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The Landlord's Daughter Recap

A docker runs down the street, and a man in a cape and top hat walks after him. He realizes that there are two men after him, similarly clad. A car pulls up and a third man, similarly dressed, gets out. The docker drops to his knees, exhausted, and the newcomer tells him to look at him. The man looks up and begs Mr. Ripper not to kill him.

At the nightclub, Alfred escorts offending customers out. Thomas is at the bar and nods Alfred over, and the two men greet each other. The American says that he came to see Alfred, and says that he has a job for him. He insists that his job is aboveboard and honorable, and the pay is excellent. Alfred isn't interested in another secret war, and points out that Esme nearly died and he had to kill. Thomas says that Alfred would be doing his country a great service, and Alfred tells him that he's serving himself now.

At the Tower of London, a torturer works over Harwood, and Miss Phelps tells Harwood that they want the name of the Raven Society's leader. Harwood tells her to fuck off, and the torturer continues his work. George the Beefeater brings in tea and then goes to the next cell where Bet is locked up. She asks for a mirror so she can look her best on the day that she's executed, and asks to hold his hand as a favor. George touches her hand.

Alfred carries the wounded Spanish out of the jungle with Wallace and Deon, and they're forced to take cover from enemy fire.

Alfred sleeps next to Esme, and she wakes up and sees him staring at the ceiling. He gets up to put the kettle on, and asks if Esme is nervous. Esme says that she dreamed of Bet, and Alfred assures her that they won't let Bet out of the Tower. He has her recites some of her lines and assures her she'll soon be on television. Alfred says that he won't hurt her back no matter how successful she is, and admits that security business is bed. Esme insists that loving each other is all that matters, and Alfred points out that she hasn't met her father yet. She says that he's very tedious and she's waiting for the right time, and Alfred wishes her luck with her play.

Wallace is at a bar and meets with Alfred, admits that the job he had for them fell through, and tells his friend not to lose faith. Jason Ripper comes with his men and asks where his girl Sandra is, and the bartender reluctantly calls her out. She pours beer for Jason, who comments that she appears unhappy and figures that it's romantic problems. Jason offers to cut open whoever is responsible, and Sandra assures him that she's just a bit peaky. Finishing his beer, Jason smiles, calls Sandra "my love", and leaves with his mates.

Sandra glares at her father, who said nothing, and walks away. Alfred calls Sid over, and Sid explains that once Sandra smiled at Jason and he's been interested in her ever since. When Alfred asks why Sid didn't tell Jason to sod off, Sid says that Jason's mother's sister is related to "the Man from Whitechapel", and warns that no one speaks his name. Alfred understands, and Wallace tells Sid that their Alfred can sort Jason out. Sid seizes on the idea and Alfred insists that he doesn't know anyone who can help, but the bartender admits that he never put a stop to Sondra flirting with the customers and now he's worried she'll pay the price.

Once Sid leaves, Wallace tells Alfred that he's refusing a job. Alfred reminds him that the Man from Whitechapel runs the East End and does unpleasant things to people that cross him. He doesn't want to take the risk, and Wallace tells him that he's forgotten who he is: SAS. Disgusted, Wallace walks out past Sid, who is hugging Sondra.

George enters the cell to play snap with Bet. He wins and Bet pays off their bet by kissing him on the cheek. Bet tells George that he's been a good friend and gives him a kiss on the lips.

Esme performs at the premiere of her play as Alfred watches from the audience. When she's done, everyone applauds and Alfred joins in. Afterward at the stage door, Aziz approaches Alfred and asks if the play was any good. The inspector asks Alfred off the record who was the head of the conspiracy. Alfred wants to know what happened to Bet, and Aziz tells Alfred that she doesn't "exist" anymore and will be hung for Longbrass' murder. He asks Alfred to tell him if someone approaches him with a lucrative proposal, and Alfred remembers Thomas talking to him at the nightclub. He says that no one has approached him yet. Esme comes out and Alfred excuses himself to Aziz. He hugs her and says that she was brilliant.

George and Bet have sex, and once George finishes Bet asks him to mail a letter for her. He refuses, and Bet shows him the condom that she kept to blackmail him. Bet tells him that she's got more and she'll claim that George sent previous letters for her. He takes the letter and goes, locking the cell door behind him.

Alfred ducks down from the enemy fire and sees Spanish, dead, on the ground next to him.

At the Pennyworth home, Mary shows Esme how to make bread and Alfred comes in. Esme asks Alfred if he can come to the play again that night, and Alfred says that he'll try but he has his first job. He claims that it's mediation, and Esme invites him to the party after the play. Alfred says that he'll try and leaves.

That night, Jason and his men enter the bar. He calls for Sandra to come out, and she hesitantly does so. Jason orders her to pour him a pint, and Sandra does so without a word. She apologizes and Jason figures that she's scared of him, and says that it's sexy. Alfred comes to the bar and orders a pint from Sandra, and Jason gives his full name. He asks Alfred if he's a local boy, and Alfred says that he's never heard of him. Jason then asks him if he'd fuck his mum to save her life, revealing a knife at his side. Alfred insults him back, throws a drink in his face, and runs out.

Jason and his men chase after Alfred, finally cornering him. When Jason draws his knife, Alfred warns him that it won't end well for him and suggests that he leave Sandra alone. Jason doesn't believe his cheek and advances on him, and Alfred clubs him down while Wallace and Deon attack the others from behind. They easily take them down and Wallace keeps kicking his opponent until Deon calls him off. Jason says that his uncle will kill them, and Alfred beats him.

Esme finishes her performance and notices that Alfred isn't there.

Jason's uncle John is cutting open a corpse and drinking wine. Alfred comes in and tells him that his security is rubbish. John suggests that he's good at his job, and Alfred introduces himself and presents his card. He says that he's there as a gesture of good will.

At the after-party, Esme is drinking with her cast mates. She notices that Alfred still isn't there and checks her wristwatch.

Wallace and Deon tie up a blindfolded Jason, take him to a private room, and beat him. Deon tells him that he's a weasel and he smells terror on him, and says that they haven't started. He promises Jason that he's going to break like a twig, and Jason panics and says that he won't go near Sandra. Wallace goes to get the tools.

A man, Jeremy, sits down with Esme and congratulates her on her performance. He quickly leaves when Esme says that she's waiting for her boyfriend, who kills people. Jeremy quickly leaves.

Wallace returns with a duffel full of his tool: his mess kit. He makes rattling noises to frighten the blindfolded Jason, and Deon asks what Jason's name is. Jason finally says that it's Weasel, and they ask him who John is. They tell Jason that they don’t care about him, and they'll let him live if he tells them about John. Jason quickly agrees, and Alfred comes in with John. Wallace and Deon rip the blindfold off of Jason, and John is disgusted that his own nephew would betray him. Jason snivels out an apology, and John tells him that he'd skin him alive if it wouldn't break his sister's heart. John orders him to leave London or he'll cut off his face. John kisses Jason on the forehead and walks out. Deon cuts Jason free, wishes him luck, and leaves with Wallace and Alfred. Jason screams in rage and frustration.

Esme returns home and finds an unaddressed letter sent to her. She opens it and finds Bet's note, wishing her well. In the note, Bet says that enjoyed their time together and if she was free, they'd become good friends. Esme crumples up the letter and throws it away.

Alfred and John return to John's basement, and John asks Alfred what he expects him to do now. He wonders what Alfred's game is, and Alfred tells him that Sid and Sandra are his clients and he'll be trouble that John doesn't need and that's the last thing he wants to be. John invites him to look at the corpse that he's cutting open, saying that it's a marvel as he sorts through the viscera. He asks what trouble Alfred is going to be, and says that the young man he's cut open thought he'd be trouble and now he's offal. Alfred points out that his client is safe and John is rid of a weak link, and John invites him to join him a kidney he's taken from the body.

The two men go to John's study and Alfred says that Jason was a flincher and obviously weak. He claims that he wanted to eliminate the weak link in John's organization as a sign of respect. Alfred hoped that John would be impressed enough with him that he'd let him operate in the East End. John wonders if Alfred is stupid or clever, and hits a lever dropping Alfred down through the floor into a cell. Alfred admits that the safe money is that he's stupid, but points out that John can't take the chance.

Esme is sitting in her flat, and hears someone at the door. She ducks to the side, grabbing a knife as she goes. Alfred comes in and Esme greets him, and he says that he's been working. He asks what's wrong, and Esme shows him Bet's laugh. Alfred hugs Esme, who tells him not to apologize because he rescued her. She notices mud on his jacket and Alfred assures her that it's fine.

The next morning, a masked man in women's lingerie and high heels brings Peggy Sykes a letter. It's from her sister Beg, writing to say goodbye because she's in the Tower of London and the government is executing her for something she didn't do. Bet wishes her health and happiness for the future.

Sandra is singing at the bar as Alfred and Esme watch with the customers. Esme watches her and smiles, and Alfred smiles at her. A man brings Alfred and Esme drinks and thanks him, and she wonders if Alfred saved someone's life. He claims that he's just popular among the locals and excuses himself to talk to Sid. Sid thanks him for dealing with Jason and pays him, and Alfred tells him to put his name about and say that he's a satisfied customer.

Sandra is talking to Wallace, and Alfred goes over. She thanks them both and leaves, and Alfred gives Wallace his share of the pay. Alfred figures that business will take off, but Wallace warns that they've made a deal with the devil by bargaining with John.

At the Tower, Harwood tells the PM that he's the leader of the Raven Society. The PM accepts his claim and wonders what to do with him since they can't execute a lord or hold him imprisoned for long. He tells Mrs. Phelps to send Harwood to the barbers and keep him alive but break him.

Esme and Alfred return to Esme's flat and she's angry with him because another woman looked at him. Alfred says that they need to talk honestly about their future, and says that he'll always respect and protect her. He takes out an engagement ring and proposes to Esme on one knees. Esme smiles and accepts, and they kiss.

Two beefeaters take Bet and other prisoners to Tyburn Gallows. Esme and the Pennyworths are watching the executions on the TV. In the cell beneath the gallows, Bet is held back from the others and locked back in the cell. A minute later, two masked guards take the hooded Bet to the gallows, the woman screaming protest through her gag. She's hung and at home, Mary goes to put the kettle on.

Afterward in the execution van, Peggy and Bet remove their masks. Bet complains about the food in the tower, and Peggy takes her home.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 20, 2019

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