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Martha Kane Recap

At the Tower, the barber hones his knife as nearby, Lord Harwood hangs suspended from the ceiling in constraints. Harwood tells the PM's aide that he's seen the PM's last days coming and he'll pay tenfold for every ounce of blood that Harwood spills. The aide pats him on the shoulder and leaves, with Harwood yelling after him to tell the PM. Once the aide leaves, the barber proceeds with his work.

Alfred, Wallace, and Deon carry Spanish out through the jungle. A jeep pulls up ahead of them and their sergeant major yells at them to fall in.

Esme's father, Father Evelyn, invites Alfred to his club so that Alfred can ask for Esme's hand in marriage. As they sit down for tea, Evelyn asks Alfred to talk about himself. Alfred describes his family and his military career, and how he owns a security firm. Evelyn points out that serving in the military can brutalize a man, and Alfred says that a man can change. He asks if Alfred has fathered a child by Esme, and Alfred assures him that he hasn't. He notes that Esme has always been fascinated by the dark side of life, and the "carnal vices" possess her.

Evelyn says that Esme likes the fact that Alfred has killed people, and if she loves Alfred then she loves the "animal" within him. Alfred insists that there is no "animal" within him, and Evelyn says that there's an animal within all of them. Evelyn says that Alfred has no means or education and that's not the foundation for a Christian marriage, and says that he'll disinherit Esme if she goes through with the marriage. Alfred abruptly excuses himself and leaves.

Later, Bet and Polly ring the bell at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Spicer. Mrs. Spicer answers the door, and Polly tells Mrs. Spicer to inform Lulu that she's there. The older woman has no idea who Lulu is, and Mr. Spicer comes up behind his wife and stares in shock at the sisters.

Alfred is at the theater when Esme comes out to join him. She figures that it didn't go well with her father, and says that she looks after herself and the fact that she's an heiress isn't important. Alfred tells her what Evelyn said about him being the child of servants, and Esme insists that he's more than that. She doesn't care if Evelyn disinherits her, but Alfred tells her that it wouldn't be right to get married without Evelyn's blessing. Esme tells Alfred that she doesn't care what he says and wonders what he does, and Alfred repeats what Evelyn said about her loving the "animal" in him. She says that Evelyn is the coward, and Alfred wonders what he did wrong to make her so angry. Esme insists that he did nothing wrong and he's right, she does like it that Alfred kills people. She angrily says that it's squalid, gives Alfred his engagement ring back, and stalks off.

Ian Thurso goes into a barn filled with electronics equipment, sees the creator, Sam Shay, sleeping on a makeshift bed, and inspects a glowing cylinder. He assures it that it will hatch eventually, and Sam wakes up and greets Ian. He says that he has to be at home for the vet at 5, and Ian gives him some of his favorite biscuits while assuring him that no one saw him. A machine spits out some paper, and Ian reads it and tells Sam that the device--his computer--found pi to the tenth decimal place by itself. As they two men kiss, the police pull up outside and pounds on the barn door.

Alfred goes to the Onslow bar, and Sid tells him that a woman called about a job and didn't give her name. Sandra comes over and tries to make small talk with Alfred but he isn't interested. The woman comes in, spots Alfred, and joins him at the bar. She figures that he's a security consultant by his dress, and introduces herself as Martha Kane. Martha explains that she's new in town and Pennyworth sounded like a trustworthy name. She needs a driver and bodyguard for two days at most, at five pounds an hour plus expenses. Alfred points out that it's a lot of money, and Martha figures that they're all military men who know the price of discretion. She says that they'll be picking up a man and taking him to the airport and he's wanted for arrest on charge of homosexuality. Martha tells Alfred that the man is nothing to her but she's working for friends.

Since Martha is American, Alfred asks if Thomas is a friend of hers. Martha says that she doesn't know the name, and Alfred takes the job. She gives Alfred an advance and says that she wants to take off at 6 the next morning. When Alfred points out that she didn't tell him where they're going, Martha asks if he needs to know. Alfred says that he only does if she wants to tell him, and Martha admits that she likes him already before leaving.

That night at the nightclub, Alfred meets with Deon and Wallace and tells them about the job. Wallace readily accepts, but Alfred would rather use Deon because it's a "class" job. Deon isn't convinced that it's legitimate, and Alfred assures him if there's anything shady then he'll leg it. Esme comes up and tries to make small talk with Alfred. She tells him that her play is moving to a proper theater so she gets to quit her dancing job. Esme says goodbye to them, figuring she won't see them again, and wishes Alfred every happiness. Esme walks away and Alfred goes after her. However, he just wishes her good luck with her show.

The next morning, Alfred picks up Martha at the designated location. She insists on riding up front and Alfred gets in and asks where they're going. Martha gives him and they drive off into the countryside.

Wallace follows behind Alfred and sees Spanish's gaping head wound.

At the nightclub, Wallace wakes up and goes over to where Deon is playing cards. Deon tells him to go away, and a drunken Wallace--in his underwear--takes off his shirt and staggers off.

Alfred arrives at the county police station and Martha says that she's going to represent herself as Ian's lawyer and get him out. She figures that she can pose as a lawyer and goes inside with Alfred. The police buy her ruse and let her meet with Ian, and Martha tells him that his friends in America sent her to get him out. Chief Constable Wilkes comes in and Martha claims that Alfred is her clerk. She presents a writ of habeas corpus for Ian demanding his release. Martha warns Wilkes that Ian has powerful friends, and Wilkes quickly turns Ian over to her. Ian refuses to leave, demanding to speak to Sam. Wilkes says that Ian has already brought enough disgrace on the Shay family, and Martha asks to speak with Sam. The chief constable refuses, saying Sam is giving a victim's statement. She seizes on the fact that Sam isn't under arrest but Wilkes won't let her speak to him, and Wilkes says that she can take both men.

A policewoman, Ferris, interviews Sam. Alfred comes in to get Sam, and they all get in the car. Ian and Sam hug, and Alfred takes them to the barn to get the computer. Martha says what it is and says that it's the future. She explains that the government wants to keep Ian slaving in a dungeon for them, and admits that she hasn't told Alfred everything.

Wallace sits down at the card table to play, loses, and asks Deon for a loan to cover his wager. Deon refuses, leaving Wallace unable to call. He advises Wallace to walk away, and Wallace yells at the opposing player, Phil. Phil draws a gun and aims it at Wallace, and Wallace invites him to shoot him. He says that he's pushing and walks forward, putting his forehead to the barrel. Deon tells Wallace to walk away, but Wallace figures Phil won't shoot no matter what and takes the gun away from him. He offers his hand but Phil refuses to shake it, and he tosses Phil the gun. It goes off in Phil's hand, shooting him in the head, and Wallace insincerely says that he's sorry.

That night, Alfred drives the group to an airport hangar. Alfred asks Martha who she works for, and she finally tells him that she works for the No-Name League. The plane picking up Ian flies overhead and cars pull up. The men open fire on the outside generator, destroying it. The leader, Swope, tells them to come out to talk. Martha tells Alfred that the attackers are with the Raven Society, and assures Ian that they won't let the Society take the computer.

Arthur advises Martha that they should surrender so no one gets killed, but Martha refuses to hand over Ian and his computer to evil people. She reveals that she has a gun, and Alfred asks if she's willing to die to stop them. Realizing that Martha is, Alfred goes out to talk to Swope.

Wallace and Deon stare at Phil's body, and Wallace suggests that they put some music on. Deon isn't amused, and says that Wallace is an accident and needs help with the drinking. When Wallace insists that he can handle it, Deon slaps him and brings in two men, and points out Phil's body. Chadley comes in and sees Phil's corpse, and passages on a message to Mr. McDougal saying the Machine isn't his personal piggy bank.

The two men haul away the corpse, and Deon tells Wallace that if he wants to die do it quickly and don't make his friends watch. Wallace says that he doesn't want to die, but is just trying to pass the time. Disgusted, Deon walks out but after a moment, he comes back. He tells Wallace to come with him.

Alfred goes outside and Swope tells him to bring Ian and belongings out. She assures Alfred that they won't hurt Ian because the computer is useless without him, and Alfred goes in to talk to Martha. Alfred names a price of 10,000 pounds if he sorts it out, and Martha immediately agrees. He figures that it must be important if she'll pay that much, and asks for Martha's gun. Martha hands it over, and Alfred takes Ian out and tells Swope that his boss said no and Martha is under strict orders to kill Ian and destroy the computer rather than let them fall into the Society's hands. Alfred puts the gun to Ian's hand and tells Swope to go away or he'll kill Ian and Martha will smash the computer. He points out that the Society can try for Ian tomorrow but at least he'll be alive.

Swope tells her men to leave and they drive off. Alfred takes Ian back into the hangar and tells Martha that they'll be waiting to ambush their car a couple of miles down the road. He takes Martha and the others to a truck outside, pounds a hole in the gas tank, and drives off after telling Martha to count to 15. Once she reaches 15, Martha lights a lighter and tosses it on the trail of gasoline. The fire follows the gas to the truck, and Alfred drives along the runway so the flames highlight it. The gas runs out and Alfred gets out and runs away as the flames reach the gas tank, igniting the truck.

The plane lands on the runway and men load the computer onboard. Ian thanks Martha and Alfred, and then kisses Sam before getting on the plane. Sam yells that he's coming with him and gets on the plane, and it takes off.

Back in London, Martha pays Alfred the 10,000. She suggests that he work with her again for an acceptable price, and Alfred tells her that he respects her courage and commitment but figures she works for dodgy people. However, he admits that he needs money and agrees to work with her as a driver without carrying a gun... as long as she's honest with him. Martha agrees to be honest with him in future, and Alfred tells her that he'll be available in a week when she needs him next. As he goes, Martha says that he's a strange kind of soldier that doesn't like guns and violence. She says that her father was a soldier and told her he slept like a baby, and Alfred tells her that her father was lying to her before going.

Later, Alfred meets Wallace and Deon at a bar and shows them the 10,000. He assures them that he didn't kill anyone, but warns that Martha is a spy. Deon accepts the information, figuring they don't have a choice, and calls for champagne. Alfred asks how their day was, and Deon and Wallace say that it was very ordinary.

The next day at the Spicers' home, Mr. Spicer wears leather and crouches under the table with a leash on his neck. Peggy suggests that they go to the park and feed the ducks, but Bet isn't interested and complains that she's restless. Mrs. Spicer is in her underwear and cooks breakfast, and Bet figures that she should head back to London since there's been no news of her escape from the gallows. She insists that Esme is her friend and she has to see her again, and Peggy tells her sister that she's coming home with her.

The sergeant major is addressing his troops at the camp they set up. Alfred and the others arrive and the sergeant major looks at them irritably as his men get them coffee and welcome them.

Alfred goes home and Mr. Pennyworth complains that he's spending his newfound money on new cars and clothes. His son tells him that the car's a rental, and he pours his son a drink and says that he's worried that now Alfred will be thinking he's good enough for Esme. Alfred says that it never occurred to him, and his father says that it would be a mistake. His son says that it was Mr. Pennyworth who scared Esme deliberately with his anger and bitterness. Mary asks who wants a sandwich, and Mr. Pennyworth says that Alfred is still a belligerent little thug.

Mary tells Alfred to let his father be, and Alfred says that there's only been two people disrespected in the house and Mr. Pennyworth isn't one of them. Mr. Pennyworth says that Alfred needed discipline, and Alfred asks if Mary made trouble as well. Mary says that it's between the two of them and Alfred should leave off, and Alfred apologizes to his father for Mary's sake.

Later, Alfred approaches Esme and asks her to come on a bus ride with her. He says that he got rid of his car, and Esme admits that she doesn't trust him. Alfred takes her to a spacious unoccupied flat and says that he rented the place upfront and it's Mary's... and he would live there to if she wants him. Esme says that they're not a couple, and she points out that he didn't try to stop her from going. Alfred admits that he got scared and that he does have an animal in him, an animal that has kept him alive. He wonders if there's somebody else inside of him, someone that deserves Esme. Alfred tells her that he's decided not to worry about it anymore, and says that business has been good. Esme asks why they're there, and Alfred says that now he has the courage to go his own way... if she'll have him. He takes out the engagement ring and Esme smiles at him.

The Queen's men dump Harwood out on in the countryside and drive off. Cut up and bleeding, he drags himself away.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 24, 2019

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