13, 2019

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