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Alma Cogan Recap

As Aziz looks on, two detectives question Alfred, asking who his accomplice was in killing Curzon. Alfred refuses, and Aziz says that he can't help Alfred if he won't help himself. He points out that Alfred isn't dead, and Alfred says that his accomplice saved his life and he's not going to grass on her. Aziz warns him that his lust for revenge could bring down the government, and shows him a newspaper with a headline of "Government Collapsing?"

Aziz warns that the PM wants to get Alfred out of the picture without a trial or jury, and says that he needs a name. Alfred refuses, and Aziz tells the detectives to take Alfred to be sentenced. Later, Arthur and Mary arrive to visit their son. He assures them that he'll be all right, and is then taken away and given a seven-year sentence. The guards toss Alfred into a dormitory at Newgate with the other prisoners, and everyone stares at him as he asks who is in charge.

The PM goes on TV to announce that his administration no longer has the support of the majority in Parliament. Despite that, the Queen has granted him interim powers to act as her Prime Minister until a general election is held. The election is open to all parties, including those who have previously been illegal.

Harwood, Bets, and Peggy drive through the countryside and listen to the broadcast.

The PM says that all gag orders are rescinded, and that it is important they show the extremists that their violent radicalism isn't wanted in England. He advises the citizens to vote for their tried and trusted people. Martha and Thomas watch, and Martha figures that it's good news that the people will have their say. Thomas warns that the PM wants the League and the Society to destroy each other with their new freedom, and it could set off a civil war. He dismisses Martha's hope as naivety, and Thomas warns that Harwood will inevitably turn to violence. Thomas says that the CIA is backing anyone if it will serve American interests, but Martha doesn't believe they would choose a fascist dictatorship. She says that Undine is intelligent and honest, and Thomas says that he has to get back to work. Martha tells him that she wants to work and help the League, and doesn't care why Thomas is helping them. Thomas advises her that things are going to get nasty and he doesn't want to get her involved, and tells her to think about working for the League.

Arthur and Mary walk home past armed police, and Arthur poses to salute a poster of Harwood. He coughs briefly and Mary says that he should tell Alfred, but Arthur reminds her that they agreed not to. Arthur says that he'll tell her his secret when he feels the time is right.

Harwood's convoy arrives at his manor, and he introduces his wife Clarissa. Inside, Harwood tells Clarissa that she looks fabulous, and Clarissa asks her husband if they can speak alone. He says that the Sykes are friends and asks his wife what's on her mind. Clarissa explains that she's shocked to have Harwood back when everyone thought he was dead. He kisses her neck and looks over at the Sykes, who sit and stare.

Sandra visits Alfred in prison and the prisoners surround her. When she says that she's there to see Alfred, they all drop back and one man calls Alfred over. Sandra says that Wallace and Deon used her to bring a message because they didn't want to show their faces. They said for Alfred to stay low and tight, remembering Rangoon, and Alfred tells her to tell them that he refuses. Sandra asks if Alfred wants to escape, and Alfred says that he does but Rangoon was a bloodbath. He asks how they are, and Sandra says that they're all worried about Alfred. Alfred admits that he hasn't treated Sandra right and apologizes, and tells her to stay away from men she has to meet in Newgate because she deserves much better. Sandra doesn't want anyone else, and Alfred has the same man as before escort Sandra to the door.

Sandra returns to the pub and tells Wallace and Deon that Alfred say they're children and he'll think of something.

Undine prepares to film a cake-making ad on John's advice, and he assures her that it's perfect/. The filming begins and Undine thanks the PM for letting them all speak freely. She says that she has operated behind the scenes, but her husband was killed. Harwood watches with the Sykes and dismisses Undine's comments as tripe. He figures that they don't have anything to fear from the Society, but Bets praises Undine's bravery.

The Duke of Windermere and his wife arrive, and the Duke complains that they've been locked up. Harwood says that they must remain incognito, and has Clarissa take them to their quarters. Frances is with them, and afterward she tells Harwood that the couple are impossible. He says that they're just implements, and the Queen will have to do their bidding now that they can replace her with the Duke. Harwood tells Frances that the Sykes likes Undine, and Frances wonders why the sisters are there. He warns that Undine may be more formidable than he first anticipated, and tells Frances to reach out to Undine and arrange a meeting so they can discuss a pact.

Aziz approaches the PM at a cabinet meeting and tells him about the pact suggestion, and the PM angrily throws a glass across the room. Afterward, the PM tells Aziz that a pact would kill them and worries that the army would back Harwood.

In Newgate, Alfred receives another visitor: Aziz. The inspector offers to get Alfred out if he kills someone. Alfred wants to hear more details, and Aziz explains about the secret pact. The Society and the League will divvy up seats to avoid competing directly with each other, and the PM has decided that Harwood has to go. He warns that Harwood will need enemies and take the country to war, and assures Alfred that he's working for the good guys. Alfred confirms that if he does it he's free and clear, and Aziz agrees. The prisoner notes that the Society could gain big if Harwood becomes a monitor, and Aziz explains that the Duke is in England in Harwood's control. The PM is reluctant to kill a Duke unless no other option is viable.

Alfred goes home and hugs Mary. Arthur joins them, laughing.

That night at the pub, Wallace and Deon are working out a plan to raid Newgate and free Alfred. Alfred joins them and they all hug. Sandra comes over and Alfred hugs her, and Mary and Arthur join them. Soon everyone in the bar is celebrating Alfred's return.

The next morning, Alfred lies in bed next to a sleeping Sandra. He then meets with Deon and Wallace, who figures that Alfred has to kill someone. When they say that they're in, Alfred tells them that Harwood is the target. Deon warns that they'll want Alfred to keep killing people, but Alfred says that he'll worry about that afterward. Mary comes out and asks what they're talking about, then says that she's not letting Alfred out of her sight. They go into have breakfast.

Undine and John give Thomas two lists, of the seats they'll give to the Society and seats they won't give up. Thomas asks why they chose him, and Undine says that she can't be seen conspiring with fascists. John warns that Harwood will try to antagonize him, and Undine wants Thomas to remain non-aggressive. Martha arrives and shares a hug with Undine. Undine asks if Martha and Thomas came together, and Martha says that it's coincidence. Martha then takes some photos of Undine, and Undine tells Thomas to take Martha with him to the negotiations. Thomas disagrees, and Martha immediately agrees. He insists that a second negotiator isn't necessary, but Undine figures that Martha is perfect as a neutral party.

Once Undine leaves, Thomas figures that Martha came there to get invited. He tells her that she's not meant for that kind of work, but says that he'll pick her up in the morning.

Peggy is tending to Harwood's appearance when the Duke pounds on the door. Harwood has her send someone to let the Duke out of his room, and asks her and Bets to come to the pact meeting the next day for moral support.

The Pennyworths are watching TV, and Arthur goes to bed. Aziz calls Alfred and says that the game is on the next morning. Once he hangs up, Alfred goes back to the parlor. Mary figures that it's more trouble and doesn't believe Alfred's denials. She asks him not to do it, and tells Alfred that Arthur has terminal cancer and will die in two years. Alfred hugs a crying Mary, who asks him not to tell Arthur that she said anything. She makes Alfred promise that he'll be safe.

The next morning, Thomas picks up Martha and takes her to the meeting site.

The Pennyworths eat breakfast, and Deon arrives outside in a car and honks. Alfred says goodbye to his parents and Mary tells him to be careful.

The meeting is at a pavilion at Stonehenge. Alfred, Deon, and Wallace set up a sniper's post overlooking the pavilion, and Aziz and his men are at a nearby farm. Aziz says that Harwood is coming, and they've spotted Thomas and Martha as well. He tells Alfred to kill Harwood first and then the Americans, avoiding head shots on the latter so they can be identified as League operatives.

Harwood's convoy arrives and the Sykes complain that there are no facilities. Bets returns to the car to wait, and Thomas and Martha arrive. Alfred recognizes them through his scope and tells his friends. Wallace doesn't see the problem since they're targets.

Harwood greets Thomas, and Aziz tells Alfred to shoot. Alfred takes the radio and tells Aziz who the Americans are. Aziz says that they had no idea which League agents were involved and tells him to carry on as ordered. Alfred says that he'll have to think about it and drops the radio, and Aziz orders his men in.

Deon tells Alfred that Aziz is right and they're serving the Queen. Wallace spots the police approaching, and Alfred tells them that there's a principle stake and they're not going to like it. Alfred shoots a teapot on the table, and Harwood and Peggy get into their limo and drive off. Thomas and Martha drive off in their car, and Alfred opens fire on the police cars. The Americans make good their escape, and Aziz orders his men over the radio to stand down.

Back at Thomas' apartment, Thomas and Martha drink. He points out that she nearly died, and Martha says that she could have but didn't and the feeling is great. After a moment they both laugh in relief.

Back at his manor, Harwood tells Frances that it was a close shave. Now they know that they have a mole, and the government means to kill him. Harwood figures the government won't let him win, and he agrees with Frances that he should never have brought the Duke there. He says that drastic measures and speed are called for.

The next day, the Sykes drive out to the country with Mrs. Spicer.

Alfred packs his bags and looks at Mary working in the kitchen. She finally sees him, and Alfred tells her that the job went wrong. He assures her that no one died and that's the problem. Mary hugs him, crying, and Alfred insists that he can't go back to Newgate. His mother agrees, saying that he's doing the right thing, and Arthur comes in and asks what Alfred can't tell him. Mary explains what happened, and Alfred says that he's going to Wales until the heat dies down. Much to Arthur's surprise, Alfred hugs him and says that he loves him, kissing him on the cheek.

Outside, Alfred joins the waiting Deon and Wallace, and the three of them drive off.

Harwood tells Malcolm and his men that the PM tried to kill him and failed. He promises to double the army budget and bring them into the government, but Malcolm says that they answer to the Crown. Harwood says that the Queen is with him.

The Queen and her party are out hunting deer. She shoots and they hear a female-like scream as the deer runs off. The ghillie says that deer sometimes make such a noise and goes to investigate. He finds Mrs. Spicer, her head blown open, and Bets puts a knife to his throat and tells him to call for help.

When the Queen hears the call, she sends a huntsman to help. He stumbles over the ghillie, his throat cut. A few seconds later he runs back, clutching at his eyes, and knocks himself out running into a tree. The Sykes approach the Queen and tell her at gunpoint to drop the gun. She quickly does so.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 22, 2019

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