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Marianne Faithfull Recap

The Queen's ghillie runs to the car and calls to say the Queen has been kidnapped.

Alfred calls Mary from a payphone and tells his mother that he can't say much because her line has been tapped. He says that he's found a way out of the country and will let his parents know as soon as he can. Arthur takes the phone and tells Alfred that things are going to change soon and it will be safe for Alfred to come home. Mary takes the phone back and says goodbye to Alfred, and after he hangs up Alfred leaves with Deon and Wallace.

The police arrive at Harwood's manor with orders to apprehend him alive. They go in and find Mrs. Harwood and the butler hanging dead by their necks.

At the Spicer home, Bet and Peggy have the Queen read a statement over the phone. She says that she is safe and healthy, and is speaking under no compulsion. The PM and the Cabinet listen on the other end, and the Queen commands the government's resignation, by force if necessary. She appoints Harwood as her new PM.

The Army puts London under martial law, and Harwood and Frances meet with General Malcolm. They go into the war room and Harwood takes a call from the PM. The PM tells Harwood that they need more time to consider their position. Harwood says that he has the Queen, the pretender, and the Army. He tells the PM to resign now or face the consequences in blood. The PM refuses to be bullied, and Harwood starts to snap at him. Malcolm silences the line and advises Harwood to keep his temper. After a moment, Harwood agrees with him and Malcolm advises Harwood to give the PM 24 hours. Harwood gives the PM 24 hours, warning that they will use violence after that time.

Once Harwood hangs up, he refuses to tell Malcolm where the Queen is. The general goes to see to the pretender's accommodations, and Anna advises Harwood to try and get along better with Malcolm. She says that she didn't sign on to abduct the Queen, and Harwood admits that he can't do it without her. He asks Frances to trust his judgment, and as armed men surround them Anna quickly nods her head.

The Spicers serve the Queen and the Sykes sisters sandwiches. They insist that the Queen eat and she hesitantly does so as they watch.

Alfred prepares to board a ship to New Orleans. A police car pulls up, and Alfred makes Wallace and Deon promise they'll watch his parents. An officer comes over, says that the docks are closed, and tells the three men that they have orders to bring in any suspicious characters. They say that they're sailors and the officer demands to see their union cards. Alfred and his friends take out the officer and his fellow men, and then get into the police car and drive off as more bobbies arrive.

Thomas goes to Martha's apartment and tells her that Harwood is staging a coup and they're leaving the UK. He figures that they'll be on the Society's death list and the CIA has arranged transport out of the country for them. Martha refuses to abandon the League, and Thomas tells her that the organization is doomed. He says that Undine had Julian killed so she could take his place, and Martha doesn't believe it. Thomas explains that the CIA sanctioned the assassination and used Alfred, but Martha insists that the movement isn't wrong if Undine is.

The doorbell ring and Thomas tells Martha to hide. She refuses and answers the door. It's Alfred, Deon, and Wallace. Alfred goes in and Thomas steps out, hands raised. They check the apartment to make sure no one else is there, and Alfred explains that he figured the CIA would help him get out of the country. Thomas says that Harwood is staging a coup, abducting the Queen, and Alfred recognizes Bet from Thomas' description of the kidnappers. Alfred admits that he was at the meeting, and they realize that he was the sniper. He says that he was tempted to kill them because it would have solved a lot of problems, but deliberately missed. Deon and Wallace admit that they were for shooting them, and Alfred suggests that Thomas pay them back with a seat on a plane to America. However, he tells them that he's having second thoughts, and figures that the Sykes have the Queen. Deon and Thomas figure that it's not their business, but Martha insists that they have a moral duty to try. When Thomas objects, Martha tells him to leave. Alfred figures that if they rescue the Queen, he wouldn't need to run and could stay with his parents.

A nervous milkman arrives at the Pennyworths' door and Mary greets him. Arthur comes out and tells Mary that the Society has taken over and the revolution has come. Soldiers and tanks come down the street, and Arthur raises his fist to them in salute. The soldiers order everyone but Society personnel off the streets, and John slips away as Undine is dragged onto a truck.

Mary tells Arthur that he never said anything about revolution, and he tells her that he has to report to duty at his chapter.

Alfred, Wallace, and Deon drive out of London, and Martha makes small talk with Alfred. She asks how he is, and tells him that the violence he lives with needs processing. Ben tells Alfred that Martha is a special case, and disagrees with her assessment of Alfred.

In the streets of London, the soldiers hang resisters by the neck: among them, Undine. He goes to his chapterhouse and tells his fellow members that the future is bright and they have to remember that they're the old guard. He insists that their duty is to guard the victory with their last breath, and they all vow not to surrender.

The PM loads a shotgun and thanks Aziz for staying with him. Aziz admits that he would escape if he could, but is glad to go out in honorable company.

Martha asks Alfred if Undine knew he was hired to kill Julian. Thomas insists that he told her the truth so she could make good choices, and admits that he likes her. He gives up arguing with her, and Martha is surprised that he's sexually attracted to her and smiles as they reach their destination.

The Queen plays cards with her abductors and wins. Bet complains that she's too good at it, and Peggy tells Bet to stop complaining, then asks the Queen if she's cheating. The doorbell rings and Mrs. Spicer answers the door. It's Martha, who asks if Mr. Sykes is at home. Thomas walks up and starts to spin a story, and Martha punches Mrs. Spicer unconscious. They go in and Bet puts a knife to the Queen's throat as Thomas draws his gun. Alfred, Deon, and Wallace come in the back way and Alfred trains his gun on Bet. Bet threatens to kill the Queen, and Alfred asks why she'd do that. He then advises Peggy to have Bet put the knife down., and Peggy notes that Bet never listens to her.

Alfred explains that they found them in the phone book, and Bet insists that she won't be thwarted. Peggy asks her to surrender rather than see her shot dead, and Bet releases the Queen. She says that she didn't give up but Peggy made her and sits down. Deon and Wallace confirm no one else is there, and Mr. Spicer comes out of the closet and stabs Wallace in the chest. Deon shoots him dead, and Wallace stares at the knife in his chest.

The Queen calls Malcolm and orders him to listen to her. Once he does, he tells Harwood that he has new orders. Malcolm has his aide shoots Harwood's guards, slaps Harwood's false nose off, and tells his soldiers to take Harwood and Frances away. The police take the two Society members away as the soldiers arrest the other Society men.

Later, the Queen goes on the air and says that she is safe and among friends. She admits that she hasn't been the best of rulers, and she will change. The Queen says that they should move forward in a spirit of unity. Once the broadcast is over, the Queen tells Alfred not to call her "ma'am" and whispers in his ear what she should call him.

After the broadcast, Mary tells Arthur that she's sorry. He says not to mention it.

Deon and Wallace go to the pub and Sid pours them drinks. Sondra asks where Alfred is, and they claim that they don't know.

Alfred gets dressed and the Queen tells him never to tell anyone about it. Alfred figures that no one would believe him and she invites him to stay for breakfast. He begs off, saying he has to see his parents, and quickly leaves. At home, he assures his parents that he has a royal pardon but doesn't go into details. Later, Alfred and Arthur share a drink. Arthur figures that Alfred had something to do with Harwood's defeat, and figures he's in well with the powers that be. Alfred says that they've offered him a job working for Scotland Yard, and he's going to think about it. He felt like he did something useful for the first time in a while, and Arthur says that he's proud of him. Alfred is surprised his father is taking the Society's defeat so well, and Arthur dismisses it as his not knowing the best for the UK.

Arthur pours another drink, and Alfred says that Mary told him about the cancer. Arthur says that he didn't want any fuss, and Alfred tells him that he's glad he knows. His father makes him promise that he'll always think well of him when he's gone, whatever people say. Alfred promises, and Mary comes in. Arthur calls her a wretched woman for telling Arthur about his cancer, then laughs and says that he's joking.

In the jail cells, Harwood apologizes to Frances and the Sykes for getting them into a bit of a scrape. He tells them that all isn't lost and he provided for the possibility of failure. He tells them that old guard dies but they don't surrender.

That night, Arthur tells Mary not to stay up because Tewkes is throwing a celebration dinner. He says that he loves Mary, and says goodbye to Alfred.

Thomas is at his hotel room typing a report when Martha arrives. She says that she's been think about what he said earlier about liking her sexually. Thomas protests, saying that she inferred that, and Martha asks if she's wrong. He finally admits that she isn't wrong in principal and asks where the conversation is going, and Martha admits that she likes him as well and they kiss.

Mary answers the phone, and the female caller asks for Alfred. Alfred takes the phone, and the Queen wishes he was there at Tewkes' dinner party. She thanks him for a lovely time and says that she'll call him. The Queen goes back to the dinner table and Arthur seats her, and then goes to the celebration cake in the kitchen. There's a bomb inside, and Arthur checks the timer.

Mary is watching the telly with Alfred, and realizes that something is bothering him. He admits that he has a bad feeling and Mary says that she has one as well. He turns off the telly but they realize the bad feeling is still there. Mary finally says that Arthur was a Society member as a secret hobby, and he was in a secret chapter. She learned about it and figured that it was harmless. Alfred gets his service pistol and tells Mary that he's going out for air.

As Thomas kisses her neck, Martha starts laughing. She says that it's funny that the two of them are making out. He stands up and a shot comes through the window, taking Thomas in the chest. Martha crawls over to him as the shooter drives off. She applies CPR and tells Thomas to stay with her. Thomas finally jerks awake.

Alfred arrives at the Tewles manor and sneaks in.

Arthur delivers the cake to the dining room.

Alfred goes through the kitchen and a cook notices him as he passes by. A security guard tells Alfred he can't continue, and the cook--Mrs. Draper--comes out. Alfred recognizes her as a friend of Arthur's and they hug, and Draper tells the guard that Alfred is family. As they go off, Alfred grabs a waiter's jacket.

Arthur brings the cake into the dining room and everyone applauds. Alfred approaches the dining room disguised as a waiter, barges into the room, knocks out the guards, and tells Arthur that he needs to have a word with him. Arthur says that he's on duty and orders Alfred to go away, then holds up the detonator. He tells Alfred that he has to go and look after Mary, and Alfred begs him not to set off the bomb. He says that he loves Alfred and holds up the detonator, and Alfred shoots him in the arm. The bomb goes off on a ten-second countdown, and Alfred grabs the Queen and takes her out as the others panic.

The manor blows up, and Alfred comes out the front door carrying the unconscious Queen.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 29, 2019

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