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Season 2

Time has moved on in Season 2 of Breeders, the comedy series that explores the parental paradox that you'd happily die for your children, but quite often also want to kill them.

"Luke" is now 13 years old and "Ava" is 10, serving up brand new parenting challenges for "Paul" and "Ally". Luke's increasing anxiety and Ava's growing independence add some new and uncharted complications into the existing chaotic mix of stretched resources, lack of time and the fine art of winging it while looking like you know what you're doing.

Paul's parents, "Jackie" and "Jim" are older too, as is Ally's mother "Leah", leading Paul and Ally to find that they now have to parent the generation above them as well as the generation below.

And at the center of all this is Paul and Ally's relationship. Can they survive the new pressures as they just-about survived the old ones? Or is there a finite number of ropes you can find yourself at the end of?


Season Main Cast

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