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Your Best Friend Recap

The episode begins with Sans attempting to repair, with Flowey's assistance, a machine. Sans believes he can bring Gaster back through it due to the unstable condition of the timeline. Activating the machine, Sans succeeds in transporting Gaster back into the world. Frisk is initially scared of Gaster due to their previous encounter, but is rest assured by him that he has no intention of harming him. Gaster brings the four to where Asgore had stored the six Human souls and Sans offers them to Flowey to boost their combined power against Chara. Flowey is initially surprised, but agrees and transforms into his Omega form.


An unsurprised Chara then appears with the extracted Determination from the other Human souls. Sans tells Gaster to use his powers to block Chara from using any buttons, and to protect Frisk. During the battle, he leaves Frisk's side, while still keeping the shield up, and uses cyan strings to restrain Chara, but the lattermost is able to slice the strings apart with his knife.

After Chara uses his own Patience string to rip off Omega Flowey's arm, Gaster deactivates the shield around Frisk and fires a massive beam of Determination at Chara. However, Chara soon takes advantage of Frisk being unguarded and sends a slash past Gaster and towards him. Sans attempts to take the blow, but Gaster teleports in front of his son just in time, taking the massive hit for him instead.

YourBestFriend cutting strings.png

Sans, angered by his father's pain, activates his special attack, Gaster Blastermination, and vaporizes Chara. However, Chara is able to refuse death, and his body regenerates using HATE. Sans falls unconscious after shielding Flowey from a surprise attack, and Chara prepares to launch another attack.


YourBestFriend But it refused.png

As Chara sends down a massive ball of HATE, Flowey uses a beam to destroy it. Immensely exhausted and weakened, Flowey reverts to his original state, with the formerly absorbed souls weakened too. Frisk desperately calls for help, but the souls don't respond. Chara then tries to finish Flowey first, but Frisk regains his Determination and shields him with magic. With this, he once again calls for help and is able to return the other six souls to Flowey. Due to a glitch, Frisk is able to give his own soul to Flowey as well. Having the power of seven Human souls, Flowey transforms into his God of Hyperdeath form, as Asriel, and prepares for a final battle against his brother.


Written by deleted on Jul 28, 2022

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