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Hounded - Episode Guide

Season 1

The Back of the Sofa

Episode: 1x01 | Airdate: Jun 11, 2010

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Rufus hatches a plan to save the world by knitting the biggest sock in the universe. However, between Dr. Mu's Scissor Ships, the fact that no one actually knows where the Space Vacuum is and Doctor Muhahaha's hand hovering dangerously over the reset button, saving the world is not going to be an easy task.

Rufus Versus Rufus

Episode: 1x02 | Airdate: Jun 18, 2010

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Rufus faces a familiar-looking enemy as he tries to prevent Dr. Mu from taking over the multiverse. All he has to do is negotiate three chambers containing his deepest, darkest fears, battle a giant broccoli monster, defeat his evil clone, destroy Dr. Muhahaha's cloning device and prevent him from hitting his time-reversing reset button. Just another day for the hapless TV presenter.

Eggy Breath

Episode: 1x03 | Airdate: Jun 25, 2010

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Everyone on Earth has suddenly developed really bad breath and Dr. Mu is, of course, to blame. Rufus is transported to a junk asteroid made entirely from rubbish, the Planet Flotsam, where Dr. Mu is extracting the powerful Grot Particle and beaming it across the universe to Earth. Can Rufus stop Dr. Mu before the epidemic of eggy breath reaches toxic levels and the whole planet has to be evacuated?

A Look at the Stars

Episode: 1x04 | Airdate: Jul 2, 2010

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Desperate to impress his arch-enemy and old school friend Dr. Wu, Dr. Mu decides to steal the sun, using a giant intergalactic space wormhole, a plan that threatens to leave the Earth quite literally out in the cold. Can Rufus save the world from its icy fate? And how on earth is a tin of cat food from his future self ever going to help anybody?

Mu Pizza

Episode: 1x05 | Airdate: Jul 9, 2010

Mu Pizza
Dr. Mu's latest hair-brained plan is to invade the Earth using pizza. Harvesting the cheese mountains, giant tomatoes and olive groves of Princess Gelina's homeworld, Dr. Mu has built up the biggest pizza chain in the multiverse. And with his profits he is constructing a giant, pizza-shaped starship called the Death Pizza. Can Rufus escape the clutches of Dr. Mu's pizza-troopers, rescue the princess, destroy the Death Pizza and save the Earth? Well, maybe, but only if he can remember the ingredients of a Four Seasons.

The Mu Show

Episode: 1x06 | Airdate: Jul 16, 2010

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In an attempt to conquer the last free planet in the universe by first winning the hearts of its children, Dr. Mu turns himself into a lovable cartoon character, with disastrous consequences for the inhabitants of planet Earth. To defeat the evil Doctor, Rufus must travel to the cartoon world and become an animated character himself.


Episode: 1x07 | Airdate: Jul 23, 2010

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Dr. Mu is stealing the internet! With IT systems in meltdown all over the world, Rufus is transported to the doctor's evil HQ, Mu Force One, where he is captured by Dr. Muhahaha and hurled into the internet. In a social networking site called Puffin Portal, he teams up with two fluffy avatars, Buck and Gelina, and together they set out to foil the evil Doctor's plans and restore the internet from its backup server.

Queen Mu

Episode: 1x08 | Airdate: Jul 30, 2010

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Confusion reigns on Earth as Queen Gertrude of Genovia sacks her cabinet, invites all the world's leaders to attend a conference at her palace and starts behaving very strangely. It soon emerges that Dr. Mu has shrunk himself down to the size of a single bacterium, transported himself into her body and is now controlling her! When Rufus decides to go after him, teaming up with a pair of royal brain cells, things don't go quite according to plan.

The Toast-O-Lator

Episode: 1x09 | Airdate: Aug 6, 2010

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Dr. Mu has invented a highly dangerous robot/toaster and soon mass-produces a robot/toaster army with which to subjugate the Earth. Can Rufus and the cloned workforce of Dr. Mu's factory planet prevent the invasion? And will anyone spot the fatal flaw in Dr. Mu's scheme? And will Steve be able to get a word in edgeways?

The Land of Nod

Episode: 1x10 | Airdate: Aug 13, 2010

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Rufus is transported to the Dream Station, a giant space station in orbit above the Land of Nod, the place where all the dreams in the universe take place. Dr. Muhahaha has sabotaged the Dream Station and is gradually sending the Earth's population to sleep. To save the world from this waking nightmare, Rufus must travel to the Dream Station and find a way to wake the world.

TV Hell

Episode: 1x11 | Airdate: Aug 20, 2010

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Dr. Mu is launching a new evil product called the Mu Box, a games console that turns its unsuspecting customers into zombie-like creatures with TVs for heads. His plan is to create a terrifying Tellyhead army to conquer the world. To advertise his creation, Dr. Mu has enslaved Buck Fastness and Gelina Norglobb, the two biggest film stars in the multiverse, shrinking them down inside a special TV set from which they are forced to broadcast his commercial. Rufus sets out to navigate the airwaves, defeat the Tellyheads, rescue Buck and Gelina and tell the world the truth about the Mu Box.

Cash or Kick Yourself

Episode: 1x12 | Airdate: Aug 27, 2010

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Rufus finds himself forced to take part in Dr. Mu's malevolent game show, Cash or Kick Yourself, which he is broadcasting to every civilised planet in the multiverse. To save the world, Rufus must successfully complete every round of the show, evade the show's dubious mascot, Mr. Blinko, and win the mystery prize.

Super Rufus

Episode: 1x13 | Airdate: Sep 3, 2010

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The world's superheroes have gone missing! As Earth is gripped by chaos, crime waves and cats stuck up trees, Rufus reluctantly pulls on a pair of extremely suspect underpants - courtesy of his Future Self - and heads to the Planet Invincible to save the day.
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