Little Women LA: Couples Retreat - Episode List

Season 1

8Sep 13, 2017Girls on Top
7Sep 6, 2017Flight or Fight
6Aug 30, 2017Twin Explosions
5Aug 23, 2017Busting Up
4Aug 16, 2017Don't Poke the Bear
3Aug 9, 2017Breakfast Beef
2Aug 2, 2017Express Yourself
1Jul 26, 2017Trouble in Paradise


SpecialSep 20, 2017A Little Extra: Girls on Top
SpecialSep 13, 2017A Little Extra: Flight or Fight
SpecialSep 6, 2017A Little Extra: Twin Explosions
SpecialAug 30, 2017A Little Extra: Busting Up
SpecialAug 23, 2017A Little Extra: Don't Poke the Bear
SpecialAug 14, 2017Best of Little Women: The Biggest Little
SpecialAug 9, 2017Couples Retreat: A Little Extra: Express Yourself
SpecialAug 2, 2017Couples Retreat: A Little Extra: Trouble in Paradise