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API Changelog

david wrote 6 years ago: 2

We'll track changes to the API in this thread.

david wrote 6 years ago: 1

October 17

- Proper ordering in the episode list, also for episodes without airdate
- Enabled CORS

david wrote 6 years ago: 1

October 18

Shows and Episodes now have the web URL as property in "url". The URL to that show/episode in the API is still available in _links.self

david wrote 6 years ago: 1

October 19

Show and Episode images + summaries are now available in the API.

The "summary" property will always return a string, though it may be empty if no summary is available yet.

If an image is available for the show/episode, the "image" property will be a dictionary with two keys: "medium" for the resized version or "original" for the original uploaded resolution. If no image is available, the property will return NULL.

david wrote 6 years ago: 1

October 24

The schedule API now has an new (optional) parameter "filter" which can be used to narrow down the set of episodes returned. For now just one filter exists: "primetime", which is the same filter used on our frontpage schedule. In this filter, shows are filtered based on their type (scripted, reality, talk show, etc) versus their network's popularity. For example, a reality show from a big and popular network will always be shown, but reality on a smaller and less popular network would be filtered out.

You can use this filter like this:

david wrote 6 years ago: 1

November 2

A show now contains a reference to the previous & next episode, as _links.previousepisode or _links.nextepisode. Obviously either of those can be missing (if the show didn't air yet; or if there is no next episode scheduled yet), in which case the property will not exist.

For example:

david wrote 6 years ago: 1

November 21

By popular demand, our API now has support for ID's from tvrage or thetvdb. You can lookup a show on tvmaze by either of those ID's, with or and everywhere in the API a show now includes an "externals" property listing the tvrage and thetvdb ID. Of course either of those values can be null, in case the show doesn't exist on that respective site.

The lookup endpoint will either return a 301 redirect to the show's URL, or a 404 if the external ID can't be matched.

Additionally, all shows now include the "type" (e.g. Scripted, Reality, Documentary) and "status" (Running, Ended, To Be Determined, In Development) properties.

david wrote 6 years ago: 1

December 7

We just launched a few more exciting API updates!

We already had a search endpoint that's perfect for browsing all the matches to your search query, allowing you to pick exactly the right result. It's an information overload though if you're just dealing with one-off queries, for example a chatbot that lets users ask something like "when is the next homeland episode?".

For such queries, we added the singlesearch endpoint which returns at most one single result for your query. Additionally, the search engine on the singlesearch endpoint is slightly less forgiving of typos (for the experts: a fuzziness of 1 instead of 2) to lower the chance that it'll return a false positive. For example, searching for "sparrow" in the regular search endpoint will include the show "Arrow" in the result list, while the singlesearch endpoint would return a 404.

To make it even easier for application developers, we now also support embedding additional information in your request. Browsing a show, for example you'll see _links to previousepisode, and nextepisode. Any of those can be embedded in the response, for example would give you the show's main info ánd the next episode's information in the same request. Of course the nextepisode information won't always be available, in which case the embed request will simply be silently disregarded.

Finally, you can combine these two new features: a call to for example would, if a match for your query can be found, return both the show's main information and its episode list.

david wrote 6 years ago: 1

December 19

Timezone information was just added to the API. Each episode now has an "airstamp" property, which is an ISO 8601 formatted timestamp of when the episode aired. For example, for a Homeland episode which premieres in the America/New_York timezone the value is "2014-12-19T21:00:00-05:00", while the UK's Graham Norton Show (Europe/London) has "2014-12-19T22:35:00+00:00".

Please note the special case of episodes that air after midnight. For the airdate property, such episodes are considered part of the previous day, but the new airstamp property will display the technically correct date. For example, tonight's episode of the Late Late Show has an airdate property of "2014-12-19", an airtime of "00:35", and an airstamp of "2014-12-20T00:35:00-05:00".

david wrote 6 years ago: 1

January 3

The properties "weight" and "runtime" are added to shows. Runtime is the regular runtime of the show's timeslot, thus including any commercial breaks. Weight is a value between 0 and 100 that reflects the relative popularity a show currently has on TVmaze.

January 8

Specials can now be included in a show's episode list by using ?specials=1

david wrote 6 years ago: 1

January 12

Added show ratings, via rating.average: this is either a float, or NULL if there haven't been any votes on the show yet.

david wrote 5 years ago: 1

August 9

Added the "language" property to shows; which is a ISO 639-1 language name

david wrote 5 years ago: 1

September 11

Add the "updates" endpoint, and the "updated" property to all shows.

September 16

Add the full schedule endpoint

david wrote 5 years ago: 1

September 18

Added the "schedule" property to a show: the day(s) and time when new episodes normally premiere. schedule.time is a simple string in 24-hour time format; schedule.days is an array of weekday names. The latter can include multiple entries, for example a daily talkshow could return ['Monday', 'Tuesday', 'Wednesday', 'Thursday', 'Friday'].

david wrote 5 years ago: 1

October 3

Added episodebynumber and episodesbydate endpoints

October 25

Added endpoint for a show's AKA's

January 11

Add IMDB id's and allow lookup by IMDB ID

david wrote 5 years ago: 1

February 13

Seasons are now available in the API! For example: Each season contains the number; the name (available for shows that give a title to each season, like; episode order (the total amount of episodes that will be released in the season); premiere and end date; network or web channel that specific season premiered on; and its image and summary.

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