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Sandie Shaw Recap

The next morning, Bets and Alfred get coffee at a shop and Alfred watches her. He finally wonders why Bets is there, and Bets asks why they killed Esme. Alfred explains that Curzon killed her to get revenge on him, and wonders what it has to do with Bets. Bets insists that she loved Esme, and says that Alfred has less falling in him because he's a man. She promises to make Curzon pay, and Alfred tells her that she's insane. Bets says that they could help each other, and explains that Curzon came to the flat with a woman. She describes her as best she can but admits that she didn't get a proper look. Alfred realizes that they let themselves in with keys, and Bets figures that they gave him a clue. When he refuses to explain, Bets insists on coming with him and says that it means a lot to her.

Alfred and Bets go to the real estate office where Alfred figures that Curzon got the keys. As they go in, across the street two men put up a poster advertising Frances' speech for the Raven Society. Meanwhile, the real estate agent staggers out, screaming in pain. Bets comes out and Alfred advises her to walk away, and Alfred questions the man about why he gave over the keys. The agent says that Curzon looked like a respectable buyer and it's normal procedure. He called the police immediately and he gave the two detectives a description of Curzon and the proper paperwork.

Bets and Alfred walk away and Bets asks what they're going to do now. He says that they'll never see themselves again and hops on a bus.

The PM shows the Queen one of the Raven Society posters and warns that it's a serious problem because they're going public. He warns that the mob will call for a general election, causing blood and anarchy. The Queen wonders what they want, and the PM dismisses them as fascists who will destroy half the country to get what they want. He warns that her uncle the Duke of Windermere will be happy to take her place if the Society forces her to abdicate, and the Queen figures the people will never stand for it. The PM asks for her permission to use the strongest measures to deploy the mob, but she refuses to be forced into brutality and the PM reluctantly agrees.

Undine sees one of the posters and is unhappy that Frances is breaking their pact. John wonders what Frances wants to say at a public rally despite the risk of arrest, and tells Undine that she should be happy that Frances is making a mistake. Undine wants to stage a counter-protest to show that she's not weak, but John advises her to let the police handle it. However, he says that since she's the leader she has to decide.

At Sid's pub, a Raven Society leader comes in and announces the rally to the customers. A Wolf Ham fan tells him to shut up and let them watch the game, and Sid tells the leader to get off the table. Wallace and Deon watch, and Alfred joins them. He says that Curzon had a woman with him and her description matches Mrs. Pike, and he wants them to track her down while he asks a policeman why the police covered up Esme's murder. As they leave, a fight breaks out behind them.

Frances is in her study working on her speech, and Harwood points out that she's nervous. He assures her that she'll be marvelous, and after that he'll castrate the PM and his allies and put them out to starve. Frances suggests that mercy would like statesmanship, but Harwood figures the people want brutality and a spectacle. When Frances worries that they're starting a civil war, Harwood says that a new and stronger nation is forged in pain. She wonders if the Queen refuses to accept their victory, and Harwood figures that then her uncle the Duke will come back. Frances points out that he's practically a traitor after fleeing the war, married to an American divorcee, and wonders how they can let such a man on the throne when they preach decency. Harwood agrees but figures the threat is enough.

That night, Alfred visits Aziz in his office and says that he's there to discover why the police covered up Curzon's involvement in Esme's death. Alfred warns that he can't be responsible for his actions if Aziz plays dumb, and readily admits that he's threatening him. Aziz congratulates Alfred on cracking the case and explains that Curzon is the bastard son of a lord. Favors were called in and the case was scuppered. Aziz refuses to give the lord's name and says that he doesn't know where Curzon is. Alfred promises to make trouble, and Aziz offers to find out if Alfred gives him some time. His visitor gives him 24 hours and leaves.

The PM discusses the Raven Society with his allies over cigars. Sir Frances Tewkes hopes that the PM will put them down at the rally, but Lord William Smytth speaks out in favor of the Ravens over the No-Name League. The others agree and Tewkes calls in his butler--Arthur--to point out how they've gotten along together. Arthur says that there's a telephone call for the PM and he takes it in the other room. The PM confirms that he's with Smytth and tells the caller to come there.

Later, Aziz meets with the PM and Smytth. Smytth wants to know why the situation isn't resolved already, and Aziz tells Smytth that Alfred is a highly-skilled combat veteran. He assures the PM that they can get Alfred but there will be a high cost. Smytth knows that they'll have to pay for what his son--Curzon--has done, but refuses to let his son be hunted by a plebe. He explains that Curzon's mother was the great love of his name, and asks the PM what he wants. The PM thanks him for his loyal support and makes it clear he doesn't want to lose it. Smytth agrees as long as they protect Curzon and get rid of Alfred.

Alfred lies awake on his bed.

Workers prepare the rally site in a field and test the sound equipment.

Martha visits Thomas at his hotel room and claims that she was just passing. He orders coffee from room service since he has a hangover from drinking, and Martha asks him what the CIA is doing about the rally. Martha warns them that playing a waiting game is a mistake. Thomas insists that he's not CIA but she doesn't believe him. She assures him that his being with the CIA isn't a problem for her and they can continue working together. Thomas says that she's not agency material, and points out that she mislaid his sister at a Satanic ritual. Martha is well aware that he has been drinking and using pills, and apologizes for calling him out on it. Thomas admits that it's true, and refuses to discuss what happened to him at Crowley's. He tells her that she imagined seeing the Devil but she doesn't believe it, and admits that he got spooked. Thomas offers Martha some Scotch and she accepts.

Aziz calls Alfred and says that they've captured Curzon and left him for Alfred at the Westdale pumping station. The inspector tells Alfred to come alone and hangs up. Alfred gets his service revolver and loads it, tucks it beneath his jacket, and heads downstairs. Mary notes that he's up early and so is Arthur, and asks where Alfred is going. He says that he's heading to Westdale and hugs his mother who realizes that something is off.

Police patrol the rally site. Across the nation, people tune in. Deon and Wallace arrive at the pub and confirm that Alfred hasn't been in.

Alfred arrives at the pumping station, draws his gun, and goes in. He hears Curzon calling for help and follows the voice to where Curzon and Mrs. Pike are sitting, tied up and blindfolded. Alfred approaches them, and Curzon realizes who it is. After removing the blindfold, Alfred greets Curzon. He admits that he doesn't have anything to say to Curzon because he's nothing. Curzon tells him that he's a fool for thinking that he's won, and Alfred calls to Aziz. Aziz and his men step out and Aziz asks why Alfred walked into the trap knowing it was a trap. Alfred says that he doesn't care anymore, and points out that snipers. He figures that he can kill Curzon and two of Aziz's men before they kill him, and aims his gun at Curzon.

Curzon tells Aziz to shoot Alfred now. Aziz apologizes to Alfred for the public chicanery but explains that Curzon's father has political clout. He says that his superiors have no choice so neither does he. Alfred invites Aziz to count to three, and Aziz yells at Curzon to shut up when he orders the inspector to shoot Alfred. Aziz then offers to let Alfred escape if he gives his word not to harm Curzon. Curzon complains that it isn't the plan, and Alfred tells him to shut up.

Aziz asks if a pathetic little man like Curzon is worth Alfred's life. Curzon takes offense but Aziz and Alfred ignore him. Alfred admits that Curzon isn't worth his life but it's not fair, and tells Curzon again to count to three. Before Aziz can signal his men to fire, Bet puts a knife to his throat and tells the others to drop their weapons. They do so and Alfred contemplates Curzon.

At the rally, the people wait for Frances to take the stage.

Alfred handcuffs the policemen to rails and Alfred tells Aziz that he didn't know Bets was there. Bets beats Curzon and slashes him, and Alfred reminds her that he told her to wait. Mrs. Pike says that she's Curzon's nanny, and Bets looks at Curzon in disgust. Alfred tells Bets that there won't be any torture, and Bets asks if he's done torture as a soldier. He admits that he has but only to get information, and figures that Curzon just needs to be dead. Bets says that Alfred owes him and asks for ten minutes alone with Curzon and Pike.

After Alfred steps away, Bets tells Curzon that she can smell darkness on him. He says that he'll get treatment, and Alfred shoots first him and then Pike in the head. Alfred tells Aziz that he's disappointed with him, and Aziz warns that the killing will cause a lot of trouble for all of them. Unimpressed, Alfred leaves.

A Society official introduces Frances and everyone applauds. She talks about the future of the country and the moral decay.

Alfred tosses his gun and jacket in the river.

Bets picks up a crowbar and beats Curzon's skull in, as Aziz watches in shock. Once she's done, Bets shoves the body in the pump water.

Frances says that the authorities ordered Harwood's destruction, and then resigns from the Society. She then brings out Harwood as their new leader. Arthur starts the applaud and the other spectators join in.

Shocked, the PM makes a call.

John tells Undine that their truce is gone.

Thomas tells Martha that she was right and the situation has deteriorated fast.

Harwood takes the microphone and greets England.

The PM tells his men to send in the heavy brigade and arrest everyone.

Harwood says that it's good to see them all together, and hopes they will forgive his disfigurement and listen to his message. He promises that a fresh start is coming for all of them. Harwood sees the police moving in and they order everyone to disperse. They start beating the spectators with truncheons, and Arthur quickly leaves. Fights break out and Harwood yells at everyone to stop. They do so, and Harwood tells the officers that they will respect their ancient rites and liberties, and stop the violence. They stand down, and across the nation television viewers applaud.

Later, Alfred arrives at the pub and joins Deon and Wallace. He tells them that Curzon is sorted, and Sid tells Alfred about what happened at the rally.

Mary is tending to Arthur's injuries, and when Alfred returns Arthur tells her not to make a fuss. He claims that he bumped into a door and Mary agrees. Mary notes that Alfred doesn't look well, Alfred asks for a hug, and Mary obliges. Arthur agrees and says that he's in a good mood because it was a good day, and the next day will be even better.

The Queen summons PM in and notes that the papers are saying that Harwood is a hero to the disaffected. The PM says that violence would have been better, and warns that Harwood is too profile to arrest. He admits that he doesn't know what to do, and the Queen tells him to think of something fast.

Harwood and Frances dance in her study, and he admits that he doubted himself for a moment. A servant announces that Harwood's guests have arrived, and he asks her to stall them for a moment. Harwood then says that he's confident about the clergy and the army, but the Queen troubles him. He asks Frances if she trusts him, and then says that they'll need to find a replacement. The Duke and Duchess of Windermere come in and Harwood welcomes them back to their lands.

Alfred leaves flowers at Esme's grave and apologizes for not coming by sooner. He says that he killed her killers, and describes that the best moment of his life was when she smiled at him on their first date. That morning the memory didn't make him sad for the first time since her death, and figures that things are looking up Armed officers surround Alfred, and Aziz watches.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 15, 2019

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