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Cutter to Houston - Episode Guide

Season 1


Episode: 1x01 | Airdate: Oct 1, 1983

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The show is about a small-town clinic in Cutter, Texas. The three doctors who run the clinic (Jim Metzler, Shelley Hack and Alec Baldwin) and sometimes find themselves embroiled in the politics of the town's life, work well together. Their contrasting outlooks on life, their assignments and the people and town of Cutter are shown in this series. The three doctors have their skills tested when an oil rig explodes and they encounter suspicious town-people.

In the Eye of the Hurricane

Episode: 1x02 | Airdate: Oct 8, 1983

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Beth and Hal find themselves lacking the necessary blood type for a patient while a killer hurricane approaches.

From the Smallest Crystal, From the Smallest Stone

Episode: 1x03 | Airdate: Oct 17, 1983

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A baby's life is at stake when an Indian healer refuses to let Dr. Gilbert treat his grandson unless she undergoes a tribal ritual; Dr. Wexler tries to deal with a young man who wants to die after a car accident leaves him paralyzed.

It Ain't Braggin' If You Done It

Episode: 1x04 | Airdate: Dec 10, 1983

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Beth runs into trouble with the coach (Clu Gulager) of the high school football team when she sidelines a star player for a sore toe.

Race for Life

Episode: 1x05 | Airdate: Dec 17, 1983

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A stubborn race-car driver risks his life, with Dr. Wexler In pursuit; the mayor's wife needs surgery that could save her life.

Tell Me a Riddle, Daddy

Episode: 1x06 | Airdate: Dec 24, 1983

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A bloody feud between Texas and Vietnamese fishermen jeopardize a teen-age girl in dire need of a kidney transplant.

The Life You Save

Episode: 1x07 | Airdate: Dec 31, 1983

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Beth is terrified by a would-be rapist and Hal's vacation turns into a puzzling medical encounter

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