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Colin's Sandwich - Episode Guide

Season 1

Flaunt It

Episode: 1x01 | Airdate: Oct 18, 1988

No image (yet).

Time Out

Episode: 1x02 | Airdate: Oct 25, 1988

No image (yet).


Episode: 1x03 | Airdate: Nov 1, 1988

No image (yet).


Episode: 1x04 | Airdate: Nov 8, 1988

No image (yet).

Season 2

A Bit Whiffy

Episode: 2x01 | Airdate: Jan 12, 1990

No image (yet).

The trouble with fame is that some people get one whiff of it and they become totally self-obsessed. Not Colin, though. Not even when his first story is published in the Langley Book of Horror.

A Piece of Cake

Episode: 2x02 | Airdate: Jan 19, 1990

No image (yet).

Colin takes his marriage vows - never to go to another wedding again in his life.


Episode: 2x03 | Airdate: Jan 26, 1990

No image (yet).

Colin has three days to write a short synopsis for a 90-minute thriller. However, his schedule does not make allowances for Stuart and Rosemary's turkey.

Night Thoughts

Episode: 2x04 | Airdate: Feb 2, 1990

No image (yet).

Burning the candle at both ends in an effort to finish his screenplay, Colin discovers that the human body actually needs sleep - a good ten hours a night in his case.


Episode: 2x05 | Airdate: Feb 9, 1990

No image (yet).

Out to Lunch

Episode: 2x06 | Airdate: Feb 16, 1990

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Colin faces a difficult decision. Will it be Le Homard au champagne or Les Huitres muscovites?

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