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API Changelog

david wrote 8 years ago: 1

This is a pre-announcement for a change to be rolled out in the next week.

"Air times" will be removed from web-channel shows, like Netflix or Hulu. Since web channels rarely announce the exact time when new episodes are released, this'll help avoid edit conflicts and ambiguous data.

In the API, the "airtime" property for such episodes will then always return an empty string. The "airstamp" property will use the episode's regular release date, set to 12:00 (12 in the afternoon) in the UTC timezone.

david wrote 7 years ago: 1

Please carefully study our new documentation about rate limiting here:

TL;DR: Make your client gracefully handles HTTP 429 responses. If you receive one, don't treat it as a permanent failure, but halt all requests for a few seconds then retry.

david wrote 7 years ago: 1

There have been a few improvements as part of the infrastructure maintenance from two weeks ago. Some highlights:

- HTTPS (and with it, HTTP2) is now available for the (premium) user-level API (

- gzip is now enabled

- Support for If-Modified-Since on most endpoints

david wrote 7 years ago: 1

We're soon moving the image links in the API (like to a different subdomain with HTTPS.

If your application uses the full image URL as cache key, this change means the images might be re-downloaded. If you want to prevent that, you'll have to match on the path alone instead of the full URL.

david wrote 6 years ago: 1

Heads up! In the near future, Web Channel episodes will start appearing in the schedule. Please be prepared for episodes (as already happens elsewhere in the API) with the network property set to NULL, because they air on a Web Channel instead.

david wrote 5 years ago: 1


Additional person information exposed: country, birthday, death day, gender


Add properties "self" and "voice" (booleans) to cast entries

david wrote 3 years ago: 3


* Episodes now have a "type" property ("regular", "significant_special", "insignificant_special")

* Both significant specials and insignificant specials are included in the "/episodes?specials=1" endpoint

david wrote 3 years ago: 5

Heads-up: in the forseeable future, URLs in the API will use https by default.

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